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Happy Everything!

December 29, 2023


Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D.

Greetings Fellow Light Riders,

It’s that time of year again. Wow.

Below my messages, a present for you. It often feels difficult to shield ourselves from energies that don’t fit, or feel bad. At the end of my newsletter is a copy of the exercise. I suggest doing it each morning to help you be more confident and safe. It’s a gift. Please pass it on to everyone you know. It works. Sincerely.

My Annual Buy One FREE Sessions Sale

My annual Gratitude BOGO (Buy one get one FREE sessions sale) is happening! To go directly just scroll down to the bottom of my messages. For those of you who know me and those of you who don’t, each year about now I run very very special sessions offers. This is my gratitude to you for your trust, your Faith, loyalty and giving me the opportunity to touch you with the light as well as my heart. Each year I send to those of you who work with me already an opportunity to get whatever you might want for yourselves and as gifts before I send to the public.

You can get as many or as few as you desire. I also offer free digital gift certificates if you need them. Thank you! I love working with everyone. It’s one of the most special things in my life. To you, who are special to me, who have worked with me, been loyal to the work that I do time after time, year after year, I appreciate you! Your faith, your beliefs and your love is so warm in my heart, I wanted to do something special for you once again, so here we go!

You can get any or all of my sessions, buy one get one free or combos too except the ones including past life work. These are more than double the normal sessions time and take me anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to do.

Buy one Reading Session for $300 get one FREE

Buy one Healing Session for $300 get one FREE

Buy one Reading and one
Healing Session for $300

Buy one Living Light Initiation for $350 get one FREE

Buy one Reading, one Healing, & one Living Light for $645

My most in-depth sessions! Combination Healing and Past Life experiences! This session runs anywhere from 2-4 hours. Because of the time involved, I am unable to offer a BOGO. Know that you are getting an immensely deep session past present and future for the cost of only two hours !t is not a BOGO but my best deal of all.

Session Combo Special! 3 sessions of your choice! (Readings and/or Healings) $595

All Session Combo! One of each (Reading, Healing, Living Light Attunement, & Past Life Influences) - 4 Sessions $1200

The Online Messages Nov. 30th 2023

2023 was probably the busiest year I’ve ever had. It has been incredible. Along with ongoing evolution of new sets of skills that include working outside of time past present and future. It is mind blowing suddenly finding myself looking at a magnificent array that is an expression of everything a soul has been and done. Sometimes different experiences I the journey of us become overshadowed by other ones. Trauma, pain, joy ~ well anything and everything can color our current lives with a confusing patterns that keep happening again. Relationships with different faces different times, but the same dynamics that were either phenomenally beautiful to others that are painful and confusing. Pain has many faces and sometimes we aren’t aware that much of this is even happening. As I learn I always do my best to find time to share.  

The past couple of years have been a whirlwind of events happening in our world that we didn’t even know could happen. It seems as if every issue with a name has surfaced. Some are very real while others having blossomed from incessant pounding and word craft by the media and anyone who thinks they can get their 15 minutes of attention. These types of things have affected the human race on levels we didn’t even know existed. Little to no regard for life, identity forms that have become trends, inflammatory stories coming from every corner of the world, illnesses and well you know. It is a difficult time for humanity. 

Many, many are asking “what can I do?” My advice never changes in regard saying be your true self. Be an example to others of how life can really be. Please don’t fall into the pit of anger and accusations, false situations that feel empowering ~ often we believe we are contributing to greater causes ~ that is until more evidence comes forward and we learn we supported lies, actions, and even downright destructive words and actions of falsehoods. A couple of years ago I was getting ready for my annual sessions and prophesies from the Masters. 

I sent my consciousness out, and listened deeply. As I listened for perfection to show the way, the potential outcomes were staggering. We can change our trajectory to one of beauty and grace. Ease of abundance and far more but we must stop and pay attention. We must also participate and stop waiting for others to decide what is best for us because that isn’t going well at all. What humanity is willing to accept or experience, fight, embrace, and I realized in that moment that no matter what i had to say, someone would disagree. I have always walked the fence supporting only that which I know with all that I am to be true. But right then my sense of perfection had a massive shift. 

So I went out farther, more widely, I listened, I watched, and ultimately I realized that just for a minute decadence had won. It hurt to my core. The usual solutions for change seemed like child’s play ~ not enough cohesion amongst us, illusionary, fragmented, explosive and terrifying situations and events. Good God what have we done?

