Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
It isn't how far you come, but where you are now. 
Secrets are nothing more than control issues in action
Honesty to self translates to truth in all directions
Wisdom comes from relaxing into an experience and seeing what it has to offer
Sometimes just "winging it" works far better than all the best laid plans
The only way a door will open is if we walk toward it and turn the handle
Coincidence is merely a truth knocking at your consciousness.
Wisdom isn't based on how much you comes from what you do with it.
Lacking trust is our way of keeping things we don't know how to handle at bay
Resistance is our way of saying I don't know how
The amount of abundance we have is directly relative to how much we value ourselves
The Incidence of retrieval of poorly spoken words are slim and none
Our passion is not something we must find, it is everything that we love
The question isn't if we live a long life but if we choose to live it at all
True Mastery does not need to be advertised. It just is.
The true transition is life on earth. The rest is forever.
L. I. F. E. Living intentionally for Excellence
A little chaos now and then serves to shake us out of our comfortable discomfort
Sometimes the wisdom is found not in words, not in actions, but in the silence
The value of what we hold onto is questionable
Sometimes what didn’t happen is a greater success than what did
As one knows ones self one will know all others.
Saying maybe avoids commitment to self far more than to others. Be direct.
There are no mistakes only choices made. To change course, choose again!
Self sabotage is our way of saying we aren’t worth it
One oops is worth a thousand laughs or a lifetime of regret - our choice
Our perceptions are only as great is our willingness to imagine
Questions cannot be answered until we live them
When we have our minds on what was, we miss what is
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