To be fortunate is to be willing to do so
An edited life isn't much fun. Live largely.
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
Mindlessness leads to consciousness
L. I. F. E. Living intentionally for Excellence
Look again at the obvious. It isn't what you think.
Resistance is our way of saying I don't know how
We are filled by our own grace, never that of another
We cannot be filled unless we are full
To trust means not to be afraid
More often than not wisdom is found in silence
*In order to go with the flow we must remain fluid
Our connection to the One is never lost but often ignored
values change when they are driven by truth
Resonance does not come from resistance
Wherever you go there you are
Free. Will. No one is giving it away, we already have it.
All is not lost as long as we are looking for it
Being satisfied means letting go of perceptions of lack
Resistance means always having to wonder if only...
Honesty to self translates to truth in all directions
On the other side of darkness there is always light.
Sometimes we need exactly the opposite of what we crave
Life only happens when we move our feet
A prayer is only as powerful as the passion behind it
Fear is paralysis of one’s natural progression
Living is an art form ~ Express yourself!
We only see magic when we believe in it
The result of Chaos is Magnificence
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