When we feel the need to say we are not being judgmental, perhaps we are after all
Discernment isn't about what is true for everyone else, only what is true for us
The answers come only when we ask the right questions; and, it is our right to ask them!
Patience is not a virtue when it is used as an excuse for not acting on our own behalf
All complexity is nothing more than an entanglement of simple situations.
The amount of abundance we have is directly relative to how much we value ourselves
Our logical brains are chronic liars. Only our consciousness knows for sure
Human nature can be puzzling. It is not how one fits but how one perceives that they fit.
Our emotions are the fuel for our intentions. What kind of messages are you sending?
No thing has meaning until we notice it. Then, the meaning is determined by our noticing
We can express peace as a sentiment or we can embody it as a way of life
Every problem has a solution that is not found in complexity but by going back to basics
Penance is what we do to make everyone else feel better about what we have done.
Satisfaction only happens when we are willing to accept what it takes to be fulfilled
The truth remains until it is defiled by logic then it becomes perceived, or imagined
The Incidence of retrieval of poorly spoken words are slim and none
The immensity of reality can always be refined to the simplicity of a moment
Power is a perception that is (unfortunately) more often applied to others than to self
When we stop running from ourselves we learn what we really feel
Having experience doesn't make us wise or smart it is what we do with the experience that does
It is not what we have that fills us or gives us value; it is who we are
The depth and amount of joy we experience are directly relative to how much we are willing to accept
If we live within reason then we never experience why it was instilled upon us in the first place
Anticipation without expectations leads to excellence of experience without disappointment
Gratitude creates an energy exchange that changes our experience from taking to receiving
The only way to vanquish our fear of what may come is to live it
There is no real meaning in words, only in the spaces between them.
The difference between fantasy and reality is whether or not you act
Complicated situations are nothing more than a bundle of simplicities lost in the shuffle
When you refuse to receive you literally rob others of the same pleasure you get when you give
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