We make demands when we don't feel as if we are in control. To change that, command of creation then allow it to fulfill your requirements!
Envy is a poison that devours our ability to realize that we could have had what others have if only we had put our energy into attaining it.
Opinion is not truth it is the beginning of degradation of one’s sense of perfection and therefore the soaring of one’s spirit in human form. .
To surrender does not mean becoming a victim of life; it means to give up perceived control, to live unbounded by self imposed restrictions
Do not regret what was, be empowered by what IS no matter how it looks in this moment there is much to be gained only ever this now
Stop. Be still. Listen. Are the voices you hear inside your own or everyone else's telling you who you are and what you want and even what to do?
Mistakes don't happen: Guilt does. When we realize that, our mistakes are only opportunities to do something different, the guilt has nowhere to go but gone
Waiting for life to come to us through a closed door can be an eternity; first we have to open it and then be willing to walk through
Carrying needless history within us only serves to keep us earthbound. If we wish to soar throughout the heavens, we must rid ourselves of all ballast.
Look with the eyes of your soul, interpret with the love of your heart, act without reason but instead with intention, and live every moment with passion.
Brilliance is far more that intelligence. It is that part of us that shines when we live the truth and our hearts are on fire.
Immensity is nothing more than connected simplicities. Don't let the whole picture overwhelm you. Look for the simplicities in everything!
Generally speaking, our greatest difficulties come with not realizing the difference or sameness between us and the Divine.
All great things come from those who dream and then act upon it. Disappointment and failure come from those who dream and then do little or nothing
Our Purpose isn’t a singular achievement, in fact, not an achievement at all. It is the totality of every moment that we live and breathe
How we feel, how we react and respond, in fact who we are inside of ourselves is always our choice. No one but us makes us anything.
What is infinite is everything we have not defined. Within that infinite resides all of the possibilities that we had missed by our defining
An uphill climb is only hard when you keep looking up to see how far you have to go... Watch your feet. They will carry you with grace and ease.
Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been.
Free will is having the ability to choose in the moment knowing that each choice leads to endless possibilities for more choosing.
Being invisible does not protect us, it keeps us limited in the experiences that would have come our way if anyone had noticed us
Abundance is value. If we don't give ourselves the value we deserve, neither do we give ourselves the abundance we so desire
Rise out of your internal distractions and don't just look, see into the hearts of those around you. They are reflections of you
When we minimize our experiences we are saying one of two things: either we aren't worth it or we don't know how to deal with it. Live largely!
Every large, overwhelming circumstance is comprised of nothing but small parts that when unraveled were really nothing at all
The only thing that keeps human beings from experiencing their perfection on earth is their perception that they are anything less.
When the harmony of truth is stretched and then limited in its resonance it is no longer truth and dysharmony of illusion reigns.
To speak our truth is to cease living silently. When we practice the art of living out loud the power within us rises beautifully for all to embrace.
If we imagine it and believe it to be so, the reality already exists and there will be a moment in time when we and our reality intersect
Our abilities aren't comparable; they are a package of forward expression that are our unique gift to ourselves and the world
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.