Living Light Initiation

Ascension Body

Dr. Meg has been receiving, drawing and speaking in the eternal Language of Light for many years. She released the Living Light Cards in the Recent past, Recently been given an entirely new set of Living Light Symbols that, when utilized, create a living hologram of symbols in your etheric field. The symbols, once laid out, position themselves in a holographic format. Once the symbols have completed their aligning and balancing, your etheric field receives an initiation that initializes the ascension process of your soul and encodes your field with teachings and instructions of extreme high frequency data which becomes part of your etheric field. Once initialized, your field then becomes more receptive to universal information, reorganizes its communication patterns, and recognizes the way home to your origin using an ascension process that had been forgotten by human beings eons ago. The Living Light Symbols are just that: Living Light which carries the teachings and initiations from the heart of the infinite. The Living Light Symbols also include layers that attune every organ and system in the physical body.

The Living Light Symbols are referred to in the Nag Hammadi Gospels, in the Gospel of Truth. These Gospels are over 2000 years old. Here is a description based upon THE GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY, The Nag Hammadi Library, The Gospel of Truth, and Translated by Robert M. Grant:

“…Those whose name he knew first were called last, so that the one who has knowledge is he whose name the Father has pronounced. For he whose name has not been spoken is ignorant. Indeed, how shall one hear if his name has not been uttered? For he who remains ignorant until the end is a creature of forgetfulness and will perish with it. If this is not so, why have these wretches no name, why do they have no sound? Hence, if one has knowledge, he is from above. If he is called, he hears, he replies, and he turns toward him who called him and he ascends to him and he knows what he is called. Since he has knowledge, he does the will of him who called him. He desires to please him and he finds rest. He receives a certain name. He who thus is going to have knowledge knows whence he came and whither he is going. He knows it as a person who, having become intoxicated, has turned from his drunkenness and having come to himself, has restored what is his own.

He has turned many from error. He went before them to their own places, from which they departed when they erred because of the depth of him who surrounds every place, whereas there is nothing which surrounds him .It was a great wonder that they were in the Father without knowing him and that they were able to leave on their own, since they were not able to contain him and know him in whom they were, for indeed his will had not come forth from him.

For he revealed it as a knowledge with which all its emanations agree, namely, the knowledge of the living book which he revealed to the Aeons at last as his letters, displaying to them that these are not merely vowels nor consonants, so that one may read them and think of something void of meaning; on the contrary, they are letters which convey the truth. They are pronounced only when they are known. Each letter is a perfect truth like a perfect book, for they are letters written by the hand of the unity, since the Father wrote them for the Aeons, so that they by means of his letters might come to know the Father.

While his wisdom mediates on the logos, and since his teaching expresses it, his knowledge has been revealed. His honor is a crown upon it. Since his joy agrees with it, his glory exalted it. It has revealed his image. It has obtained his rest. His love took bodily form around it. His trust embraced it. Thus the logos of the Father goes forth into the All, being the fruit of his heart and expression of his will. It supports the All. It chooses and also takes the form of the All, purifying it, and causing it to return to the Father and to the Mother, Jesus of the utmost sweetness. The Father opens his bosom, but his bosom is the Holy Spirit…"

Having the Living Light Symbols Initiation records your name, your universal frequencies into the book of the Father. The book of Light. And within that, the Book of Names. It is only those whose names are listed who will hear the Call of the Father in every respect, and particularly, to return home when it is time. Many souls have become lost along the way, and this powerful initiation will encode you in the Living Language of the Father, the Language of Light.

Living Light Encoding sessions are one hour, and are done as an initiative process, so no written transcript will be provided with this session.

A Living Light Initiation is a sacred rite. Availability depends upon Dr. Meg’s schedule. Usually the wait is around 3-4 months and that varies. Dr. Meg will be thrilled to work with you! In the meantime if you don’t want to wait that long or have a more urgent need, feel free to contact one of our our fully certified practitioners in Touching the Light - click here.

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