Honesty to self translates to truth in all directions
The core of any situation or experience is in the center of feeling it
Fear isn't a reality it is a what if
Stillness only comes when we stop running from ourselves
Self deception is destructive to your experience.
Learning to Receive requires nothing more than acknowledging your value.
Time does not exist without our participation to define it
A prayer is only as powerful as the passion behind it
As one knows ones self one will know all others.
Draw upon the infinite to define life
Seek and you shall find… what was there all along
Free. Will. No one is giving it away, we already have it.
We are filled by our own grace, never that of another
Freedom is what we get when we stop holding back
What is chaos but a thunderstorm washing everything to clarity?
Our greatest victory is the defeat of our fear
The result of chaos is magnificence
It is not words that convey truth, it is the spaces in between them
Questions cannot be answered until we live them
Intimidation is someone else's idea of getting you to do the right thing
Our dreams remain dreams until we choose to live them
Your body does exactly as it is told
Fear is a version of insanity for it is in no way based in reality
More often than not wisdom is found in silence
What is the truth except what we make it
Sometimes we need exactly the opposite of what we crave
Everywhere is a wilderness. The question is where are you in it?
To take denotes possession. To receive denotes a gift
An expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen
An edited life isn't much fun. Live largely.
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