A moment of observation can contribute a lifetime of knowledge. Be still and notice...
Our past experiences can be our greatest asset or our worst nightmare. It is our choice.
Instant gratification is all about filling a hole that never existed in the first place.
The question isn't if we live a long life but if we choose to live it at all
The only people who need to take opinions personally are the ones who have them
Wisdom comes from relaxing into an experience and seeing what it has to offer
When we observe beauty and it touches us, we have found the same in ourselves
Being spoiled means looking externally for the gratification we have forgotten how to give ourselves
Good directions are only a suggestion. Choosing via free will determines the final route
Our sensitivity is directly relative to how much we are willing to feel
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
In any story, inconsistencies are a sure sign that the truth has been altered or is missing
In our seriousness we are so rumpled up that the smiles can't move. Let go and laugh out loud
Necessity is relative to need but consider the fact that the need may or may not be real
Without discernment we may follow any one off of any tall bridge. Stick with what is true for you.
Beyond the money, what is the true cost of what you are after? Is it really worth it?
What is beautiful in the world is a reflection of your heart shining back at you
There are no mistakes, only opportunities to do something different next time
Nothing is a simple matter of fact. There are always unseen, unknown aspects to every situation.
Knowledge, even when tempered by wisdom is still nothing more than an exercise for the mind
What you know is truth. What you remember is the extension of that truth beyond measurable limits.
One cannot be gentle to others without reserve unless one has first learned to be gentle with one's self
Brilliance has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with how we shine our inner light
Becoming too focused on the process means losing sight of the outcome
Jealousy is like having an incurable illness and waiting desperately for someone else to die from it
The worst lies that you tell are those that you tell yourself...and believe!
The only way a door will open is if we walk toward it and turn the handle
Our logical brains are chronic liars. Only our consciousness knows for sure
Each moment is perfect and does not require comprehension, simply participation.
Remember that in all of your giving you are only filled and full when you learn to receive equally.
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