Indecision is the same as no decision at all
Faith is the fuel for perfect completion of any intention
Passion has many faces but compassion only one
The result of chaos is magnificence
Stillness is movement at rest
To need is to deny that you could have already received
Frustration can lead to new and different ways of doing things
Your body does exactly as it is told
Listen deeply beyond the words and into the truth
To belittle is to be little, the child seeking false power
You can prove your point by not needing to
To trust means not to be afraid
Nothing is possible until we are aware that it is
Reality isn't happening to us-we are happening to reality
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
Yes is a magic word (and so is No)
When we have our minds on what was, we miss what is
We are filled by our own grace, never that of another
Ignorance is resistance to expansion of self
We cannot be filled unless we are full
Being reasonable can be the most unreasonable thing to do
Nothing within you ever changes without your participation.
Whatever is not perfect is not truth
Benevolence is not for self gain
The sweetness of life has many flavors. Try them all
As one knows ones self one will know all others.
Money is Value. When we value ourselves the money will come.
Our perceptions are only as great is our willingness to imagine
Being thankful is great but having gratitude is whole
Feeling intense means we have left our comfort zone... finally!
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