What was, no longer matters. It is what we do with it that does.
Regret means never having said you are sorry. Speak now or carry it forever.
All that is missing is what we have not accepted
Any expectations limit what could have been infinite possibilities for the outcome
All is not lost as long as we are looking for it
The light of tomorrow's events resides in our expressions of being today.
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
It is not what we have that fills us or gives us value; it is who we are
Nothing within you ever changes without your participation.
To seek with your mind is to attempt to quantify that which is immeasurable
It is not the power that is unsafe, but the perception of not having it…
Wisdom isn't based on how much you know...it comes from what you do with it.
Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company
Self judgment is our way of delaying recognition of our best attributes
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
Grace knows where to go we just need to let it flow
Peace cannot be established in our world until we have achieved it within ourselves
Godliness isn't something that only other people have
We can hit any target with intention, forethought, concentration and a steady aim
Listen deeply beyond the words and into the truth
The power of suggestion is only that when falling on open ears
A True Master has no need to claim Mastery, it just is
Even the concern that all is not perfect creates imperfection.
What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place
How we react to others is no one else’s fault
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
Becoming too focused on the process means losing sight of the outcome
What we set aside is often exactly what we needed ~ we were just too busy to notice
Death is inevitable. It is life we must choose in order to have lived at all.
Where is your attention? Wherever it is so is your power.
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