Chaos, if responded to willingly and without resistance, leads to peace
in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things...."
What if the impossible were just a bunch of possibilities entangled?
Human nature can be puzzling. It is not how one fits but how one perceives that they fit.
Beyond understanding and its limitations is fullness of knowing.
We usually recognize eloquence when the words spoken carry truth
On the other side of darkness there is always light.
Our passion is not something we must find, it is everything that we love
There are no mistakes only choices made. To change course, choose again!
The truth remains until it is defiled by logic then it becomes perceived, or imagined
Achievements are not the purpose of life they are the result of living it
We are only in the flow if we are receiving as much as we are giving
Elimination of what doesn't fit leaves room in the heart for what does
Speak what you really mean and there won't be any question about what you meant
Create not from within the process, but with pure faith in the reality of the outcome
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
Power is a perception that is (unfortunately) more often applied to others than to self
Being satisfied means letting go of perceptions of lack
It is the child within us who needs. The key is to find those needs and satisfy them.
Beyond the money, what is the true cost of what you are after? Is it really worth it?
To balance the body mind and spirit, believe, know and let it be
How can we believe we are limited creatures when we are infused with the infinite?
There are many kinds of flight but first we must be free for lift off
When we observe beauty and it touches us, we have found the same in ourselves
Our dreams remain dreams until we choose to live them
Any expectations limit what could have been infinite possibilities for the outcome
What is wild may not be really, instead just free of self imposed encumbrances
The power of suggestion is only that when falling on open ears
We have only reached balance when our insides and our outsides feel the same
How much depth we experience in life depends entirely upon how deep we are willing to go
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.