Online Messages

Online Messages December 18, 2018

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages

December 18, 2018

This is a VERY LONG CATCH UP! Enjoy!


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Greetings to each of you! This is by far the longest message I have ever sent. Please be sure to see the Message from the Masters after my very long personal message.


So long it has been since I have written you. I have missed our contact, your emails, your light although I feel you all of the time. It is part of who I am. I can’t not feel you… and everything else LOL. So why have I not been around?


Last year, a week after I wrote the last Online Messages, my identity was stolen. Somehow through an online purchase using my debit card, my bank accounts were accessed, my social security number obtained, loans applied for in my name, every cent I had in the world was ripped away into some thief’s hands, accounts opened, a pandora’s box of trouble to say the least. I am still trying to unravel the fraudulent charges. You wouldn’t believe how far they can go once they get what they need to rip you off. 


I know this sounds like those help me emails the go around but it is the truth and I am not asking for anything I just wanted you to know why I haven’t been in your email boxes. I care deeply and well, things have been as they are. Because of everything being stolen, and I mean all of my accounts plus all of the fraudulent charges being racked up, I was unable to maintain the services that I use to talk with you. My list is huge and the freebie sites aren’t made for the numbers of you. I am so so sorry. I wanted to send you newsletters but honestly I just couldn’t. I still can’t but slowly I am recovering from the losses. It is taking a while. It is an unbelievable thing that you hear of but it never occurs to you that it will happen you. All I can say is don’t fall for the greatest gadgets for Christmas on your favorite web sites! I really appreciate those of you who wrote wondering where I was. I believe that I answered everyone and it meant the world to me you did. It has been a frustrating time but I know that anything can be manifested if only you have Faith. 


I am back home on the ranch and it has done me a world of good, healing my heart and soul. David and I have worked very hard to heal our relationship and that is going great. Being back in nature, well, it is a beautiful thing. And the quiet, OMG I am so happy to be home. 


I have spent this last year much in silence, with a burning desire for self growth, finding my inner balance and really looking at the string of events I have had over the past couple of years. I am achieving that far beyond my wildest dreams. What I am learning is remarkable, I have been sharing things as they come with my students but aren’t we all students of each other? There are things I want to tell you.


I thought well, if for just this now, I am going to only be able to write you one newsletter, I am giving you the best I have to give, what will that be? I want to talk about so many things! I decided that I want to tell you my deeper story because I want you to know what is possible for you. I am not different than anyone else, simply I found my way a long time ago by hitting bottom and rising up into the Light, learning how to rise like the Phoenix from ashes and into the primordial fire of Creation then beyond that to ascending into the Light, body mind and spirit and bringing the light back to our world to walk it upon this earth. It is contagious you know? Just being around others when you have found this place within you ignites their DNA and their underlying consciousness, calling to it to wake up. And they are attracted to you but have no idea why. It is because you are mirroring their perfection back to them and it is a beautiful thing.


It is my desire that by sharing with you deeper facets of myself and the journey I have been on for the past 20 years and in fact all of my life, that you can see parts of yourself in the experiences I have had. Perhaps the experiences you recognize or feel familiar will bring to you a sense of peace since if you are experiencing any of the or similar in your now journeys I want you to know the it is ok, you are not crazy and there is an infinite amount of information and wisdom beyond our world that can heal your perceptions of your self being less than perfect, take away any fear you might have of your own experiences and help you realize that letting go and allowing yourself to be the real you will bring incredible experiences into your life, your world. 



The number one most asked question that I am asked is “What is my purpose?” The truth is that there is no singular purpose in any of our lives. Instead, as we live and breathe, we exchange energy with everyone and everything, forever changing in response to what we have received and they, too, changed from what they have received from us. We may never ever know how we have touched others or they us, but we have. As we make those exchanges, Creation adjusts our field to compensate for them. As it does, we are never ever the same person from one moment to the next. At the same time, we are affected by the Earth, inter and multi dimensional events (which I have done my best to keep you apprised of all these years!) And earth events such as earthquakes which emit huge amounts of electromagnetic energy and that can rattle our systems, volcanic eruptions, weather events, planetary alignments and perturbation which cause momentary changes in everything. We are in a state of constant evolution.


The second most asked question I am asked is “How do I find my passion? Funny how passion has become an achievement rather than a state of being. Only by perception of course. The truth is that passion is love in action. When we let ourselves remember what opens our hearts and we do that, our heart alights, expands and we feel that opening physically, emotionally, spiritually and infinitely. Love is the bow that shoots the arrow of our intentions so that Creation receives our love driven messages simply and clearly. Passion is never something to achieve. It truly is a state of being. Simply do what you love. Sometimes we forget what that is because we have become too stiff in ourselves. The sense of responsibility we have as adults created tension and density in our fields and we forget our playful innocence and the soon, those little things that made us laugh, our playfulness, in short, our innocence. It is still there and dollars to donuts it is our inner child’s pain that keeps us from finding that part of ourselves again. So look deeply in you and find what your inner child craves and give them what they need. No one else will. Let go of the sense of desperation for someone who doesn’t have a good set of life tools to give you what you need. They can’t. They don’t know how. It’s ok. No one gave it to them either. Likely they are clueless to the fact that you needed at all. Embrace your inner child and play. Really play. Doing so releases the tension within you and soon you will find a freedom you didn’t know you could have.


I want you to know how you can easily learn to fly and once there, to soar as the greatest existence  you can possibly be as a human being. The only things that make me different are that I have no need to know. I stay humble, and my heart sings such beauty because I let it. I learned who I am and you can too. Once you do, there is no longer nothing to defend. And that being said, we are free from all of the restraints we had put on ourselves. 


Simply stated,  I listen to what is happening in and around me. I feel it. I open to what comes and I am thoughtful and attentive to what I put out. What Creation brings and what this world and all of its beautiful people add to my life experience is magnificent.I decided to tell you my deeper story because I feel that, as always, my stories teach. Some of what you are about to read has been in my books which are in over 50 languages now. As I learned what I now realize, I developed a passion to tell you about it. The hard part was finding language to communicate what had previously been unknown and therefore had no vocabulary. Some of it I have kept private until now but the world is different, we are all different, so many have awakened and have begun to do so, I feel that now is the time to really uncover what is possible. All I ask is the you don’t compare you to me. All of us are the same. How we perceive is the only difference. Some of us accept ourselves willingly while others seek to heal what they believe is wrong with them The truth is that most anything can be healed by a simple change of perception. Do you know that when you intuit something that the first thought or word you put to it makes it untrue? Creation gives the truth simply yet profoundly. When we put thoughts or words to our intuited information, or believe that we know more (or should) and our ego gets in the way of perfection, we change the meaning of what Creation provided. Doing so takes us down turns in our lives we didn’t realize we were navigating. And some of those aren’t fun. 


I want to show you what can happen when you let the magic of Creation in and refuse to accept anything less. Over the past couple of years I have lived significant life events.  


