It is impossible to be empty when we are filled with infinite possibilities
Do we judge excellence by our own values or those of others?
Our sensitivity is directly relative to how much we are willing to feel
Enormity is perceived. When we look at what is now, it is all simple.
Guilt is always having to say you are sorry...because someone else thinks you are
Gratitude creates an energy exchange that changes our experience from taking to receiving
The need of the ego to falsely define greatness comes from its learned sense of insignificance
How much depth we experience in life depends entirely upon how deep we are willing to go
We are impressive beings limited only by our own perceptions. Think outside of the safe zone.
There are many ways to bleed. It is those injuries we can't see that often fester unattended.
Our emotions are the fuel for our intentions. What kind of messages are you sending?
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
All the might in the world can't make some little thing right but the heart can
Feeling intense means we have left our comfort zone... finally!
Discernment allows for clarification of fact over illusion
The immensity of reality can always be refined to the simplicity of a moment
Our creative force is only limited by our hesitation to express ourselves
Learning to Receive requires nothing more than acknowledging your value.
Peace cannot be established in our world until we have achieved it within ourselves
We only perceive about 10% of what is happening around us. Look more closely.
All complexity is nothing more than an entanglement of simple situations.
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
Loneliness is directly relevant to how comfortable we are with our own company
There are many kinds of flight but first we must be free for lift off
Saying maybe avoids commitment to self far more than to others. Be direct.
In our seriousness we are so rumpled up that the smiles can't move. Let go and laugh out loud
Self judgment is our way of delaying recognition of our best attributes
Knowledge, even when tempered by wisdom is still nothing more than an exercise for the mind
Love that is unrequited was not likely ours in the first place.
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