An expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen
Deep love can only be experienced by an undefended heart
Intention, undirected, is always a what if
Coincidence is merely a truth knocking at your consciousness.
Where is your attention? Wherever it is so is your power.
Secrets are nothing more than control issues in action
Sometimes we just have to go for it
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
To be fortunate is to be willing to do so
We must mind our own spiritual business
Imagination has no boundaries except those which you instill.
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
Life only happens when we move our feet
Grace knows where to go we just need to let it flow
Gratitude keeps open the flow of abundance
Fear is a version of insanity for it is in no way based in reality
We are fully adaptable except for our resistance
Evidence is not necessary to prove truth. Truth is.
Expectations are disappointments smothered in secret desires
To believe requires evidence. Faith requires nothing.
Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company
When we have our minds on what was, we miss what is
The core of any situation or experience is in the center of feeling it
Truth lies not in the words but in the spaces in between them.
The sacrifices we make are usually about someone else
A fire in the heart releases the dam of drowning perspectives
What is wise we do not learn, we become
Resistance means always having to wonder if only...
Our connection to the One is never lost but often ignored
The quickest way to self Mastery is not needing to be there
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