A string of very hard things that came one after another until I was just reeling. They have been things that have just happened, not that I did, not that I created, but the hurt, the frustration, shock (of losing my beloved son), losing my mom, being robbed of every monetary thing I had worked for, leaving home due to extreme discomfort deceit, manipulation by other family members, and returning, gaining new friends and losing others. It has been a rocky path but you know what? In all of the events in our lives are beautiful jewels that we can learn and grow from. Some events just are and it becomes about finding our inner balance. I have worked though these things as I always have. They just take a little time and willingness to see what is really there. It is greatly important that we do not become victims of our life experience but instead to remember that because we have free will, we have the ability to make choices that can change our direction or leave us stuck in the pain. Which will you choose? If you don’t like the outcome of your choices then simply choose again. It all sounds too simple right? NOT! Choices are our indelible right fueled by our intentions and the masterful choreography of Creation to bring us exactly what we choose!


One of the things in the metaphysical world that really bugs me is the idea that we create everything that happens to us. This is an old victimology created from religious guilt or the fact that from the moment we hit air, we are taught that we are less than perfect, that we must mold ourselves into something that others feel we have to fit. Ultimately we begin to believe that we must have done something to have awful things or illnesses or injuries to our bodies, minds and spirits. That is so far from true it is immeasurable. Sometimes through the choreography of creation stuff just happens. Energies change, others contribute, we grow or don’t and as far as our bodies, well the Masters have always said that we live in a biosphere that is subject to inhabitation and infestation. Meaning the we are part of our environment and can become host to bacteria, viruses, parasites and other things that affect our health. We didn’t do it is just is.


While it is true that we have the power to heal ourselves of whatever the issue, self healing isn’t done from a mental perspective. That is idealistic and frankly ineffective. It wakes a certain level of self mastery to heal whatever comes and no one can do that for us if we don’t do our part. I have seem people pass away from a tooth infection that got into the brain, cancer the was ignored and could have been helped, so many different things that is only we got out of our idealistic ways of thinking and dropped down into our hearts to love and honor ourselves would have could have helped us normalize. Or even a simple bottle of antibiotics in the case of the tooth infection Ould have kept the infection out of the brain. Our self healing is a comprehensive set of factors that can be applied when needed, or when we choose. Again this comes to valuing ourselves!


Our choices, when successful are achieved when done from a place of humility, fueled by our hearts (love) and our willingness to accept what we have requested. Never ask. Asking denotes the possibility of failure. To succeed, be commanding. How can we be humble and commanding at the same time? Easy. Our humility means that we are not working from ego. We are working from the recognition that no matter what is happening, we are whole ad perfect just as we are. The rest is just stuff. Embracing our perfection takes us to that humble place and from there to our most sacred inner being. That which is holy and is within each of us. From there we can ride the wave to anything we desire. It truly is that simple.


In my silence the awareness came to me that perhaps sharing with you how I became who I am today, how my entire being has grown in the light just might give you the cheering on that you need to climb whatever mountain you are facing, or that you fear. Maybe not everyone needs it but I am sharing some great tools with you today. Tuck them into your pocket for when the need arises.


I have received emails from many many people who are struggling of late. Life stuff, a lot of health stuff, chaos in their lives, challenges that make no sense but come out of nowhere it seems, suddenly moving to another place or in some cases losing their homes to fire and earth changes. . I have talked with many of my peers who are also challenged. It seems as if those who have chosen to lead the pack as lightworkers doing wondrous things in our world are facing some of the greatest struggles. Everyone is asking what is happening, why are we all going through these things? Maybe we have done our jobs? There is a general sense of overwhelm. Listen everyone here is the deal. Sometimes these experiences seem negative but the truth is they cause us to take pause and really look at what is happening. What are we trying to tell ourselves? What is Creation bringing to us? Why, if we have don’t only good in our world are we forced to suffer these challenges? It is really simple as all things are. As we add our light to the One, into the common consciousness and also into our everyday world, because we have grown in it, we create an overshadowing of the Darkness with our Light. That is because our light is the very same light that we are created from. Our light fields are now scientifically measurable! And as our lights grow and add to the common consciousness more and more people awaken, creating an even greater light field. As we do the darkness challenges that growth as it attempts to take over what we have created. But ultimately it cannnot. The darkness is not intelligent. It is only programmed for survival therefore it cannot maintain its effects long term. It is impossible.


A great story of how this works happened on day in the 3rd or 4th year of my Touching the Light Certification Program. I had students who had committed to become instructors, and the rest of the class was practicing new, more advanced aspects of healing for the first time. My instructor students were leaning against the wall laughing, and I felt they were not respecting the class. I went over and asked them what was going on. They kept laughing and told me to look at what the class was doing. Then I got it. Because of the classes before this one, and what those students put into the common consciousness, every class thereafter too to the work like ducks to water! And every year thereafter to the point that I had to revamp the entire program to accommodate this huge growth. A truly positive example of how what we contribute coming back to help not only us but others as well. 


The Darkness has no comprehension of anything past nothingness. It is parasitic. It feeds on pain and angst, chaos and fear. It was our true beginning until by virtue of the fact that the Darkness was a living thing with no awareness, it just was, and by being so, in its movements, its rhythm, the Darkness began to emit light as a result of its inner friction. The light grew, remembering everything from its inception, ultimately arranging into the most beautiful construct imaginable. I can see it. It’s magnificence is humbling to behold. At that point our souls were born and individual and collective consciousness manifested as reality. In doing so reality took on many faces, each comprised of an array of particles that send and receive information to and from Creation every moment of existence. In essence. Each of us is a manifested form that is an interwoven aspect of the greater One. Meaning, everything that we are, the we do, every energy that we express, tells Creation how we are doing, what we need, want, desire, and we can also apply those messages on behalf of others as well as ourselves. That is where prayer comes from. Because of the way Creation formed ad we within it, it is possible for us to ever be separate from it except by our own perceptions. But those perceptions of separateness are not real. They are comprised of fear.


Some of you have asked me why so many are suffering when they/we do so much good in the world. I’ve lived and walked the earth as a light being with and as the Light from which I became. Over time I realized that I am contagious as that light. How? The answer is simple. When one reaches a certain level of consciousness and their consciousness and DNA become unified into the Ascension point within us, we outweigh the darkness and the darkness seeks to regain its power, its strength and the bottom line? Its balance. Stuff happens. When I first started putting out the Online messages nearly 20 years ago my computers kept dying. In fact all of my office equipment kept breaking beyond repair. I was so frustrated, after all I was just starting out and that can be expensive. Then one day it hit me. I am shining so brightly I have become a target for the darkness. It is seeking its balance at my expense. So when my third computer went out one morning, with my new realization I yelled “NOOOOOO” I do NOT accept this! Get out of my life. And funny thing? It happened. 


The Light is powerful. It is the essence of all things and ultimately it will overcome what darkness attempts and shine because light is a living thing. It carries the memories of all time and just by encountering it within us we are healed of our misperceptions and our values as well as our perceived needs, change. 