Our shine has dulled. What is that? Our shine is the light of our source that we are created of. When we are in balance and experiencing more positives our light shines effortlessly, like a force field coming from our very core. We we allow our outside world to dictate how we feel, the decisions we make and the darkness begins to creep in. It has unfortunately made great headway causing people to act out irrationally.

Truth? We have let our external world define us. Affect us, inject us smother us with outrageous events and perceptions that human beings typically don’t embrace. So what happened? Simple. We let those who speak the loudest direct our opinions perceptions and actions based on what ever truth claimed to be in a moment.  And so, ok, are we finished? Cooked? Out of answers? No we are NOT! As I moved through it also consciously it all became simple. The answer. The truth. Do we need an army? A revolution? Outcry’s? What?

We must accept none of that. All of it. Throw the fads out the window. Listen to what the “buzz words” are really saying. Stop accepting what others say and do and instead operate from what we know is true. To do that we must be willing to feel again. Really feel. First ourselves then our awareness will expand to all others. We became numb but we must feel and stop being afraid. We have witnessed some horrific events of late and we have no frame of references to direct us. We have a ton of destinations on a road map and no indication of the routes we should take. Independently, we are magnificent beings of Creation. Whole and perfect in every way. It seems like nothing more than a huge entanglement of hot topics, fear,  that no matter how hard we try we can’t figure out. Truth? We don’t have to.

First, we need to get a grip that things are out of control. Recognize that. Next? Stop being afraid. Fear is nothing more than a what if and can’t possibly be true if it isn’t NOW. We need to realize that we do not have to accept that because the potential outcome is terrifying. We need to realize that what has changed is…nothing. And everything. We as a whole got complacent. We became afraid. Numb. Complicit. Disconnected. Do you know why?

Because at the heart of every being there is a need, a calling, to express our perfection fully and deeply. Bottom line it says that ~ yep~ it is all simple. It is within the complications that everything becomes strangulated. We are whole and perfect beings of Creation, perfect in every way. We shine even when we don’t know it. And we are beautiful. Wow and when there is no guard at the gate well anyone can come in. And they have. 

Phew! I don’t know about you but I have had enough! It is exhausting! We need to shake it all off and bring ourselves back to ourselves. Look, this isn’t some sort of rhetoric or an attempt to convince you to do or be anything except who you are. To say it clearly,

If you need a suit of armor to feel safer to achieve this, here is one. At the bottom of this message is a set of easy instructions for you to use. It is simple really. Honest.  It is what I use to remain protected when dealing with the worst of the worse. We can use our source light, the light we are made of, as a field of perfection that is not penetrable.  When you are ready it awaits you below.

I realized that all of these things are happening because quite honestly, in my zeal to share all my new found skills, I over scheduled myself with all the love in my heart as I tried to help as many people as I could, about mid year, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I was still trying to fit people who were coming later into my already full schedule. It’s been a tough few years for everyone and you know if you have needed me,  I have been there ~ I’m on it, but as an amazing example for all of you, lol, I need to take care of me too! Lol this won’t really affect you except that your booking experiences with me will be much smoother this year.

If you receive duplicate emails please forgive me. I have been irking to assimilate several lists. 

I have extended my annual gratitude sessions. After my gratitude sale is complete on January 15th, 2024 I will be raising of the major healing/past life sessions to $750, if you need or want multiples of the past life work for yourself or your loved ones it’s OK if you get multiples while the sale is on but beginning January 1 that will change. Doing my best to keep the cost down. These are incredibly deep and detailed and often end up taking most of my work day. Each of us is comprised of records of infinite experiences which are recorded in our etheric anatomy. We are walking libraries of self. Sometimes as we evolve, each time you heal, we heal together.

Without you I wouldn’t have much to do LOL. I appreciate you! Your faith, your trust, your beliefs, your patience and your love is so warm in my heart, thank you. Gratitude is a very tiny word compared to the sentiments that come with it… 

The Messages will continue in a few days. Also, I am running a bit late but the Living Light Symbols is about to come to you in new and wonderful ways!


My heart to yours, each time you and I encounter each other and you heal, or you speak with the Masters, Read my books, Travel with me, come to my classes…well all of it!  I am touched by your grace. 

