Peace requires broader perceptions in order for the infinite possibilities available to override the need to fight.
Fear is as if you have leaned into the future or the past looking for reasons why life won’t be as you want it.
When we don't allow ourselves to receive, we not only deprive ourselves, we take away the joy others would have had in the giving.
What frustrates us is either telling us that what we are pushing against nature or that there is a different path to take
Sometimes having too much good sense is restrictive. Do something impulsive today and don't worry about the consequences
Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been.
Every large, overwhelming circumstance is comprised of nothing but small parts that when unraveled were really nothing at all
It is easier to go with the flow and allow things to unfold than to restrict your experience via expectations.
There is nothing to heal. We are perfect. It is only our perception that tells us other wise and that was taught too
Free will is having the ability to choose in the moment knowing that each choice leads to endless possibilities for more choosing.
In this now are you safe? Do you have everything that you need? Yes? Yes? Then what are you worrying about?
If we live within reason then we never experience why it was instilled upon us in the first place
Unconditionality is acceptance of others no matter what, loving them in spite of our perceived differences
Synchronicities are always with us, but they are only available when we are present enough to notice them
The depth and amount of joy we experience are directly relative to how much we are willing to accept
Aggression comes from limited perception that becomes so single minded that no other reality is possible in that now
Answers are filled with questions waiting to be asked. They satisfy the mind but the heart already knows
Frustration is only a doorway to new and different possibilities. Once we get our foot out of the way the door opens easily.
Your life purpose isn’t a singular event for you to achieve; rather, every moment that you exist and how you live it
Greatness is not determined by the world, but by a courageous choice made in a singular moment that changes the outcome forever
Our possibilities are infinite when we don't need to define them. Defined, the outcome can only fall within a narrow scope of success.
We only worry about our relationships with others when we are unsure of the one we have with ourselves
Sometimes when we are caught in the illusion, the greatest destructive forces are hidden in the most joyous of experiences
Stagnancy occurs when we wait for life to come to us. We can only experience life if we participate
Completion. What have you left undone? What loose strings dangle before you, stressing you? Finish them and relish in your freedom
If you could change your life from this moment forward to be anything that you desire, what would be different from now?
We are most fulfilled when we recognize our own successes and don't depend upon anyone else to recognize them for us
There are no mistakes, only opportunities to become aware, change direction, or learn to depths that we might have previously avoided
Being invisible does not protect us, it keeps us limited in the experiences that would have come our way if anyone had noticed us
The easiest way to sabotage ourselves into disappointment is to have expectations no one else knows about
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.