The online messages began as a result of meeting my David and him being transferred through his work quite often and really early on. I have had meetings at my home for many years during which I channeled the Masters for the group at precisely 7 pm on Wednesday evenings. I lived my life around bringing the Masters through (that, by the way happened spontaneously, once I had a great handle on multidimensionality I learned to step aside from my body and let the Masters speak to others, teaching what they taught me or other things). The group asked them questions and you never knew hat the Masters would come out with. They can be a hoot at times.) Well David invited me to meet him in WA state our first move of many in the beginning and he was under a short term contract so we couldn’t get an apartment or house due to leasing requirements so we literally lived in a hotel for a year. 


The first Wednesday I was there, David was at work and it being 3 hours earlier here in WA from NC where I came from, at 4 pm sharp the Masters started talking in my head. They always did that prior to talking with the group. I started laughing. And I said aloud “Hey Guys it’s just us we are in a hotel room and no one else is here”. And they kept talking. So again I said “Hey Guys its just us”. And they kept talking. Now I was literally aggravated. They can be very pushy at times when they have something important to say. It is always up to me whether or not I let them in, usually I do but this was ridiculous. Finally, Out of pure frustration I said to them as I swept my arm across the room, “WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AROUND? There is YOU and ME and WE HAVE NO AUDIENCE…!”. And quite matter of fact the Masters said “Yes we do, you have a computer!”. Well they are always right sometimes that can be maddening LOL. So began the Online messages. They first went out to 24 people and within two weeks my live was over 8,000. AOL shut me down they though I was spamming. Remember back then internet technology was so new it didn’t have many options. We were still working in DOS for crying out lout! So I sent the messages out of my personal email. I have to tell you I had to scramble to keep up. The Masters were now in a worldly platform and talked non stop. They were very excited about the possibility of reading unlimited umbers of people all at once! At first I put the messages out weekly but I couldn’t keep up with the emails that were coming in, so I went to the once a month format that I did for years and years. And I had to figure out how to keep up with the numbers of people who wanted to be on my list. I was in awe of how the Masters just kept right on going in spite of my perceived limits. There is a very good lesson in this. Sometimes we need to think outside of the box you know? And just because something is new or different doesn’t mean we can’t do it. There are always answers! 


20 years ago this year, my journey began with a dark night of the soul. If you don’t know what that is, it is also known as a Shamanic Death. It is a time when all that you knew to be true, your identity, your very foundation comes crumbling down and you are forced to look at yourself because you is all that is left. There is no one to trust but you. You can’t count on anyone because no one is there. Only you. During that time, which I know many of you have experienced, there were two choices: kicking and screaming and resisting the changes, or moving into them humbly as well as deeply looking at what is going on and learning from it.But all of that has to be from a place of real, deep truth, it was self deceit that got us there in the first place.


During the time when I really hit bottom, I remember waking on my best friend’s couch one morning in absolute tears. I didn’t know why I was crying. I didn’t remember any dreams, my body was spontaneously releasing all of the stress and grief from all of the events that had gotten me to that place. Betrayal, dishonesty, theft, judgement, pretty much all of the biggies had had a hand in where I sat that morning. My home, my love, my work, friends, more, everything I trusted and believed was gone, and with it all, many of the people I had given great value in my life. Looking back I can see how toxic those people were to me but I so needed to be loved and accepted that I accepted abuse and ignored a lot of signs that those relationships were extremely bad for me. 


At first I became very anxious. I was so off balance I could barely function but then an incredible thing happened. The morning when I awoke in tears, I said to myself “self, we are not getting off this couch until we understand what is happening”. I have always been very self aware, not that I always listened to what I really knew, but I have had the ability to really look at things and sort them out. Like everyone I didn’t always listen. As I looked at my part of everything, leaving out blame and accusations that made all of my troubles other people’s faults, I looked at it all from my part and only my part.What I realized were two things. One, I was living my life based upon what I believed others thought I should be. And two, I didn’t like me very much. I wasn’t in truth. In fact I had no idea who I was. I felt so lost but was determined to change that. I had more to say to me. “Self, we are going to learn to tell ourselves the truth no matter what. I realize that I have been lying to myself in order to feel better about things but the things that are happening are happening because I allowed them. Because I didn’t listen to the tension in my body trying to tell me that something was out of truth. I didn’t listen or pay attention to the betrayals happening right in my face because I wanted to be loved, needed. I wanted things to be whaat they couldn’t be. I didn’t hear the judgement happening behind my back. I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t because I DID NOT WANT TO. It hurt. But by denying myself the truth therefore I didn’t tell the truth either because I DIDN’T KNOW IT. I had lost my way. Ok self, from now on we tell ourself only the truth no matter how terrifying it is, how hard it is, how sad it is, it is the truth all the way…”.


So I went on a quest to learn how to tell myself the truth. And in doing so I quickly realized how I had gotten myself into such a series of messes, a domino of events that occurred within a two week period. My greedy business partners realized just how good my business plan was. In our first 8 months we were the number one real estate office in the county and completely in the black. They voted me out as president of the board and into a place of powerlessness in my own business. I was irking out of my car. One of my partners was taking the money I gave her to pay for our investments right straight to the casino and blowing it all. My love life crashed and burned, and I lost 3 million dollars worth of deals in one week.  The sale on my house that would have put me in a completely different financial position fell apart ~ There was more but suffice it to say that every avenue of my life had been affected.


The first few times I told myself the truth were terrifying. I caught myself holding my breath and I was so tense! What if someone didn’t like me for it? What if, what if….? Who cares? A promise is a promise. So I became an expert at catching the signs of untruths and righting them. Next, I carried those truths outside of me and into my surrounding world. Wow now THAT was terrifying. What if I tell a truth and lose a deal over it(not that I ever lied to my clients I was just telling them truths in a more straightforward way)? What if I say something and someone doesn’t love me or like me anymore. What if I lose friends over my truths? Well the truth is that telling my truths actually attracted people. They treated me better. Trusted me more. They didn’t know why but I did. I spoke from my heart and my heart only. I was no longer speaking from fear but from a comfortable place of inner freedom. I was no longer restricted by me. What a concept.


As a little time went on, sure, I lost a few people in my life but they didn’t belong there in the first place. They hurt me. They were toxic to me and I had let them be. See ya. No regrets. And that left room for others who fit the real me.


The freer I became, the calmer I was, the clearer I became in every way, and the more humble I became. Little did I know what that calm humble freedom was preparing me for.


All my life I have been a sensitive, intuitive, knowing things, seeing things, and much of the reason that I had shut down early on was that I didn’t know how to manage it (key here it doesn’t require managing!) and people laughed at me for being my true self. Or they told me it wasn’t true. Like the fact that Jesus has walked with me all my life. Sometimes he touches people during our healing sessions. God (no pun intended) that is so beautiful. That the Blessed Mother has appeared to me on many occasions, that beings of light had come and others too.I knew things. I knew what people were thinking. Not because I tried it was like this flash through my awareness but it frightened people. I would laugh and say something like you have to watch that about me. Usually that would diffuse their fear and they would laugh, sort of. 


