An ending may seem a forever loss but the truth is that it is only a completion so that there is room for something new and different
Focusing on the process does not create reality. Believing heart mind and soul that the outcome has already happened does
If you want a relationship of any depth, you must first be willing to let go of what was so that there is room for what can be
A problem is much smaller when dealt with immediately. The longer we go without addressing them, the bigger our problems become
Sometimes having too much good sense is restrictive. Do something impulsive today and don't worry about the consequences
Look not at the faces you see for the truth you seek. Peer deeply into the eyes for it is from there that souls truly speak
Too much stress means that we are doing too much of what everyone else wants and not enough of what we want or that we are not being true to our knowing
Do not regret what was, be empowered by what IS no matter how it looks in this moment there is much to be gained only ever this now
Aggression comes from limited perception that becomes so single minded that no other reality is possible in that now
What we fear we say we don't like. What we don't like we avoid. So we are always afraid of what we fear. Try something new today.
There are no mistakes, only opportunities to become aware, change direction, or learn to depths that we might have previously avoided
To surrender does not mean becoming a victim of life; it means to give up perceived control, to live unbounded by self imposed restrictions
Immensity is nothing more than connected simplicities. Don't let the whole picture overwhelm you. Look for the simplicities in everything!
Frustration is only a doorway to new and different possibilities. Once we get our foot out of the way the door opens easily.
The intention of an investment is to benefit you in the future. How are your thoughts, words and actions today going to benefit you later?
Our greatest resource is that we have an unlimited imagination. Look beyond what you know is possible and believe in the impossible!
True greatness comes not from the opinions of others, it comes from the courage to be or do whatever a moment requires
Abundance is value. If we don't give ourselves the value we deserve, neither do we give ourselves the abundance we so desire
Being invisible does not protect us, it keeps us limited in the experiences that would have come our way if anyone had noticed us
Sometimes when we are caught in the illusion, the greatest destructive forces are hidden in the most joyous of experiences
Our inside and outside is like night and day. In the light we can see everything, but in the darkness all possibilities reside
Normal is a perception which is part of our every day illusion. Beyond that are infinite journeys outside of the box
We are most fulfilled when we recognize our own successes and don't depend upon anyone else to recognize them for us
When we don't allow ourselves to receive, we not only deprive ourselves, we take away the joy others would have had in the giving.
We only get what we ask for. First we have to ask. Secondly we must believe that we deserve it and thirdly we must be willing to accept it
Rise out of your internal distractions and don't just look, see into the hearts of those around you. They are reflections of you
Conflicts cannot be resolved until the real root of the disagreement is recognized and both parties are willing to acknowledge it.
If we live to work, we are consumed. If we work to live, the quality of our lives becomes much greater and work is no longer our primary goal.
Stop. Be still. Listen. Are the voices you hear inside your own or everyone else's telling you who you are and what you want and even what to do?
What if our awakening gifts weren't gifts at all but who we have always been? That being the case, weird is normal!
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.