Be still and listen. What do you hear? Can you hear yourself? Listen again. the cacaphony of noise that you hear is your defense system on overdrive. Listen again. Find your inner voice.
Creation is both elegant and eloquent without needing to show off or uttering a word. Its beauty and perfection speak for themselves. Look around you ~ everything is a mirrot to the perfection of us
We can wonder infinitely how something would have been if only, or we can live largely and go for it when opportunities come up! Why spend the energy wondering when we can LIVE?
To be supported, we must first recognize that we need to be. Secondly, to accept the help, and thirdly to relax knowing that we are not isolated creatures, but integral bits of a greater one.
Intelligence only serves to define. Beyond intelligence is the realization that definition is impossible as truth has infinite facets and cannot be contained by definition.
While revenge may seem sweet in the moment, its after effects as our act ripples outward then back again can come back to bite us. What seemed sweet in its moment can become toxic to us.
To worry about the entirety is not the best approach. But rather to work from within your sacred self, for then you are the entirety and then you are effecting change for that which is all things.
The ego is only what we have been given by others to measure that which we are. The ego tells us if we are doing well or not based upon previous experience… and it is generally lying!
In truth, we are not valued by association, accomplishment, or otherwise: instead, we are valued by our own perceptions. The question is, is it really us keeping score, or the voices in and around us?
Affirmations only tell us what we already know. They keep us stuck in that place only. We know who we are. We know what we want. Why not just go there and stop repeating ourselves?
The depths of our relationships depend upon how fully we are willing to reveal our hearts. In order to truly share we must be willing to expose our inner being, not just the mask we wear every day.
When we worry it is as if we have leaned forward out of our bodies looking into the future for something to go wrong. Staying in the present assures an outcome based upon the realities of now.
Building confidence only proves that we are still trying to fit in. The only reason we think we don't have it is because we listened to everyone else in the first place.
Our sense of self comes from our interpretation of events both internal and external and is subject to nothing but that. No matter who we want to blame, who we really are is entirely ours to decide.
Dealing with our internal stuff is kind of like cleaning house. It is really easier to work around the heavy stuff, leaving it in place but all the while we know that dirt is there. Move the heavy stuff!
Randomness is creation’s way of putting together information toward an outcome. It is our intentions as well as our belief in them that creates reality out of seemingly chaos.
The walls we construct will withstand our imagined enemies as well as our worst enemy ~ ourselves, as well as restrict the depth of all our relationships. They are unnecessary.
If you find yourself in constant motion, or feeling a need to fill silence with your voice, ask yourself, “what am I avoiding”, then be still and listen. Feel deeply.
When desires and needs become confused, the needs remain unmet and the desires become only unfulfilled dreams. If we first realize then meet our true needs, all our dreams can become reality.
We are created of all things and all things are created of us; therefore, there can be no thing and no one lesser or greater that us. We are an integral part of the living One.
Look deeply into the unknown for it is there all questions become answers, and all answers paths to what will ultimately be, then ride the flow toward your destination
Whatever destination you have set is a journey which begins and ends with you. It is a travel of your imaginings that has no boundaries except those which you alone place in your road.
Perceptions are an imaging system that human beings utilize in such a way as to define experience. In order to change the experience, one has only to change the perception.
Just because we don't look at a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In fact, by our denial of it, the problem often grows inside of us and ultimately in some later now, bursts into a huge mess.
That holy place inside of us is there all of the time. It isn't subject to events, people or experiences. All it takes for us to experience it is our willingness to accept that we are divine
Taking back the power. If we give our power to others because we think that for some reason they are better, smarter, whatever than us, soon we have lost ourselves in their shadows.
Equality is subjective. It is only equal if it fits our needs or perceptions. Perhaps the true equality is that it is impossible for any two ideas, people, intentions, thoughts, more, to be quite the same
Your true self, created of the One, has nothing to gain or lose because it knows its own perfection. All else is created from a frightened ego impossibly seeking to be the only One...
Being Spiritual doesn't mean that you have to lack or do without. Quite the contrary. Being Spiritual means giving yourself enough value to have and receive everything that you need. You are priceless.
When we know ourselves intimately, to even the deepest of places, and accept who we are then our secrets from ourselves are gone leaving nothing inside of us that anyone else can hurt
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.