I love to cook and one Thanksgiving I was walking into the grocery to buy what I needed for the big dinner. I wanted to make stuffing (I was pretty young at the time) and as I walked into the store, worried that I had no idea how to make it, a voice in my head said ok, buy the and this and this and then do these things and voila! So I did. It was the best stuffing I ever made. Everyone wanted the recipe and I had to tell them that I didn’t have one. I did tell them how I got the instructions though. Later I overheard them all laughing behind my back. Guests in my own home. Not ok. 


I didn’t know what it all meant or if it was ok but I knew how it all felt and that was the true me. I call it my holy place. That is where I went back to when the truth prevailed in me and I became free. I made room for things to come that I couldn’t have imagined.


As I learned the truths about me, I began to feel great about my intuitive gifts, my awarenesses, the fact that there is so much more to reality than what we are taught to believe. And like the lotus I began to open from the inside out. So in touch with everything. So alive, hungry for more. My body began to run energy to the point that it became painful it was backing up because I didn’t know where the “go” button was. One morning as I tried to meditate I was so distracted by the immensity of the energy that flowed through me I jumped up and began to move to the music I was playing. I let the energy flow into my hands and rather than trying to make it do things I followed it. It moved away from me, back to me, washed over my, created arcs from one hand to the other, and as the energy moved, I felt more and ore comfortable. Then one morning I could see the energy in living color! And I was learning from it. I continued to do this exercise every morning but it got to a point where I was so jacked up with energy, I got frustrated. Every morning I begged “SOMEBODY SHOW ME WHAT TO DO!” And one day, when I said that with every ounce of passion within my being, suddenly before me was the most beautiful being, shining, tall, very tall, in crimson robes. Well of course I jumped straight up and about 10 feet back I was so startled! And then aloud I said “I BLEW IT!” I had asked for help, begged in fact, Here it came and I let it startle me. So I quickly got back into my space as I call it still, and there he was, waiting for me. I didn’t realize until three years later that he had not gone anywhere, I had. When I got emotional and then for a second my brain lit up trying to understand what was going on, I had cut off my connection. I had been working in pure consciousness and suddenly jerked myself out of that place when I became startled. Lesson in that: When the brain fires or powerful emotions interfere we cannot connect. There is too much static in our etheric radio station!


My series of cosmic 2 x 4’s had begun. Creation was taking me for the ride of my life and I let it.


The magnificent Master began to move with the energy every so slightly, and as he did I mimicked him. He moved much in the way that I had, but slightly differently. I didn’t ask any questions. He felt like heaven on earth and I trusted that. As I followed his movements, he taught me about transmutation, changing the reality of energy to different shapes, colors and most importantly, sacred geometry. I didn’t know why at the time but I quickly found out! I had no idea what the greater picture was except that everything we did together felt amazing and something inside of me was awakening to it. So I kept on. Every morning we met and every morning I learned….what? I had no idea. Nothing made sense. It was like a fragment of this, a fragment of that, but that didn’t stop me. In all my humility I had the deepest Faith I have ever had.


I worked the exercises almost excessively but at the same time, I did them slowly and deliberately so that I could feel the  nuances of the changes I created or that the Master created. It had come to a point that when we worked together we were in other realties. He showed me how creation began in our beginning but he told me that there have been many before us. We sat in the midst of the moment that the light outweighed the darkness and the light was strewn outward in every direction. As it slowed, the fragments of light began to organize first as four sided pyramids, the first contained individual aspects of consciousness. He taught me all about the pyramids and their true purpose, how they can be used and how to experience myself by sitting in an upright pyramid of light. When I did I could actually hear my unique tone in all of creation, the sum of all of the frequencies of which I am made. I could sense myself as my original form of pure consciousness. Then, sitting in the inverted pyramid of light was the experience of all creation simultaneously. I thought I would explode from the chaos of so many simultaneous realities! Ultimately the pyramids arranged into 8 sided balls, or Octahedrons, which became aligned into a field by opposite polarities. The Master showed me that this organized array was the building blocks of all reality and that all reality no matter how tiny or how large begins with an individualized grouping of Octahedrons which the Master called particulates. The particulates became the unified field, each being an individuality of tiny reality in its own right, but when assembled into the field became greater reality, in fact all of it. Between them were hallways of nothingness. And it is within this nothingness that all energy flows. The energy of creation, communicating to the particulates and they respond by rearranging their alignments and that new arrangement creates new realities. Our consciousness, when projected and let go of, does the same thing (wow are WE that powerful to create reality anytime we want? YES! OMG!). Except when we repeat over and over what we want to create, every time we do we are something completely different because we, like creation, are always being rearranged to blend as integral parts of the One. And every repetition of our requests, commands really, gives creation a different set of instructions so Creation goes to work on creating that reality then we interrupt it by giving new instructions so nothing really ever competes. 


Dimensions are the same shape as the particulates and organized the same way. We are literally the pilots within our dimension and when we hit a critical point of common consciousness, our dimension will roll in place and within it new reality occurs. Again, we are THAT powerful!


Those same hallways are where our prayers and intentions flow as well as all else what is happening in all of creation is communicated along these pathways and informing the particulates which then arrange to maintain balance within creation or create new realities, attune certain aspects of creation, in fact anything is possible depending upon the communication and how it is given as intention or energy. Purely, with Faith, without details.


Funny thing about details, they limit us to a pass or fail situation just like expectations do. What if creation in all of its infinite wisdom had a greater outcome to give but we had put too many parameters for creation to do that for us? Wow another huge AHA moment. Expectations do the same thing only worse. Not only do they limit outcomes, they create tension in the field so that the full communication never gets through. So we begin to see signs that everything we put out there is coming to reality but then suddenly something happens and bam! It all falls apart. Why? The expectations are untruths, attempts at control and when we do that we limit ourselves to a pass or fail situation. What we put out there or less. Usually far less. And we are disappointed. We have sabotaged ourselves from experiencing the greatest outcome possible. 


And so my lessons continued. Once I mastered what this brilliant being taught me, one day a peasant boy came up to me and said “come with me”. As the Master and I worked each day, we worked in a non reality just he and I and nothing else. One morning suddenly my sweet beautiful Master was gone and a new reality appeared. This boy beckoning me, and I in my fervent desire to learn what I was being taught told the boy that I was working and too busy to go with him. “Come with me now” he said as he grabbed my hand. 


Reluctantly I went with him. We walked down an old foot path silently until we came to a grotto. It was huge with a stone overhang and inside were a group of a different type of Masters all dressed in white. Years later I realized that they were the White Brotherhood, an ancient group of Master Healers. One of the group stepped forward and in his hand was a magnificent sword. I spontaneously kneeled before him, humbled at what I felt. The deepest love imaginable.


As I knelt before him, the Master initiated me with his sword. I had no idea of what just happened except to say that I felt different, as if I had suddenly risen in frequencies and the capacity of love that I could feel was immense. I knew this was an initiation, To what I wouldn’t know until later.


