When pure heart meets with pureness of being, 
Our greatest victory is the defeat of our fear
Our perceptions are only as great is our willingness to imagine
Coincidence is merely a truth knocking at your consciousness.
Sometimes we just have to go for it
Whatever is not perfect is not truth
Meanness is a method for controlling
Genuine = Truth to self first
True Mastery does not need to be advertised. It just is.
On the other side of darkness there is always light.
We cannot know anything new until we realize that it is possible
Stillness is movement at rest
You may not give away that which you have not yet owned.
What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place
To walk in a state of love is to touch everything with grace.
When we have our minds on what was, we miss what is
L. I. F. E. Living intentionally for Excellence
Imagination has no boundaries except those which you instill.
It is much easier to act from Faith than Fear.
Hurricanes are always followed by clarity and calm
There is only ever this now.
Loss leaves room for what is yet to come
To take denotes possession. To receive denotes a gift
Expectations are disappointments smothered in secret desires
Asking indicates that you do not believe in what you intend.
Surprises come when we don't expect them
Manifestation is clarity of intent personified
Adversity is all about only having the outcome your way.
Magic only happens when we let it
The ultimate satisfaction is not needing to be satisfied
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