Time does not exist without our participation to define it
We have nothing to heal except our perceptions of self
No challenge can be a success without effort
Eloquence happens when we speak our hearts freely without an agenda
Everywhere is a wilderness. The question is where are you in it?
Frustration is our resistance to consider an alternative path
There are no mistakes only choices made. To change course, choose again!
Better to deal once now than a lifetime of maybe laters
Interior development means exterior gain
Loss creates a space for whatever fullness comes
Lacking trust is our way of keeping things we don't know how to handle at bay
Loss leaves room for what is yet to come
Hidden treasures lie just beneath our belief that we don't have any
Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
Equilibrium is a big word for having found inner balance and maintained it.
Secrets are nothing more than control issues in action
Our passion is not something we must find, it is everything that we love
Be who you are, not what you believe others think you should be
We can only imagine what we can conceive is possible. Everything is.
The only way a door will open is if we walk toward it and turn the handle
We are everything that we believe and nothing that we are told.
We don't have to achieve anything to be perfect, our perfection is inherent.
Indecision is the best action to assure nothing will happen
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
To be fortunate is to be willing to do so
Truth to some is what they believe. Real truth is what they know.
*We can only be heard if we are willing to be seen
The question isn't if we live a long life but if we choose to live it at all
All forms of unconditionality travel with grace
The true transition is life on earth. The rest is forever.
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