Life only happens when we move our feet
Genuine = Truth to self first
Stillness only comes when we stop running from ourselves
What is left unspoken is forever unanswered.
Magic only happens when we let it
Brilliance is not of the mind it is of the light
Don't wait for the chaos to make much needed change
On the other side of darkness there is always light.
Being thankful is great but having gratitude is whole
It is much easier to act from Faith than Fear.
You can prove your point by not needing to
Freedom is what we get when we stop holding back
One criticism can undo a thousand kudos
Nothing is possible until we are aware that it is
The immensity of everything is only as big as we make it
Our dreams remain dreams until we choose to live them
Life is the stairway to Light.
Surprises come when we don't expect them
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
Abundance begins with value of self.
Our most intense feelings are our creation, no one else's
Mindlessness leads to consciousness
Frustration can lead to simple brilliance
What we cannot help may not be ours to fix
Ignorance is resistance to expansion of self
Ecstasy is us unbridled
Self sabotage is our way of saying we aren’t worth it
Being reasonable can be the most unreasonable thing to do
Wherever you go there you are
Tolerance is overrated
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