After the grotto, immediately my surroundings changed again and a new Master appeared. I was standing in front of a university of some kind, millennia old. The gates were closed and I could see people walking inside. But I wasn’t allowed in. That was made perfectly clear. And somehow, that didn’t bother me.


The new Master sat at a wooden table that was inlaid with precious and semi precious minerals. His extended belly sat upon the edge of the table with hs hands resting upon it. His stringy beard covered his chest. He didn’t look at me, nor did he speak to me. “Now what” I wondered. “This is bizarre!” And suddenly I knew. I looked up and above me was the most stunning light of golden white. It literally hurt my human eyes it was so bright.


Remembering how my first Master had taught me to hold the light, I brought up the essence of me, the light of which I am created, into my hands and raised it up into the light above. As I did I opened my heart as far as it would go. When I brought my hands down an object that I couldn’t identify was in my hands. I was in awe. Something seemed to appear out of nothing, and I could feel that my new Master was pleased. So I did it again. And again. And again. And each time I did, a different object of a different material manifested. I began to recognize the shapes of the objects. Not only was this mind blowing it was fun because I never knew what was coming until I realized that I could intend an object. And so I did. And the more I realized what was happening, what I could do with my intention combined with the light, the more pleased I could feel the Master although he still never spoke to me.As each object formed in my hands and I brought it down to my chest, my heart, I felt its presence then laid it on the Master’s table.


Funny thing about all of this I had no ego. No need for an attagirl, or the Master’s approval it just was. What I felt was gratitude. I never ever asked questions, I just let the experiences be what they would and boy we were just beginning. The only thing I ever said was “Show me”. Meaning, either I don’t understand or please teach me more!


One morning I reached into the light, and as I pulled down my hands, I was stunned to see that I was holding a living white dove. I could smell its dander, and feel its heartbeat in the palm of my hand. The light came down in a ray and enveloped me. Tears ran down my face and my human knees buckled. There I was on the floor covered in golden light, holding this little bird, the symbol of love, peace and a messenger,  I had received a sign that I was working from Home. And I was so overwhelmed with joy, with love, I was crumbled, crying my heart out. This was the most beautiful experience I had ever had. I held the dove to my heart and breathed in its essence, my heart expanding unto I thought I would explode. To the dove, I gave my essence too. Then, slowly, reverently, I raised the dove back into the light and let it go. As it became free, the living dove became living light, hovering above the ray of light that enveloped me.


That had been my next initiation.


From there, other Masters came. One was all about sciences ~ creation, universes, parallel realities, he took me to these places and taught me about each experience and its possibilities as well as the wonders each place held. I learned about our 10th planet and how it orbits around two suns, ours and a second, smaller one and that is why it only appears every so many years (I think it was 3600 years). I learned about different solar systems and about those who inhabited them. I had a large education about Orion and the Arcturian gateway. It is a switching place in the network of wormholes that cross all space and time. I learned that black holes are like stop gaps, they drain off excess energy in one universe and feed the energy into parallel universes and that there are entire systems of these. So much I learned.


I also learned the sciences of our Earth and the interrelations of fault lines, earthquakes, volcanos (where excess energy from within the earth is released) and how all of these things are related to the weather. I learned about geology and the entire energy structure of the Earth just as I had of us.I learned ho the Earth’s energy moved and adjusted based upon various events not only of the planet but all other things in our universe the affect gravity, the tilt of our planet and wow I could go on and on buy you get the point. From the Earth we went universal again and I learned about the inter-dimensionality of layers and layers or energy and events that could happen involving one or many of these layers. I saw corridors open and close, stargazes that made it possible for other beings from far away places to come and go. I rode in them myself as I learned about them. I learned about how a simple event in some parallel universe could effect everything in our universe an adjoining ones too.


And deeper lessons regarding sacred Geometry, the importance of the Torus and how each of us lives within our very own. How energy runs onto the center of the torus regenerating us and cleansing us then carrying those energies which are used up into a transmutation to pure source light. I learned the intricacy of the human energy system which actually has an anatomy of its own. Anything affecting our etheric anatomy can heal us, make us sick or in pain. Even past life memories in our field can cause chronic illness or pain until discovered and destroyed. The intricacies of us are astounding and from the inside out we have the ability to direct our health, the maintenance and cleansing of our systems. 


And as I continued into more advanced studies with the Masters, I began to receive downloads of additional information of different subjects for different reasons. I realized that these downloads were not for me, but for me to deliver to the people who could understand them and work with them. Some of the things I was given were how our DNA is changing first the paths of energy changing by hopping across some of the rungs of the ladder that is our DNA to then hopping across the ladder completely to connect sleeping segments, and that connection was causing human beings to awaken. And that our DNA has light fields that expand as out consciousness does. When this happens, out consciousness and our DNA become one as light and we have reached the Ascension point. I learned all about many sciences like how to transmute nuclear waste into energy or inert matter. I even drew pictures of the inside of a particle accelerator and where the magnets should be places to propel the photons into the waste and that would split the waste into nothingness. Power could be harnessed from a good thing. 


They taught me all about Lemuria and Atlantis and what happened to those places. Lemmuria was mostly in central and South America, in the area of Peru for the most part and partially into Guatemala and Brazil. The Lemurians interbred with the burgeoning human race so that they would have workers, and as a result of this breeding, the Lemurians became so dense that they could no longer remain on the earth. They arose home.


The Atlanteans had two races, one which looked suspiciously like the Pleidians, Tall with black hair and the bluest of eyes while the second race which joined them later, were shorter in stature and had dirty blond hair and brown eyes. The Atlanteans stored information in the form of orbs of light that sat on pedestals. There were chambers of these, a cosmic library if the infinite. 


There came a time where there was a struggle for power and a skirmish inside the power generator room led by one of the blonde race called Liam,  (the power generator was comprised of giant crystal surrounded by other, different crystals) During the skirmish, bodies were knocked around as were other objects in the chamber. A large knock caused the main generator crystal to fall to an angle and that angulation began a catastrophic series of earth events that ultimately became the demise of the Atlanteans. Except for a few. You see, the Atlanteans had outposts all over the earth. Their power grid was all over the planet. It actually moderated the earth’s energies and prevented catastrophic events from occurring. The Atlanteans who survived went to early Egypt and taught those before the Egyptians how to use their technologies. They went far north to Scandinavia, to Polynesia and to other places as well. Sometimes a singular survivor sometimes two or three. Not many of the Atlanteans did survive the cataclysm but those who did taught in earnest their technologies so that they would not be forgotten.


I was taught about holographic astrology. Since all things reside in all dimensions as aspects of each other, it follows that so do the planets and other things. That being said, astrology could be multidimensional too, reading past present and future simultaneously.


Honestly? There was so much I can’t remember it all but if the time comes if and when the information is needed, it will surface. The is the beauty of learning energetically. You don’t have to remember it, it just is.


