Tension is an indication of untruth. Ours internally, or ours in reaction to something externally, but always ours.
The most elemental aspect of life is joy, fueled by self love then love for all else. The rest is secondary.
A gentle touch, a hug, a kind word can change not only someone's day, but their entire life. Pass on your heart today!
Our greatest resource is that we have an unlimited imagination. Look beyond what you know is possible and believe in the impossible!
Patience may often be a virtue but sometimes it is an excuse for not acting on something when we could have
What is really amazing is that we have the capability to be amazed! With that, life is always new and exciting!
Your children remember their perfection. Anything contrary to that they learn from those around them.
What frustrates us is either telling us that what we are pushing against nature or that there is a different path to take
Aggression comes from limited perception that becomes so single minded that no other reality is possible in that now
What we choose we have chosen but that doesn't mean we are stuck with it because there are no limits or restrictions...
Seek not to follow others away from your true destination, for it is there, all the time, within you
What you know is truth. What you remember is the extension of that truth beyond measurable limits.
When the divine meets the imperfection of being in human form, there is inherent conflict even in existing.
Dissonance is more than lack of resonance. It is lack of honest awareness that inner balance has gone awry.
Every large, overwhelming circumstance is comprised of nothing but small parts that when unraveled were really nothing at all
Peace requires broader perceptions in order for the infinite possibilities available to override the need to fight.
Absolution comes with the realization that a sin never occurred, a choice was made and we did the best we could.
An ending may seem a forever loss but the truth is that it is only a completion so that there is room for something new and different
Abundance is value. If we don't give ourselves the value we deserve, neither do we give ourselves the abundance we so desire
Trying is not doing anything. Trying is saying failure before you have even started. Why not just do?
Inspiration comes from considering new and different possibilities. If we believe we are stuck then we will be.
Your life purpose isn’t a singular event for you to achieve; rather, every moment that you exist and how you live it
If you want a relationship of any depth, you must first be willing to let go of what was so that there is room for what can be
There is nothing to heal. We are perfect. It is only our perception that tells us other wise and that was taught too
What we fear we say we don't like. What we don't like we avoid. So we are always afraid of what we fear. Try something new today.
We are most fulfilled when we recognize our own successes and don't depend upon anyone else to recognize them for us
Our secret desires need not be secret. It is better to live them loudly than to always wonder why we didn’t
Be still and listen inwardly for there is our core truth. What we hear externally seeks to convince us otherwise
Normal is a perception which is part of our every day illusion. Beyond that are infinite journeys outside of the box
Our ability to manifest is directly relative to how strongly and purely we believe in the outcome
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