Truth isn’t mere words that are thought or spoken. Truth is the harmonic existence of all that ever was, is and the possibilities of what can be.
Intensity. A stirring of irritation to avoid complacency. As part of our evolution Creation whacks us now and then to remind make sure we are Awake
The future unknown is nothing more than the result of a series of opportunities linked together by the choices we make in every moment!
An ending may seem a forever loss but the truth is that it is only a completion so that there is room for something new and different
No amount of mentality or cyclic thinking leads to truth. Resolution is only an illusion for satisfaction of the ego and truth cannot be limited by definition
To be open does not mean to be raw and exposed, it means to be an authentic vessel willing to receive whatever gifts life has to offer
Unconditional love isn't co-dependant upon anything or anyone. It is a power generated by the spirit and is a way of being, not a singular act.
Achievement means we must accomplish something to establish our value. Our value is already priceless and infinite. There is no need to prove anything to anyone.
Lessons are not punishment for anything we have done wrong. They are opportunities we give ourselves to expand our awareness and make different choices next time.
To truly give a gift is to have no need of experiencing the recipient’s satisfaction. The true satisfaction is in having done the deed.
To speak our truth is to cease living silently. When we practice the art of living out loud the power within us rises beautifully for all to embrace.
Rise out of your internal distractions and don't just look, see into the hearts of those around you. They are reflections of you
All great things come from those who dream and then act upon it. Disappointment and failure come from those who dream and then do little or nothing
If there must be grief, let it be for those who have not yet discovered the mysteries of flight, not for that which we, in our own journeys, misconstrued as truth.
If we imagine it and believe it to be so, the reality already exists and there will be a moment in time when we and our reality intersect
When something is out of truth, our bodies tell us before anything else does. We tense, hold our breath, feel it in our solar plexus. Maybe we should listen
What we fear we say we don't like. What we don't like we avoid. So we are always afraid of what we fear. Try something new today.
Being invisible does not protect us, it keeps us limited in the experiences that would have come our way if anyone had noticed us
When we minimize our experiences we are saying one of two things: either we aren't worth it or we don't know how to deal with it. Live largely!
Satisfaction is a platform for expansion. If we are constantly looking for something better we are never satisfied and therefore remain in need.
Envy is a poison that devours our ability to realize that we could have had what others have if only we had put our energy into attaining it.
Immensity is nothing more than connected simplicities. Don't let the whole picture overwhelm you. Look for the simplicities in everything!
Our greatest resource is that we have an unlimited imagination. Look beyond what you know is possible and believe in the impossible!
Be sure that when you think you can't it is actually your own voice telling you so and not some old tape playing. If it is you why can't you? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
Our divinity isn't some separate part of us, it is the driving force of our lives and the very breath of creation that animates every cell of our earthly being.
Sometimes a thought does not need to be expressed but instead let go into the ethers, as its pure form is greater than a thousand words
Greatness is not determined by the world, but by a courageous choice made in a singular moment that changes the outcome forever
Illness is not some separate enemy to conquer, but rather part of a physical experience. That being said, we cannot lot go of what we have not yet owned...
Conflicts cannot be resolved until the real root of the disagreement is recognized and both parties are willing to acknowledge it.
Success has everything to do with outcomes and little to do with the process. It takes a vision, action and complete faith that the vision is already a reality.
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.