We make demands when we don't feel as if we are in control. To change that, command of creation then allow it to fulfill your requirements!
The perception of less than is a killer of human spirit, a cancerous untruth that eats away at the integrity of humanity.
If we live to work, we are consumed. If we work to live, the quality of our lives becomes much greater and work is no longer our primary goal.
Our possibilities are infinite when we don't need to define them. Defined, the outcome can only fall within a narrow scope of success.
Carrying needless history within us only serves to keep us earthbound. If we wish to soar throughout the heavens, we must rid ourselves of all ballast.
Who are we if not the greatest expression of ourselves? A story that has an indefinite ending. As ourselves, the possibilities are infinite!
The truth can only be recognized as its fullest potential as the message is received in its purest form. Hindsight is always colored with opinions.
Sometimes a thought does not need to be expressed but instead let go into the ethers, as its pure form is greater than a thousand words
The difference between night and day is the position of the sun. We are our own sun. Where are we? Now or some other place?
Our greatest resource is that we have an unlimited imagination. Look beyond what you know is possible and believe in the impossible!
Look with the eyes of your soul, interpret with the love of your heart, act without reason but instead with intention, and live every moment with passion.
Do not regret what was, be empowered by what IS no matter how it looks in this moment there is much to be gained only ever this now
Empowerment comes from the inside then our actions reflect it. It is no one's to take and can't really be given away. It is perception of self
Being invisible does not protect us, it keeps us limited in the experiences that would have come our way if anyone had noticed us
Our Purpose isn’t a singular achievement, in fact, not an achievement at all. It is the totality of every moment that we live and breathe
Intensity. A stirring of irritation to avoid complacency. As part of our evolution Creation whacks us now and then to remind make sure we are Awake
That we are infinite beings, perfect in every way is unquestionable; that we seem to need to find fault with ourselves is
If we imagine it and believe it to be so, the reality already exists and there will be a moment in time when we and our reality intersect
Constancy refers to the fact that no matter what we do, or what others do, life goes on and it is all small stuff in relation to the totality of the One
When we minimize our experiences we are saying one of two things: either we aren't worth it or we don't know how to deal with it. Live largely!
Brilliance is far more that intelligence. It is that part of us that shines when we live the truth and our hearts are on fire.
To speak our truth is to cease living silently. When we practice the art of living out loud the power within us rises beautifully for all to embrace.
To truly give a gift is to have no need of experiencing the recipient’s satisfaction. The true satisfaction is in having done the deed.
The elegance of creation is expressed as each one of us. The darker side of creation is revealed when we don’t believe it.
All great things come from those who dream and then act upon it. Disappointment and failure come from those who dream and then do little or nothing
Embarrassment is nothing more than having a lack of humor about ourselves. When we have the ability to laugh first, the game is over and no damage done
Look not at the faces you see for the truth you seek. Peer deeply into the eyes for it is from there that souls truly speak
Truth isn’t mere words that are thought or spoken. Truth is the harmonic existence of all that ever was, is and the possibilities of what can be.
Our history has brought us step by step to this now and all that we are in it. We must remember what we have learned...or not
Too much stress means that we are doing too much of what everyone else wants and not enough of what we want or that we are not being true to our knowing
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.