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Online Messages July 21, 2016

Message from Dr. Meg:

July 21st, 2016

Greeting to each of you! It has been a long time since I have sent an Online Message. This year I have been taking time out to regenerate, to work on personal growth, to liven my connections with creation and to be still. For so long it seems that I have run, traveling, teaching, speaking, and keeping up with a massive schedule. The human side of me has needed time so I am honoring that. If we do not keep our balance we begin to falter. Balance within ourselves allows us to maintain our marriage of our human and divine natures and it is a beautiful space to be in.


I have been noticing many changes in our world as well as in the infinite. Some have puzzled me for a time so I have done what I always do, sit with it and let it tell me what is happening. As I watched, I could not at first tell where I was or what I was witnessing. It felt like a hot wind in waves of color. Every time I looked out there for answers that was my experience. So I waited.


As I have, I have watched our very make up reveal more and more areas of change and veils lifted so that we can see much farther into the past of a soul. I have experienced new visions within the field of my clients as each is in its own state of evolution and the conclusion I have come to is that we are in an extreme state of evolution far greater than anything I have ever written about. We are literally being reconstructed energetically and physically into something new and different. A new breed of human being that responds to creation far more than in the past.


Ancient artifacts of our infinite history are being revealed to be released. Records of our past lives are revealing so that they can be decompressed into a single library of knowledge. Overlays of harmonics covering our cellular structure and affecting the nucleus, our DNA, our literal cellular structure is all changing at a rapid pace.


In our world are the obvious headlines of destructive behaviors and anger in the world, the need for some to commit acts so heinous that I choose not to give them power in my own words. I have also noticed that many people are losing it, suddenly seeming to be out of control or suffering from mental illness. Others just seem lost or confused within their journeys.


At the same time, I also notice that beautiful things are occurring. People helping people. The Crystalline and Star Kids are growing up and doing amazing things to help the world (as I predicted).


Animals are undeniably acting emotionally and with great love, taking on the babies of other species or befriending their natural enemies to avoid loneliness or so that they can survive. The animals are also, like us, grieving the loss of loved ones. They are even coming to human beings for help, such as the elephant in recent headlines that had been shot seeking help from people instead of other elephants.  


These are just a few examples of the entire picture. But what does it all mean? As I sat back and watched these months, it occurred to me that what we are witnessing is something huge. Something massive is happening on universal scales and is changing us in a myriad of ways.


There are a couple of events happening simultaneously. I will speak to the first and the Masters will explain the second as only they can.


The shift that we created is in full force. What we created with love, ceremony, long standing traditions and frankly our intentions, is blooming into a magnificent effect on our world as an entirety.


One might question how it is so beautiful when we are seeing such dark events happening? How is it perfect when so many events create the appearance that our world is out of control?


 Easy. Any time that the light begins to outgrow the darkness there is a need for balance. What we are witnessing is that. Balancing of what we have created. Sometimes when we see and feel as if our world and our lives are out of control we may feel as if we lost the infinite battle for something more beautiful. This is not true.


 It takes all kinds of energies to make a whole. As creation is arranged, there are outer areas that are pure light. As we move farther and farther inward, the compression of layers of light form first mass, where we live, then beyond and below that, the compression becomes so heavy and dense that we find areas of darkness. It has always been so. How we see, live and experience on our lives is based upon our sense of being in our now reality. What we learn, what we think we know and what we truly know There is often a vast difference between the two.


What we think we know is what we believe. What we believe we have learned or been taught. Beliefs are mind things. Ideas and ideals that make up a logic that we feel safe or empowered by. Beliefs that take some of us to places that we would not go had we taken the time to realize the difference between what we believe and what we know. As the brain fires, trying to process these new and different changes in us and the world around us, frankly it can’t make sense of it. This is why many are faltering mentally.


That electrical firing also interferes with our reception of information from creation and our messages either don’t get in and out or are slowed and even at times, misconstrued into something else due to the energies being interrupted. Creation works in a fluid format. Because of that all energy moves in a free format, moving through the hallways of creation and communicating our needs, wants, desires etc. When our minds are over working trying to make sense of things it can’t fathom a field of electric energy creates around the head and our energies coming and going into creation and back again are interrupted or misconstrued.


What we know inside of ourselves, outside of our mental nature, is true. What we know is true until we make it a belief. Then that knowing stops growing and becomes something else. And we continue with that something else, moving down errant paths and wondering why our lives are not what we want.