About then another Master came. He was from the before times, far beyond the veils before humanity was even on the planet, when those who came with higher technologies ruled the Earth millennia ago. His robes had strange symbols on it. I remember one day I was with him and the next thing I knew I was watching me watching me watching him work on me. I had gone multi-dimensional! I realized that we are not tied to this reality and that we can experience numerous ones simultaneously. This was a huge OMG! We were working inside of a pyramid of Light. One morning he stepped into me and as I looked down his arms and mine were the same. I wore his robe and he had me feel the energies in our conjoined body change as we worked on the me on the table. It was fascinating. I kept trying to see how far back he came from but I would get to a point and it was like a wall of nothingness. That wall is no longer there but 20 years ago it was. Things “out there” have really changed!


Through all of this I received more initiations, a white robe, a golden robe, other things. When I received the white robe it was the first initiation of its kind. I had no idea what it was for. So I put it on. The next thing that happened was that I began to skip time. Slingshotting though time and space, it was happening so fast it literally made me sick to my human stomach. I didn’t know how to control it (again, lesson: no need to control simply intend a destination, but I had to learn that the hard way LOL) The first place I ended up was primal. Early hominids has just slain a huge animal. Fur, bones and meat strewn the ground. The people had hair even on their backs. They smelled horrid. The smell of fresh blood permeated the scene (I literally gagged) Their home was apparently a stone overhang moderately deep into the side of a rocky embankment. The people had no language. They made noises like nature, clicks, bird sounds, animal sounds which all seemed to mean something to them. I was only there a brief time then from there went several places until I had to stop that first time because of the motion sickness. Quite some time later I realized that I could just intend to be there and it was a whole lot easier than the motion sickness I experienced at first. 


It would be. Getting the hang of it, it was kind of like remote viewing past, present and future although I tend to stay out of the future because I would love to have the benefit of living my life s a human being. That may be hard for some to understand but I have free will and the option of using it. That doesn’t mean I can’t manifest, create, pray or do other things to enhance my life, I just don’t look ahead. I don’t need to know what is going to happen. Why? In our lives every day is like Christmas. Beautiful things unfold and challenges occur that we can learn from. It is the beauty of all these gifts that makes life deep and wondrous. If we knew ahead of time, we wouldn’t stay now where our directions to those magical moments happen.


There is only ever this now. What was has been and what has not yet been is merely speculated or imagined. Nothing ever happens outside of now. If I could teach you one thing, this is one of the greatest things of all. Staying now allows us to catch the sign posts and the way showers who send us to the next moment on the best path or the intended path there is Only ever this Now. Only Now. 


After the Ancient One, which I love to call him, another Master came. This one stepped into me a lot, his body merged with mine, showing me the nuances of running energy through my body for the purpose of healing. He would float holograms of bodies in front of me and as they turned in very slow circles I could see the energetic anomalies the were making them sick. He took me to many ancient healing chambers where different frequencies of light and other processes were used. A body floating over an alabaster altar. Another body lying in a niche in the floor of a most ancient temple with other beings holding space between giant columns while suddenly arcs of color moved across the body and as I watched in awe. The light frequencies changed from single colored frequencies to full spectrums of colors all of the arcs doing different things and instinctively I knew that person was being healed. He showed me how anomalies from past lives remain in the system like bad memories and can cause chronic pain and how, before the emotions get ahold of an injury or illness it can be made to heal instantly. 


As I learned from this Master I began to experiment on some very brave souls, friends, family the works anyone who would let me practice and my only request from them because I never charged a penny that first year, was within 24-48 hours I would like to call you for a minute. If they said yes, I worked with them and then did make the cals My questions were what is different from before we worked with you and do you notice anything that you would like to tell me about? At the time I didn’t realize it but I was putting together the pieces of all the I had learned thus far and they were helping people not just physically but in their lives! One person after another I worked with then I called and I began to see patterns. I began to understand what I was being taught. 


From there it quickly grew and I got over run. People were flying in from all over the place to see little old me because miracles were literally happening all of the time. It was daunting to say the least. Not the miracles, but the numbers of people who were coming. After having spent 5 years prior to the Masters coming learning to become a happy healthy human being with good life skills, I got completely overwhelmed. People didn’t want to see me, they weren’t interested in me as a person, they had a messianic perception of me. It was if I was invisible and all they wanted was the magic. The same thing happened when I did public channelings. People built altars on my porch, left gifts on my door knobs and other places. They put flowers and built altars too. They were even looking in my windows if I didn’t answer my door and they called me 24/7. Wow for a simple humble human that was a lot. Didn’t they understand it wasn’t about me? That I was simply a vessel? Even though I could (and can) see inside of their bodies and sometimes even walk around inside seeing what was dysfunctional and repairing it, like a heart valve, broken bones, tumors, you name it. I finally had to set some boundaries so that I could maintain some sort of normal in my own life.


As I worked I learned. Every person I touched was different, their issues were different as were their illnesses. In the beginning I got basic stuff but as time went on the strange and weird showed up too. And I learned from that. I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants at the time. I never knew what would be next, why or who would show up as I merged with each person, becoming one with them during the time we worked. Doing so allowed me to feel, see and know what they were going through and how to help them. The masters had given me the basics (which at the time I thought were very complex!) But what ii found day after day was far beyond what I though I knew but then suddenly the answers would come. Or, if I truly was puzzled I would say show me! And they did. 


One day I was working with a young woman as part of she and her husband’s couple’s therapy. They had lost a baby via miscarriage and just couldn’t get past it. Their grief was destroying their marriage. As I worked on the wife, suddenly I felt an energy come in the I did’t recognize. I looked toward the feeling and there next to me was a silvery blue androgynous being. It stood there lovingly watching the woman on the table. OMG I knew what this was! Telepathically I said to it “You are about to be this family’s new child aren’t you?” “Yes it replied, I am simply waiting for my invitation”. Wow the idea of inviting your child in was a beautiful concept. “This time, it said, I will be a girl child. I have been many things”. Well you can imagine how excited I was to have caught this moment!


Again telepathiclally and with tears running down my face I told the being that this was such a wonderful thing to share but obviously I wouldn’t be there when it was conceived. How does this work? Suddenly my field of vision changed to a submicroscopic lens. I saw the ova and the sperm traveling toward it. The sperm attached to the ova and in the split second, an energetic expression occurs. It spirals out into a tiny portal which emits a specific frequency, one that harmonizes with the waiting soul, creating  its opportunity to enter the newly forming being during the moment of conception. The soul kind of leans forward and lets itself fall into the portal. As the cells divided, the soul’s essence filled each with its consciousness. This is how cellular memory works and how the coding of the human DNA enters the new little body This continues all through incubation until the baby is born. During incubation the soul may consciously come and go but its essence has already entered its new body. 


So now, my dilemma. What do I tell this sweet young woman? What if I, in my excitement am misreading anything (It is a rare instance that I do but this was such a surprising moment that I felt I had to handle it with kit gloves. I had already learned that the closer a soul is to a human being, the sooner their encounter with each other will be. This one was imminent! 


