Focusing on the process does not create reality. Believing heart mind and soul that the outcome has already happened does
To be open does not mean to be raw and exposed, it means to be an authentic vessel willing to receive whatever gifts life has to offer
If you are truly calling in perfection and through your faith allowing it to be so, then there is no question to the outcome
Normal is a perception which is part of our every day illusion. Beyond that are infinite journeys outside of the box
Mastery only comes when we no longer have anything to defend, control, criticize or judge...including ourselves!
One cannot be gentle to others without reserve unless one has first learned to be gentle with one's self
And if being is living, and living is a state of consciousness, then being consciously alive is simple.
Things don't just happen. For every action there is a reaction. We have to do our part toward the intended outcome.
Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been.
Look not at the faces you see for the truth you seek. Peer deeply into the eyes for it is from there that souls truly speak
Inspiration comes from considering new and different possibilities. If we believe we are stuck then we will be.
Our Purpose isn’t a singular achievement, in fact, not an achievement at all. It is the totality of every moment that we live and breathe
Stress is caused by our attempts to be what we believe others want when their desires are outside of our truth
If you want a relationship of any depth, you must first be willing to let go of what was so that there is room for what can be
Every large, overwhelming circumstance is comprised of nothing but small parts that when unraveled were really nothing at all
Greatness is not determined by the world, but by a courageous choice made in a singular moment that changes the outcome forever
What if we put all of the energy we spend worrying about what we don't want into what we DO want? Imagine!
Anger is not usually about what is happening in a certain moment but what we couldn't help in moments past.
A problem is much smaller when dealt with immediately. The longer we go without addressing them, the bigger our problems become
We only get what we ask for. First we have to ask. Secondly we must believe that we deserve it and thirdly we must be willing to accept it
The easiest way to sabotage ourselves into disappointment is to have expectations no one else knows about
Peace requires broader perceptions in order for the infinite possibilities available to override the need to fight.
Frustration is only a doorway to new and different possibilities. Once we get our foot out of the way the door opens easily.
It is only to acknowledge that which is the self in such a way that one can become free of all others.
If we imagine it and believe it to be so, the reality already exists and there will be a moment in time when we and our reality intersect
True greatness comes not from the opinions of others, it comes from the courage to be or do whatever a moment requires
Winning the race isn't as important as how well you pace yourself so that you know the way to the finish line
Aggression comes from limited perception that becomes so single minded that no other reality is possible in that now
Free will is having the ability to choose in the moment knowing that each choice leads to endless possibilities for more choosing.
True elegance begins with the miracle of us then propagates with the miracles of our lives. We are beautiful beings.
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.