We only perceive about 10% of what is happening around us. Look more closely.
Penance is what we do to make everyone else feel better about what we have done.
Twisted emotions are nothing more than resistance tied up in knots
What if we stopped saying what if and started realizing what is?
Any expectations limit what could have been infinite possibilities for the outcome
It is not the power that is unsafe, but the perception of not having it…
There are many ways to bleed. It is those injuries we can't see that often fester unattended.
Wisdom comes from relaxing into an experience and seeing what it has to offer
What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place
Frustration is our resistance to consider an alternative path
Each moment is perfect and does not require comprehension, simply participation.
Nothing is a simple matter of fact. There are always unseen, unknown aspects to every situation.
We usually recognize eloquence when the words spoken carry truth
What we love in others are the things we find inaccessible in ourselves. But they are there.
The Incidence of retrieval of poorly spoken words are slim and none
Beyond understanding and its limitations is fullness of knowing.
What we believe is our story, what we have learned. What we know is truth. Listen deeply
That which you desire has always been yours unless by your doubts you deny it
Feeling intense means we have left our comfort zone... finally!
Mindlessness is the key to everything that is not of this world
Excellence is subjective. All we need to do is the best we can do to achieve ours.
Having experience doesn't make us wise or smart it is what we do with the experience that does
There is nothing new in this world, only variations of truth.
The true question is not whether you are here or there but where you are in the current moment.
Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
Speak what you really mean and there won't be any question about what you meant
In the Light there are no shadows to hide behind only brilliant truth
How can we believe we are limited creatures when we are infused with the infinite?
Your greatest depths of pain hold the key to your highest pinnacles of compassion
We don't have to do everything alone. It is ok to ask for help and to accept it too
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