There is only ever this now.
No challenge can be a success without effort
Manifestation is clarity of intent personified
Whatever is not perfect is not truth
Gratitude keeps open the flow of abundance
Interior development means exterior gain
What is wise we do not learn, we become
We can only give away what we have owned
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
Meanness is a method for controlling
More often than not wisdom is found in silence
You can prove your point by not needing to
Guilt is never having said you are sorry
Sometimes we just have to go for it
That which you seek also seeks you
Draw upon the infinite to define life
We only experience magic when we believe in it
Living is an art form ~ Express yourself!
What we cannot help may not be ours to fix
Fear is the cause of failure
Indecision is the same as no decision at all
Our Spirit is Mighty. Our Enemy is our Fear.
Resonance does not come from resistance
An edited life isn't much fun. Live largely.
To trust means not to be afraid
Genuine = Truth to self first
To be fortunate is to be willing to do so
One criticism can undo a thousand kudos
Your body does exactly as it is told
Yes is a magic word (and so is No)
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