Achievement means we must accomplish something to establish our value. Our value is already priceless and infinite. There is no need to prove anything to anyone.
Perceptions are an imaging system that human beings utilize in such a way as to define experience. In order to change the experience, one has only to change the perception.
Affirmations only tell us what we already know. They keep us stuck in that place only. We know who we are. We know what we want. Why not just go there and stop repeating ourselves?
Life can be a nugget of satisfaction once in a while or it can be a feast. This has nothing with our appetites and everything to do with our willingness to enjoy it
No one can give us freedom. If freedom seems to come from outside of us, what appears to be freedom may be the door to a cage that locks behind us.
When something is out of truth, our bodies tell us before anything else does. We tense, hold our breath, feel it in our solar plexus. Maybe we should listen
An uphill climb is only hard when you keep looking up to see how far you have to go... Watch your feet. They will carry you with grace and ease.
Carrying needless history within us only serves to keep us earthbound. If we wish to soar throughout the heavens, we must rid ourselves of all ballast.
Embarrassment is nothing more than having a lack of humor about ourselves. When we have the ability to laugh first, the game is over and no damage done
Randomness is creation’s way of putting together information toward an outcome. It is our intentions as well as our belief in them that creates reality out of seemingly chaos.
Our divinity isn't some separate part of us, it is the driving force of our lives and the very breath of creation that animates every cell of our earthly being.
Intelligence only serves to define. Beyond intelligence is the realization that definition is impossible as truth has infinite facets and cannot be contained by definition.
Illness is not some separate enemy to conquer, but rather part of a physical experience. That being said, we cannot lot go of what we have not yet owned...
Intensity. A stirring of irritation to avoid complacency. As part of our evolution Creation whacks us now and then to remind make sure we are Awake
All great things come from those who dream and then act upon it. Disappointment and failure come from those who dream and then do little or nothing
Opinion is not truth it is the beginning of degradation of one’s sense of perfection and therefore the soaring of one’s spirit in human form. .
To be wise isn't something we learn, it is what we become when we realize when we can depersonalize our perceptions and embrace the broader scope of things
We can wonder infinitely how something would have been if only, or we can live largely and go for it when opportunities come up! Why spend the energy wondering when we can LIVE?
Innocence isn't childishness or ignorance or naivety. Innocence is authenticity and curiosity being undefended from the purest of joys and leading from the heart.
Reality is not created by the process; rather, by the original imagining that is must be true and complete faith and belief that the reality has already happened.
Mistakes don't happen: Guilt does. When we realize that, our mistakes are only opportunities to do something different, the guilt has nowhere to go but gone
Building confidence only proves that we are still trying to fit in. The only reason we think we don't have it is because we listened to everyone else in the first place.
That deep unconditional love we seek from others lies in the divinity that is us. It isn't something to find, to take or to have but rather to be.
If yesterday we regretted and tomorrow we worry about, today is our opportunity to heal the past and to set up a perfect future... and it all happens in this now.
Satisfaction is a platform for expansion. If we are constantly looking for something better we are never satisfied and therefore remain in need.
Too much stress means that we are doing too much of what everyone else wants and not enough of what we want or that we are not being true to our knowing
When we minimize our experiences we are saying one of two things: either we aren't worth it or we don't know how to deal with it. Live largely!
If there must be grief, let it be for those who have not yet discovered the mysteries of flight, not for that which we, in our own journeys, misconstrued as truth.
Our destiny isn't written in concrete, it is chosen by us one moment at a time. It is we who do not choose who remain mired in inflexibility and malcontent
We are created of all things and all things are created of us; therefore, there can be no thing and no one lesser or greater that us. We are an integral part of the living One.
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.