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2023 Touching the Light Classes coming SOON! for the year! If you were not able to register in time for my first class, last call for registration is March 15, 2023. Come on over and Join me!

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D.

Last Call for my annual sessions BOGO! Ends at midnight tonight!

Sincere gratitude to all who have participated in this year’s BOGO Gratitude special! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, only a few hours left!

In case you are new to my list, each year I offer this gratitude special to you because you read my books, travel with me, come to my classes and well, we are a busy bunch! Thank you! I am excited to work with each of you and your loved ones! Gift certificates still available and it’s ok to share with someone if you like!

If you have already ordered the sessions you wanted, thank you heart to heart. Please note that I am diligently working to get everyone booked. You will be addressed personally by me to get you squared away. Thank you

The Master's Staff

To touch someone with kindness, is to change someone forever.

That's nothing.

Because for everyone you touch, you also reach everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And so, for the rest of all time, your kindness will be felt, in waves that will spread, long after you move on.

Author Unknown ~ received from my friend Susan

Sometimes we are so busy looking for the truth that we look right past it..
Take a moment for you. Breathe, let go of any tension you may be holding. Breathe I deeply, filling your entire being with light. Open to everything you dream of, need, want and desire and with two simple words let your imaginings become reality…

‘I accept!’

Hello [FIRST],

My annual Buy One Get One FREE Gratitude special ends at midnight tonight, January 15, 2023.Sessions will begin in Late March and early April.

Every year I offer a very special BOGO (buy one get one FREE) session sale as a show of gratitude to all of you who work with me, learn with me support my work etc. This is how I can honor you back, to show my gratitude and to show you the love that you continually show me. Thank you heart to heart.

This year I am offering a very Limited number of BOGO sessions.The numbers of sessions that I give away is staggering and also overwhelming time wise. Feel free to order as many as you desire. I don’t set limits per purchase since I know that you often share the BOGO sessions with family and friends and sometimes even give them as gifts. I do offer free gift certificates if you need any!

Again this year I have made it easy for you. There are buttons in this email that will allow you to purchase your sessions right here rather than having to go to my web site. Hang on to these buttons because they are good through the end of the sale. These are coded specially to catch my attention. Below the buttons the terms and conditions are listed.

Check out my web store for special specials on the Living Light Cards, my book, Touching the Light, and The Secret History of Consciousness!

✨✨✨Watch this space! ✨✨✨

(Hint: The Living Light Symbols, the original language of Creation, is going mobile! Experience them is coming to you in ways you couldn't have imagined!)

Thank you! Buy One Get One FREE Sessions! Limited Time Offer! Ends At Midnight, January 15. 2023

(I am booking out about 4-5 months right now. See you soon! I look forward to YOU!)

Or just CLICK THE PURPLE buttons to place your orders here! Easy! And Thank you!

3 Session Combo!One of each (Reading, Healing, & Living Light Attunement) - 3 Sessions $645

NEW! Get one Healing and One Reading seasons for the price of ONE!

My most in depth sessions! Combination Healing and Past Life experiences! This session runs anywhere from 2-4 hours. Because of the time involved, I am unable to offer a BOGO. Know that you are getting an immensely deep session past present and future for the cost of only two hours !t is not a BOGO but my best deal of all.

Buy One Get One FREE Healings $300

Let's GO!

Happy Everything!

Buy One Get One FREE Living Light Initiation $350

Session Combo Special! 3 sessions of your choice! (Readings and/or Healings) $595

Buy One Get One FREE READINGS $300

All Session Combo!One of each (Reading, Healing, Living Light Attunement, & Past Life Influences) - 4 Sessions $1200

(If for any reason a button doesn't work for you please go to My Website for the same options)

Session Terms:

Absolutely no refunds

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