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To sign up for a session with Dr. Meg, consider which type of session you need and click through to the appropriate page to purchase.

Readings are channeled by Dr. Meg with the Ascended Masters. Those coming through dependant upon the information that is required for your assistance and intentions at the time. For readings, you or your loved ones will call Dr. Meg at the agreed time. We will provide you with a confirmation and phone number closer to the time of your appointment. Sessions are approximately one hour in duration, depending upon the number of questions that are asked. We request that you have a list of questions ready for your session, that you be on a land line or other dependable phone. We sincerely and avidly request that if possible you do not call from a cell phone.

In a healing session you, or the person I am working on is being addressed holistically, accessing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and energy fields inter-dimensionally, creating change toward the issues you have requested assistance with. Healing has many forms and faces and may be applied to life situations, self awareness, positive change or physical issues. Results are entirely dependent upon your acceptance and willingness for the expansion of this work. These sessions are about an hour in duration and based upon information that you will send to us as well as intuitive information given to Dr. Meg during the session. Please send your list of concerns and healing requests at least one week prior to out session. Dr. Meg will phone after the session and send a transcript to you via e-mail.

Before you were a soul you were an integral part of the living light. As creation organized, your soul was born. Within that construct became your individual coding, comprised of living light symbols that are you through eternity. Each symbol is a living thing, not pronounceable in our world but in the book of Names of our Father, God, Creator. As our lives are lived we make choice and those choices keep us on track with our original coding which changes it over time. When that happens we may forget our way home. The Living Light Sessions reattune you to the very instance your soul was born, recoding you so that never again will you lose your way home. You become One with All things without errors that keep you aside from your journey. This is the MOST powerful, sweetest gentlest session Dr. Meg offers. After Dr. Meg began performing these sessions, she found full information in a series of ancient texts called the Nag Hammadi Gospels that were found in Quam Ran in the 1940’s. In the Gospel of truth, the symbols and their importance as the original language of Creator, our Father, is described in full. This is the most ancient Rite. Full information can be found here.