The most elemental aspect of life is joy, fueled by self love then love for all else. The rest is secondary.
Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been.
Tension is an indication of untruth. Ours internally, or ours in reaction to something externally, but always ours.
To open to others is to fill the world and ourselves in ways that we had previously missed.
We can only give what we have learned to receive; otherwise all we are giving is an illusion of false value to ourselves.
It is that there is no other who can give to you your journeys. It is you for whom you wait!
Anticipation without expectations leads to excellence of experience without disappointment
Fear is as if you have leaned into the future or the past looking for reasons why life won’t be as you want it.
Our secret desires need not be secret. It is better to live them loudly than to always wonder why we didn’t
The true question is not whether you are here or there but where you are in the current moment.
Innocence is not ignorance; it is about seeing clearly and purely with the eyes of the heart.
When the divine meets the imperfection of being in human form, there is inherent conflict even in existing.
Be still and listen inwardly for there is our core truth. What we hear externally seeks to convince us otherwise
Anticipation is a wonderful thing as long as what is anticipated has no expectations tangled up with it!
Your true identity is determined not by the perceptions of others, but who you believe you are.
Neither Abstinence nor Indulgence are a way to balance. Balance is fullness of Now with no polarity. It just is.
Brilliance has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with how we shine our inner light
The ability to be honest is one of our inherent gifts. It is all of our surrounding beliefs that make it hard.
If we live within reason then we never experience why it was instilled upon us in the first place
What you know is truth. What you remember is the extension of that truth beyond measurable limits.
Gratitude creates an energy exchange that changes our experience from taking to receiving
Your life purpose isn’t a singular event for you to achieve; rather, every moment that you exist and how you live it
And if being is living, and living is a state of consciousness, then being consciously alive is simple.
The depth and amount of joy we experience are directly relative to how much we are willing to accept
What is really amazing is that we have the capability to be amazed! With that, life is always new and exciting!
Human nature can be puzzling. It is not how one fits but how one perceives that they fit.
No healing is done with the brain; it is all done of the heart for when passion is applied miracles happen.
True greatness comes not from the opinions of others, it comes from the courage to be or do whatever a moment requires
The best of being comes from our being our best at being not from waiting for someone else to tell us how to be
Stagnancy occurs when we wait for life to come to us. We can only experience life if we participate
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.