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You are already perfect. To know this is perfection
The result of Chaos is Magnificence
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
No challenge can be a success without effort
An edited life isn't much fun. Live largely.
Mindlessness leads to consciousness
What was, no longer matters. It is what we do with it that does.
Spiritually we don't grow, we remember
Becoming spiritual isn’t a doing it is a being
Shame is other people’s way of keeping you limited
We are only satisfied when we stop believing we are in need
What is chaos but a thunderstorm washing everything to clarity?
To take denotes possession. To receive denotes a gift
Whatever is not perfect is not truth
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
Gratitude keeps open the flow of abundance
What was, isn't. What might be may be. What is, is reality.
Passion has many faces but compassion only one
True Mastery does not need to be advertised. It just is.
The immensity of everything is only as big as we make it
Peace is only found when we no longer have the need to fight
We cannot reason with the irrational
A True Master has no need to claim Mastery, it just is
Freedom is what we get when we stop holding back
When all is said and done we are always the only one left standing
Your passion is what you love, not a goal to achieve
The only approval you need, ever, is your own
Being thankful is great but having gratitude is whole
The only limits one has are those which are self imposed.
Questions cannot be answered until we live them
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