We become satisfied when we stop looking for what we think we need and become grateful for what is ours
What you know is truth. What you remember is the extension of that truth beyond measurable limits.
It is only when we leap without a parachute or net below that we finally find our wings…and…fly.
In any story, inconsistencies are a sure sign that the truth has been altered or is missing
Gratitude creates an energy exchange that changes our experience from taking to receiving
Peace requires broader perceptions in order for the infinite possibilities available to override the need to fight.
Without discernment we may follow any one off of any tall bridge. Stick with what is true for you.
The perception of less than is a killer of human spirit, a cancerous untruth that eats away at the integrity of humanity.
When you refuse to receive you literally rob others of the same pleasure you get when you give
We are not what we do. in any given moment we are the perfect expression of our life's work.
Nothing is a simple matter of fact. There are always unseen, unknown aspects to every situation.
No healing is done with the brain; it is all done of the heart for when passion is applied miracles happen.
Opposites attract because when mirrored, exists an infinite reflection of their wholeness.
That we are infinite beings, perfect in every way is unquestionable; that we seem to need to find fault with ourselves is
The strength of our ability to move beyond the mundane is dependent upon our courage to do so.
The greatest light isn't always the brightest one, but one that is constantly, subtly lit no matter what
What we believe is our story, what we have learned. What we know is truth. Listen deeply
Our attention often gets so focused on the process that we forget the intended outcome
A moment of observation can contribute a lifetime of knowledge. Be still and notice...
Absolution comes with the realization that a sin never occurred, a choice was made and we did the best we could.
Necessity is relative to need but consider the fact that the need may or may not be real
Letting go doesn’t mean doing without it means letting to of the things we really want
You have the power to change your world to create whatever reality that you choose. Right Now.
Things don't just happen. For every action there is a reaction. We have to do our part toward the intended outcome.
Stagnancy occurs when we wait for life to come to us. We can only experience life if we participate
You are defined only by the variations of truth that you tell yourself not by anyone or anything else.
What we choose we have chosen but that doesn't mean we are stuck with it because there are no limits or restrictions...
No thing has meaning until we notice it. Then, the meaning is determined by our noticing
Focusing on the process does not create reality. Believing heart mind and soul that the outcome has already happened does
When we criticize, it is only because someone has mirrored to us something that we have chosen not to recognize
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.