As I worked, I really had to think about this one. Was this one of those times I should just let things unfold? Or should I give her hope that her new child was coming imminently? I decided to compromise. I asked the young woman if she was ready to be pregnant again (OH YES!) and if she had considered inviting a new soul to come and be

Message from the Masters:

Messages from the Masters

December 14, 2018



Asi, asi, asi ensellah anti Ahshalah


We great you from the light with the light and within the light you and we touching each other with all that we are from within all that is.


To you we come bringing news of your world and beyond. Many of you may be finding that within your lives you feel as if changes are being forced upon you. Sudden changes or being uprooted and moving unexpectedly, unexplained illness, a feeling of not knowing what direction to go or what that might mean in your lives. Lack of concentration or focus. Some of you might even be feeling a sense of core disturbance that is puzzling and may e creating a sense of anxiety within you. You are not alone in how you feel nor is there anything wrong with you. You are not broken. If you simply change your perception, change your mind, your lives can change too.


Others have been leaving your world to go home in recent times, called to work from the other side, assisting you and contributing their souls back into the greatness of light, tipping the balance to greater light against the challenges of darkness as it seeks its place in the overall balance of things. 


Remember that within the Yin and the Yang there is a center like between the lightness and the which is not. It is that center line which is you strive to seek will carry you in perfect balance in all of your days.


The way to find that place within you is self awareness if you re not truly aware of what is happening within you, your perceptions within your beingness, how you walk in your light and even how you may not be accepting it, in this now, all of these tings affect where your center line falls in the dichotomy of you, light and dark. By dark we do not mean that which is bad or evil or anything at all negative we mean what is unknown to you. The creative potential that each of you carries inside. What is dark is simply potential. All that potential is waiting for is instructions from you as to what it will become. Discover your inner awareness, your perfect nature and all that is have gleaned in all of its lives, whether it has become wisdom or resistance to your very nature of being a perfect aspect of the greater One.


Many events are affecting you in this now as your world escalates and changes as well as universal and other dimensional plus trans-dimensional events occur, they cause within you feelings with many different faces. These feelings may puzzle you because in your world they seem to make no sense yet something tugs at your awareness, calling to you to pay attention because you are bing summoned.


But for what? There is a great sense of chaos in many directions within your world. In order to not only define its causes but to quiet the sense of world unrest, it comes to learning to be not reactive but instead, proactive. What we mean by this is getting to know you well, and the difference between what is reactive and what is proactive is you putting your best foot forward toward the peace and stillness that you desire in your world.


At the same time that you feel unrest within, so does your planet. You feel that too. Your planet has been changing face in recent times and by doing so many events that have been painfully catastrophic have occurred. And all are related. The mantle, the crust of the plates of your earth’s structure are moving. They have been forced to do so due to past movement of the tectonic plates as well as the tilt of the planet on its axis. When the tilt of your planet in conjunction with its inner balance change, changes both on the surface and within the deeper realms of your planet occur.


It s a series of events much like your domino effect that begins. First, pushing or pulling of areas of the earth’s surface begin to happen where there are no fault lines. These happen as the plates of the earth prepare to move, particularly your subluxation plates, those which are moving underneath another plate. This is how your continents were originally formed, creating balance not only in the weight of your surface but also energetically. As the earth’s parts move in any kind of way, electromagnetic emissions occur and those disturb you. They also disturb those beings who live in nature.


For instance, when the earth pulls and pushes in places it normally does not, and electromagnetic emissions happen, these emissions disturb all beings of all kinds across the planet. Even the smallest of emissions can set off a chain of events. They cause inner disturbances of all beings and further, cause the plates of the earth to begin to move more powerfully and more often. The movement of the plates cause earthquakes, many of which you have been seeing of late, and those cause volcanic reactions setting off eruptions of the volcanoes. Why? Because the volcanoes are release points of excess energy underneath the surface of the earth. Powerful releases of built up gasses, mud flows and even magma.Prior to the eruption of the volcanoes, different types of eruptions of energy occur and when that happens fires start and quickly get out of hand. You have seen much of this lately with great destruction. As all of these events happen one after the other or even simultaneously, your weather changes. It, too, is affected by events upon and within your earth. The energy emissions cause strong storms, which you have also seen of late as well as high winds and frigid temperatures where there are usually not. Lack of rain where it is usually plentiful. And within each of you, a sense of unrest. 


The way to eliminate these feelings is to attune yourselves to the earth and all of creation in such a way that you are riding the waves rather than having them crash into you. To di this relax all of you internal defenses. Let go of fear. Don’t go into “what if’s’ but rather stay now. Right now. Use the animals upon your earth as guides.


Look at how the wild and even domesticated animals in your world are behaving, coming to humans for help, showing emotions no one thought that animals had, taking on the offspring of other animals which at any other time would be natural enemies. Even protecting children and others who are in peril. The animals know how to remain in balance. It is within their instincts which come from cellular memories of long ago earth changes and events. They know what to do and when. If you watch them, you will begin to become part of the collective intuition.


At the same time, cosmically you might say, there are movements of planets far out in your universe which are out of normal orbit. Their evolutions around their suns are out of balance with causes the energetic relations amongst all planets and other celestial bodies to change dramatically. You might think of this as a cosmic ping pong game as the balls bounce unpredictably going where they are meant to be or flying off the table for no points. This is a bit of an exaggeration of our point but is a good analogy. 


As universal balance if changing so are the energy flows across the dimensions. Currently there is a seven dimension unification which has created corridors of a single massive pathway and then smaller corridors of each of the seven levels. What this creates is a rapid hot wind that flies through these corridors disturbing all within its paths. Your dimension is the third of the seven.


This means that the hot winds of energy flowing through the corridors are blowing through your very make up. They are causing disrupts within your very make up as well as that sense of unrest we described earlier. The particulates of which you are made are being blown farther apart than your normal balance. As this occurs how you feel, how you perceive, how you act and react all change. You are far more sensitive than usual. Also what changes is how you interact with others. 


There is a great deal of kindness occurring currently as well as the opposite. Aggression, violence and worse. This is because as the overall make up is currently changing within people their brains are affected in a large way. Mental activity is over firing causing thought patterns and beliefs to over express, disturbing the psyche so that some human beings are acting quite differently than they would normally. And this disturbs all others. 


On the beautiful side of things, others are feeling all of the above but instead of allowing themselves to be disturbed they work harder to find the sacred, holy places within them. Somedays it is a wrestling match but most of the time the blossoming of great love can be felt and expressed at the same time. 


It all comes to balance of the heart, the mind, the body, the soul and all that encompasses. 


Though we have described many stimulants that are happening to you from numerous sources these are also opportunities for you to grow on the inside, finding your most sacred light, the love which you were created from and the ability to intuit what is needed in any given moment for greater experience in your lives.


Remember, all is perception. Everything. You can go into fear or you can light yourselves up in such a way that all else alights too. 


