Money is Value. When we value ourselves the money will come.
Others will treat you only as you treat yourself
Free. Will. No one is giving it away, we already have it.
We are obscured by our ego's sense of greatness.
The problem with expectations is that no one but us knows what they are
Self judgment is our way of delaying recognition of our best attributes
You may not give away that which you have not yet owned.
It isn't how far you come, but where you are now. 
On the other side of darkness there is always light.
Our circumstances do not dictate our experiences ~ We dictate our circumstances
A prayer is only as powerful as the passion behind it
Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company
The value of what we hold onto is questionable
Ignorance is resistance to expansion of self
Elimination of what doesn't fit leaves room in the heart for what does
An edited life isn't much fun. Live largely.
The question isn't if we live a long life but if we choose to live it at all
What if we stopped saying what if and started realizing what is?
Adversity is all about only having the outcome your way.
Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
To be fortunate is to be willing to do so
Self deception is destructive to your experience.
Nothing within you ever changes without your participation.
Resistance is our way of saying I don't know how
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
What is left unspoken is forever unanswered.
A gift is only as great as the receiver's delight
Your passion is what you love, not a goal to achieve
To walk in a state of love is to touch everything with grace.
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
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