Becoming too focused on the process means losing sight of the outcome
Letting go doesn’t mean doing without it means letting to of the things we really want
We are only satisfied when we stop believing we are in need
Infinite possibilities await the moment that we conceive them.
Complexity is merely an entanglement of simplicities
Nothing can be created that doesn't already exist on some level of imagination
Necessity is relative to need but consider the fact that the need may or may not be real
Perfection is always present; it is our perception that determines it.
Discernment allows for clarification of fact over illusion
That which you desire has always been yours unless by your doubts you deny it
The problem with expectations is that no one but us knows what they are
Being reasonable can be the most unreasonable thing to do
Loneliness is directly relevant to how comfortable we are with our own company
What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place
What is chaos but a thunderstorm washing everything to clarity?
Saying maybe avoids commitment to self far more than to others. Be direct.
What is beautiful in the world is a reflection of your heart shining back at you
Free. Will. No one is giving it away, we already have it.
Chaos, if responded to willingly and without resistance, leads to peace
Completion is not to be grieved, but instead celebrated as a gateway to what comes
Our past experiences can be our greatest asset or our worst nightmare. It is our choice.
There are no impossibilities and our options are limitless.
Grace knows where to go we just need to let it flow
We cannot know anything new until we realize that it is possible
In the heart of all chaos is pure elegance trying to find a way out
Greatness often doesn't recognize itself, it just is
The light of tomorrow's events resides in our expressions of being today.
You are already perfect. To know this is perfection
The only way to vanquish our fear of what may come is to live it
Excellence is subjective. All we need to do is the best we can do to achieve ours.
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