Frustration can lead to simple brilliance
We can only give away what we have owned
No challenge can be a success without effort
To feel complete is to realize that nothing is missing
Honesty to self translates to truth in all directions
What we cannot help may not be ours to fix
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
Surprises come when we don't expect them
what one does not experience one does not benefit from.
Our greatest nemesis is any idea that we can’t
Complexity is merely an entanglement of simplicities
Sometimes when we most doubt ourselves we are the most right
Discernment allows for clarification of fact over illusion
Passion has many faces but compassion only one
Time does not exist without our participation to define it
Hurricanes are always followed by clarity and calm
We only experience magic when we believe in it
You may not give away that which you have not yet owned.
Self deception is destructive to your experience.
Our most intense feelings are our creation, no one else's
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
All that is missing is what we have not accepted
Guilt is never having said you are sorry
Drama is fear in action
Stillness is movement at rest
Tolerance is overrated
*In order to go with the flow we must remain fluid
You have the power to change your life right now.
Life only happens when we move our feet
The harmonies of life create a symphony of experience.
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