Every circumstance is lined with motivations... ours and those of others. The important thing to focus on is ours. What others intend really has nothing to do with us unless we follow their intentions instead of ours and that rarely works.
What we experience as tense on the outside is directly relative to how balanced we are on the inside. Usually we feel that way because we forgot to slow down and feel ourselves, regenerate, relax, find our peace in spite of everyone and everything else.
Sometimes what we think we need is based on our fear of not having or not comparing to others. The truth is that what we genuinely need is minimal and most of that comes from our internal resources and isn't something to have but instead to be
The collective face of humanity is the many faceted face of God. How do we look? What do we see? And are we revealing and demonstrating the perfection within us or are we waiting for someone else to get it right? Let's shine together.
Constant movement is avoidance of self. Be still and listen. The truth is not "out there", it is within you. It isn't the truth that is painful. The pain comes from the illusions we build around misperceptions.
You cannot let go of that which you have not owned. First, you must recognize that what is undesirable is a perception within you. Then, and only then, you can send it with gratitude back into creation as a challenge well received.
Energy, when directed without emotion, is like a shotgun approach to creation. But, when we combine our emotion with passion and an intention, the energy refines to a direct connection within creation to effectively bring us everything we meant to have
Rather than making rash judgements with the 10% perception that we generally use, why not consider the other 90% unknown possibilities in the world around us that we don't see? In spite of our limitations, they are there
Regeneration. When we don't take time to regenerate, we burn out. We must live in the flow, receiving as much as we give. The truth of who we are and our connection with our Source is there in the mid point between what we share and what we accept as ours.
Our inner child learned to fear and continues to tell us to be afraid. The problem is that the child never realized that the monsters under the bed aren’t real and neither are the ones in the closet except in his imaginings…
While it is validating, evidence of our achievements isn't necessary for us to know we have succeeded. There is no score to keep, everything to realize, no judges hovering over us but ourselves and our very best in every given moment. How can we lose?
With your emergence from the dark safety of self comes the beauty of transformation from within. Realize that fragility is only a state of mind… wings spread and filled with radiance , take flight with the wholeness of your of your being.
Sentience - The ability to respond with feeling. We sense with our entire being, with our energy fields and our bodies as a whole. When we are present in the now, we become aware of the more subtle things we are picking up and can respond rather than react.
Sometimes in chaos while things are moving way too fast, if we don't get emotional or caught up in the craziness, we can begin to see clearly, almost in slow motion, almost in suspended time, the doorways to something different.
What we believe we have learned. What we know is truth. What we know is our unlimited consciousness bringing back to our limited world all that is immeasurable, infinite and pure. What our minds do with that is a travesty. Trust what you know.
What is manifest is an expression of creation displaying the reality we have imagined. We are that. It is us. We are the consciousness within the living One, directing its creative efforts toward the manifestation of our consciousness as reality...
Every expression of energy that we make, whether a thought, a word, motion, emotion, anything at all, travels throughout creation infinitely carrying the message of the moment of expression forever. We must be intentional in every moment!
Thinking only serves to limit the complete truth to what is logically factored down from an incomprehensible set of information. Further, thinking is part of our self defensive survival mechanism. If we can understand it then we can control it...not!
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.