All of this comes from the choices you make. While it is often given that choices come from necessity they also come from free will and the awareness that something needs to change. What that change is, is entirely up to you based upon your perception. It isn’t about what you think, trying over and over to justify what choice you should make, but rather going with the flow and being aware enough to know that choice is necessary. Thinking and thinking more and more cuts off your intuitive connections until you cannot hear your consciousness any more. In doing so, you have blocked that natural stream of information with electrical energy which is chaotic as your brains fire. Instead, breathe, trust, have faith and know that whatever you have created is already so. Go for it!


Each year we have given you perspectives on the possibilities of what comes. This year is no different.


We suggest that you watch for changes in currency values as the currency markets have not been stable for some time. We are given that the Euro will decline in value while the US dollar will stabilize for a time but then take a good dip in value next fall. 


The stock market will be greatly notable as world events and discords will destabilize trading. Also destabilizing markets will be sanctions from one country to another which will interrupt their abilities to meet the needs of manufacturing, shipping and exchanges with other countries which fuels their economies.


Politics will continue to become more and more ludicrous as the dishonesty of politicians is brought to light and many will lose favor amongst the people. What appears to be such now will increase tenfold. The disrespect of politicians toward other countries, constituents and other avenues of government will become even more so, but most of all affecting everyday people who are simply trying to make a living and survive. It I as if the greater percentage of the people have been disregarded in favor of the few lining their pockets while being deceitful all the way.


The way to correct this situation is to reinstate good education to children and others everywhere. To correct the information that is being taught. History is incorrect as are much of the sciences. Social studies speak incorrectly of what created your great country and the effect of historic events as well as the truths behind those events are not being taught correctly. 


The very history of your planet, of the human race is incorrect. There is archeological evidence begging the truth that there were those before you, other races occupying your planet and establishing new and higher technologies that became their ultimate demise. We suggest that in educating your children as well as those who are older being offered the chance of education truths be told.


The ancients who came before you and those who came before them, left for you everything that you need to know about the construct of creation, and how you can work within that construct to create whatever you desire, or need or want. But most of all the information that the ancients left for you is beyond simple, intricately complex, while at the same time being just as simple as can be. Life is like that. If you let it.


In the field of medicine great strides in the field of the study of genomes as well as DNA in general will be made. Evidence of root races will come forward surpassing everything you knew until the coming now. Progress will also be made in the creation of new tissues that can repair injuries, and synthetic blood will be designed to bridge the gap in donation shortages. Surgical methods will begin to depend more and more upon lasers and robotic surgeries but the most magnificent discoveries will be how the energy fields and etheric anatomies interact and relate to your physical world and how your life is going as well. Imagine, complementary schools of medicine coming together to create an entire picture of the human make up and how to manipulate the entirety toward wholistic health! This is right around the corner. 


Soon it will become evident that the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA are working together not in the name of health but in the name of the bottom monetary line, putting the health and even the lives of patients in jeopardy. Lawsuits forcing facts to the forefront will occur due to a specific medication that damages the health of many. This medication will be released later in the year without enough studies to prove its safety. This is happening more and more. Medications being released too soon then a year or so later the lawyers advertising that if you have taken these medications or been injured or worse lost a loved one from them to call their number. Supplements that maintain good physical health are being outlawed because the pharmaceutical companies have no control over them and yet so many truly help people. There will be calls for balance in these markets by every day people who want to be healthy not made sick from side effects of drugs that are untested for safety. Healthfulness must be paramount to all else.


Weather patterns will begin to change even further with more cold and precipitation in the middle US as well as the UK and into the Western parts of Europe including high winds and rains, intense storms. This will also occur along the shorelines of Asian countries with more earthquakes in Japan, China and Indonesia as well as Alaska and New Zealand. There will also be typhoons that affect the Philippines and other surrounding areas. Siberia will experiences areas that become much warmer than normal.


Volcanic activity will continue in Guatemala, Italy, Alaska and the possibility of further more recent eruptions in the pacific northwest of the US. If this occurs, there will also be seismic activity that could set off a string of ear quake events.  


Firestorms will continue in California as earth events set them off.


As we have said previously we must continue to mention that the ocean waters will continues to rise due to the melting of the ice caps on both the Arctic and Antarctic poles causing desalination in deep in ocean troughs, warming the deeper waters and making them move more quickly, spreading their effects. Science has not calculated the speed of this process correctly as the changes are exponential in consequence.


A beautiful thing is that human beings are becoming more earth aware and will be planting more trees and cleaning waterways, recreating wetlands and stabilizing the ecological balance upon the planet. The more of this that is done the greater possibilities are lessened towards some of the events we have mentioned above. The earth has been destroyed in so many ways by ignorance and lack of maintenance. For example, the island of trash and garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean is causing adverse effects upon the  ocean overall as well as weather patterns there. It is taking oxygen out of the water and killing off sea life. This can be removed in a number of ways as can other pollutants in your waterways but earth consciousness must be expanded from talk to action. And those who have contributed to these matters must be held responsible. But that takes people who are brave and committed to the changes.


In other technologies new power sources are coming in the near future which require no wires and are magnetically driven.. These power sources will change the face of energy in numerous ways, all positive and clean.


Robotics will continue to expand in manufacturing, medicine and other avenues but we warn against artificial intelligence since it will learn from what is programmed and begin to develop intelligence of its own as well as the possibility of expressing emotions which can be causal to malfunction or functioning against its very makers. AI appears to be a magnificent creation but it will have quite the opposite affect. Robotics are not the same as AI unless their programming is made in such a way. 


The automobile industry is moving toward a cleaner, lesser footprint of emissions which will help the atmosphere of the planet. New fuel developments will expand the positive nature of this industry.


There still remains the possibility of a large earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean in a fault line yet undiscovered. It has the potential of being deep in both the ocean and the earth and can affect the coasts or northern Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolinas. Huge tsunamis are possible, traveling toward the US coast and India. We are not given that this event will occur in this year but it has been in the making geologically for many of your earth years. We have not entered this in some years but the possibility remains.


While many of our predictions for the year do not seem to be of a positive light, many many positives will come out of them.Do not see what we speak of as negative but rather as possibilities on the horizon that having awareness of can bring solutions ahead of time.


At the same time, the advances we have spoken of will be highly contributive to people and the planet in numerous ways as well as the advances in medicine quickly flourishing and creating positive changed in health overall.


Most of all what we want you to remember that individually and collectively you have the power to change anything and everything. If you imagine it it is so. Be conscious of what you send into creation in the way of payers, intentions, in fact any energy at all. Be intentional of what you send realizing that every action has a definite reaction. How would you like for that reaction to be? What outcome are you creating? Be aware. Consider this in your creative processes. Everything we have said above can be changed by a singular intention becoming the leader of the collective consciousness paving the way for the totality to come together and change everything necessary for a greater life, a greater world, a greater One.


You are powerful beings created of all things and all things created of you. Because of that there is nothing and no one that could ever be lesser or greater than you. Each of you is an intricately woven aspect of the greater One. 


Be in peace. We are grateful to be of service with you in this now. 











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