There are no mistakes, only opportunities to do something different next time
Indecision is the best action to assure nothing will happen
Asking indicates that you do not believe in what you intend.
To live well and full is to expose one’s vulnerabilities so that they can become strong.
What if we realized that we are already what we were trying to be?
Discernment allows for clarification of fact over illusion
Our sensitivity is directly relative to how much we are willing to feel
What if the impossible were just a bunch of possibilities entangled?
Gratitude creates an energy exchange that changes our experience from taking to receiving
Where is our passion but in our heart of hearts, ready to explode into love in action?
The true question is not whether you are here or there but where you are in the current moment.
The difference between fantasy and reality is whether or not you act
Sometimes what didn’t happen is a greater success than what did
We don't have to do everything alone. It is ok to ask for help and to accept it too
What we defend about ourselves was never real in the first place
Nothing can be created that doesn't already exist on some level of imagination
When we observe beauty and it touches us, we have found the same in ourselves
Sometimes the wisdom is found not in words, not in actions, but in the silence
Often what feels ominous to us is simply something we can't comprehend
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
Twisted emotions are nothing more than resistance tied up in knots
Equilibrium is a big word for having found inner balance and maintained it.
Gratitude is the grease that keeps the wheel of good fortune turning
To unravel the mysteries you must simply accept that they exist
Be who you are, not what you believe others think you should be
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
When we are not diligent now, we are forced to clean up larger messes later
Human nature can be puzzling. It is not how one fits but how one perceives that they fit.
No thing has meaning until we notice it. Then, the meaning is determined by our noticing
Consider that while you are contemplating what to do the opportunity may have already passed
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