Below is everything you need to get set up with your sessions. Be sure to read the terms, thank you. Infinite hugs and wishing you all that is good! This offer expires at midnight January 15th. I am personally booking the orders. I am all caught up with sessions for 2023. As usual, the BOGO sale will begin in March, 2024.

Again, thank you for a fantastic year! Here goes~ 

My Annual
Buy One Get One FREE Sessions Sale

Buy one Reading Session for $300 get one FREE

Buy one Healing Session for $300 get one FREE

Buy one Reading and one
Healing Session for $300

Buy one Living Light Initiation for $350 get one FREE

Buy one Reading, one Healing, & one Living Light for $645

My most in-depth sessions! Combination Healing and Past Life experiences! This session runs anywhere from 2-4 hours. Because of the time involved, I am unable to offer a BOGO. Know that you are getting an immensely deep session past present and future for the cost of only two hours !t is not a BOGO but my best deal of all.

Session Combo Special! 3 sessions of your choice! (Readings and/or Healings) $595

All Session Combo! One of each (Reading, Healing, Living Light Attunement, & Past Life Influences) - 4 Sessions $1200

Session Terms:

  • Absolutely no refunds
  • Appointments will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Session bookings currently average a 4 month wait time. Get in front of the line! Don’t wait too long to order yours!
  • Ok to share with a friend or family or to give as gifts. We can provide gift certificates if you desire.
  • Appointments are not interchangeable - i.e.. readings and healing sessions; please order carefully. We are using a different booking system this year to take care of the volume and we need to count on what we book to make it work. 
  • Gift Certificates are good for one year - buyer is responsible for making sure appointments scheduled with us in due time.
  • We will confirm your session bookings as soon as we receive the form back from you. We will remind you the week before your appointment as well. No Shows are considered to be completed appointments and no credit will be given for a later appointment. We are happy to assist in rescheduling with available appointments if necessary and if requested at least one week prior to our scheduled time.
  • Sessions will be booked far in advance, so understand that unforeseen events could occur making it necessary to change your appointment. Should this occur, Dr. Meg will give you the first available.
  • Session purchases and gift certificates are good for two (2) years and will expire at the end of two years unless a different arrangement is made with Dr. Meg or staff. Thank you!
  • Buy as many as you want. Appointments will be spread out for greatest effectiveness.

Copyright ©  Meg Blackburn and Touching the Light  2023-2024

Before we work in states of higher consciousness or we become merged within the energy field of another person, and before we open ourselves to become exposed to their energies and all that may affect them, it is paramount that we establish a protective field so that we are not vulnerable to otherworldly influences. Energy transfers. Not just specific types of energy, all energy.

Many people believe that using tools that surround us with energy creating a protective bubble around us is enough. Others believe that surrounding ourselves with mirrors is all we need. Let’s change our perception to consider that we have already learned that we are everything and everything is created of us. Therefore, what we encounter also lives within us.

There is only one way to go about self-protection that is impenetrable and completely safe in every circumstance and that is using the source light within us.

Here is how to make that happen.

Close your eyes and focus your attention to the very center of your being. It will seem very dark at first, as if there is nothing in there. Project your attention further inside of yourself, down to your very core. There you will see or sense a tiny little light that is golden-white in color. If you don’t sense it ethereally, you may sense a tiny warm spot.

Once you locate that little bright light or warm place, begin to breathe, directing your breathe into the light. Notice that each breathe that you project into the light the light and warmth grow larger and larger. Keep breathing.

Eventually, the light will have filled your body and begun to overflow around the outside of your body. Keep breathing into the light until it has created an elliptic (oval) field around you. The light will organize into this elliptic shape on its own. Once the light field has been stabilized and you feel you have achieved being completely surrounded by a field of this energy, intend for it to remain in place. It will.

The protective field that you have created is made out of source light from within your (light) particulates. Nothing of any less frequency or vibration less than the pure vibration of the source can enter into that field---no energy, no kind of being of any kind, nothing.

This exercise is good to do every morning before you even get out of bed so that you are protected from picking up unwanted energies when you are out and about. Sometimes when we encounter people in our daily errands, they have very strong motivations and or intentions that are not necessarily good for us to take into our personal energy fields. Some people tend to force their energy outward and into others when they are trying to make a point. When this source field is up and active, no one can force their energy into your field intentionally or otherwise.

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