The only way to battle untruth is with unequivocal truth
Resonance does not come from resistance
Free. Will. No one is giving it away, we already have it.
Chaos, if responded to willingly and without resistance, leads to peace
Hidden treasures lie just beneath our belief that we don't have any
What if we stopped saying what if and started realizing what is?
The harmonies of life create a symphony of experience.
The core of any situation or experience is in the center of feeling it
When pure heart meets with pureness of being, 
We usually recognize eloquence when the words spoken carry truth
It is not words that convey truth, it is the spaces in between them
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
We cannot be filled unless we are full
Infinite possibilities await us when we haven't pre-defined our destinies
What is chaos but a thunderstorm washing everything to clarity?
Your passion is what you love, not a goal to achieve
Often what is not familiar is an invitation toward a new perception.
To win means to disappoint someone else.
Evidence is not necessary to prove truth. Truth is.
Pleasure is an inner smile don't keep it a secret
We are only in the flow if we are receiving as much as we are giving
What is left unspoken is forever unanswered.
We cannot know anything new until we realize that it is possible
Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
True Mastery does not need to be advertised. It just is.
There are many kinds of flight but first we must be free for lift off
Who you are isn’t based upon what you do
One oops is worth a thousand laughs or a lifetime of regret - our choice
The ability to hear is entirely dependent upon the willingness to listen
Self sabotage is our way of saying we aren’t worth it
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