We are impressive beings limited only by our own perceptions. Think outside of the safe zone.
What is an indiscretion but every one else's opinion of what we have done…wrong?
It is the child within us who needs. The key is to find those needs and satisfy them.
We are not what we do. in any given moment we are the perfect expression of our life's work.
Instant gratification is all about filling a hole that never existed in the first place.
Our secret desires need not be secret. It is better to live them loudly than to always wonder why we didn’t
To seek with your mind is to attempt to quantify that which is immeasurable
Without discernment we may follow any one off of any tall bridge. Stick with what is true for you.
Each moment is perfect and does not require comprehension, simply participation.
It is not the power that is unsafe, but the perception of not having it…
Inspiration comes from considering new and different possibilities. If we believe we are stuck then we will be.
Expectations lead only to limitation. Be open to the infinite possibilities that creation has to offer!
Sometimes just "winging it" works far better than all the best laid plans
We can blame whomever whenever but ultimately the diligence was to have been ours
The answers come only when we ask the right questions; and, it is our right to ask them!
To focus on specifics is to deny the vastness of possibilities within the infinite.
Evidence is not necessary to prove what you know, only to convince you what you believe
How high we can fly is completely dependent upon our willingness to take off
How can we believe we are limited creatures when we are infused with the infinite?
Our attention often gets so focused on the process that we forget the intended outcome
Nothing is a simple matter of fact. There are always unseen, unknown aspects to every situation.
Our ability to manifest is directly relative to how strongly and purely we believe in the outcome
Seek not to follow others away from your true destination, for it is there, all the time, within you
What we set aside is often exactly what we needed ~ we were just too busy to notice
The only people who need to take opinions personally are the ones who have them
Remember that in all of your giving you are only filled and full when you learn to receive equally.
What you know is truth. What you remember is the extension of that truth beyond measurable limits.
Anytime we say “I can’t” we have forgotten that we have free will to choose anything and everything
Where is our passion but in our heart of hearts, ready to explode into love in action?
Wisdom is not something that we learn, or can study for. It comes from applying living to the fineness of being
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