Being thankful is great but having gratitude is whole
Honesty to self translates to truth in all directions
Innocence does not allow for cynicism
Mindlessness leads to consciousness
A fire in the heart releases the dam of drowning perspectives
We cannot be filled unless we are full
That which you seek also seeks you
There are no impossibilities and our options are limitless.
The sacrifices we make are usually about someone else
We cannot reason with the irrational
Discernment allows for clarification of fact over illusion
Frustration can lead to new and different ways of doing things
There is nothing new in this world, only variations of truth.
Everywhere is a wilderness. The question is where are you in it?
Indecision is the best action to assure nothing will happen
Life only happens when we move our feet
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
Sometimes what didn’t happen is a greater success than what did
It is much easier to act from Faith than Fear.
All is not lost as long as we are looking for it
The only limits one has are those which are self imposed.
What was, isn't. What might be may be. What is, is reality.
As one knows ones self one will know all others.
Resonance does not come from resistance
Chaos, if responded to willingly and without resistance, leads to peace
To need is to deny that you could have already received
The Incidence of retrieval of poorly spoken words are slim and none
Learning to Receive requires nothing more than acknowledging your value.
Gratitude is the fuel for the vehicle of our creative process
The harmonies of life create a symphony of experience.
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