Nothing is possible until we are aware that it is
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
You can prove your point by not needing to
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
We are filled by our own grace, never that of another
Guilt is never having said you are sorry
Resistance is our way of saying I don't know how
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
Change forces choice but change is a choice.
We cannot reason with the irrational
Peace of mind only requires letting it happen
Where is your attention? Wherever it is so is your power.
Godliness isn't something that only other people have
An expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen
What if we stopped saying what if and started realizing what is?
All change begins with a single shift in perception
We must mind our own spiritual business
Complexity is merely an entanglement of simplicities
Imagination has no boundaries except those which you instill.
Magic only happens when we let it
One criticism can undo a thousand kudos
Love that is unrequited was not likely ours in the first place.
Frustration can lead to new and different ways of doing things
Indecision is the best action to assure nothing will happen
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
We only see magic when we believe in it
Mindlessness is the key to everything that is not of this world
Draw upon the infinite to define life
It is much easier to act from Faith than Fear.
What is left unspoken is forever unanswered.
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