When we allow ourselves to remain with what we know rather than what we believe, we begin to feel safe. We begin to feel ourselves beyond the enormous wall of information that continually covers our truths with the power of an ongoing tsunami. Where are we in it all? How do we fit? How do we find ourselves and how do we matter?


Many look externally for someone, anything, who has words or processes that feel right. Books, classes, belief systems, anything at all that bring comfort in confusing times. We have become so busy, populated and subject to real time events coming at us constantly that we don’t even know how or what to feel what is or isn’t true. We want our lives to mean something and so we seek our purpose. We seek our passion as if it is an achievement as we have become achievement oriented. Why? Because that is what is constantly being thrown at us as if we need to be told how to look, what gives us value, what someone’s idea of perfection is.


The truth, the honest truth, is within us. We do not notice it gently nudging our inner being because perhaps we have become overwhelmed and desensitized by the outer world.


If we want to know the reality of things, the truth of our being, our passion, our infinite connection, all we need to do is let go of our walls of protection, get to know ourselves intimately, and allow for our values to become based upon what we find in ourselves not what everyone else says they should be.


Getting to know ourselves simply means to be brutally honest with ourselves. Doing so can be a bit terrifying at first but once we get the hang of it living and walking our truth does a beautiful thing. It attracts more of the same. We have become afraid to tell other what we feel or think because we are afraid of being judges or rejected, unloved or not feeling as if we belong. If we are being something we are not so that we have the illusion of fitting in, we do not live truth we live a constant lie that when empowered disempowers us completely.


So it is back to basics. Learning who we are and what we are defending allows us to no longer need that defense. When our defense is no longer needed we become authentic, real, true, and so does our life.


Purpose isn’t something to seek as if it is something we must do to make our lives mean something. Our purpose is every moment we live and breathe. How can that be? Our purpose is what it is because in every moment we are sharing and exchanging ourselves with everything and everyone around us. When we interact with another we are indelibly touched by them and they us. When we go to a place we carry it home with us energetically and we leave at that place, a part of us. The beauty of this is that we may never know how we touch another or they us. The subtle nuances that urge our infinite structure to change come from within us and everywhere else.


So it comes then to live intentionally. Imagine that every thought, notion, word, breath, any expression of energy that we expend moves into creation with a message:. “I want more of this!”. So creation obliges us by bringing exactly what we asked for by virtue of our expressions. We can imagine all of our expressions of energy as investments in our future. What is it that we want to put in our future investment account? Who do we mean to be? What is it that we intend? Once we know ourselves more completely we realize that much of what we have been putting out in our mental image of us wasn’t true at all. Our values change and we realize that what we thought we needed, had to have, wanted so badly, was mostly just part of the illusion that our minds had built in an effort to accommodate our perceived needs.


Once we become our authentic selves our true nature begins to reveal itself not only in how we live our lives, but physically as well. Our bodies begin to show the true nature of our being. We begin to shine, we become healthier, happier, and we learn compassion as well as what being unconditional truly means. Unconditionality lacks need and is filled with heart.


Once we realize this the next step is realizing that our passion never left. Passion is love in action. It is anything and everything that gives us a warm feeling in our hearts, drives us toward a goal fueled by love first for ourselves then toward the outcome of our intentions. Passion can be as simple as enjoying a walk in nature, touching an animal, feeling the cleansing of the sun as it touches the water, connecting heart to heart with another person or a place or even a thing. Passion is not attainable it is us living from our hearts instead of from fear created in our thinking brains that don’t have a clue what love really is.


As we watch and participate with the current balancing let us remember that the truth isn’t “out there” it is “in here” in all of us. It may look different from you to me, or one to another and that is the beauty of being human. Each of us is created from the same truth. It is how we choose from our free will to change that truth to fit what we create.


What truths are we creating together as human beings, as a world? If we are not ok with what we are witnessing we simply do not need to accept the messages of the negative, of the fear. Instead, be a living example of what can be different. In truth is already is. Bring your light into the world and touch people with it. You are contagious by virtue of your existence. We all are. Our light comes from the very source from which we were created. We are that. It is us. So how can anything be so bad? Just saying.


I would like to remind you that I have a trip to Guatemala coming up December 1st. It is promising to be one my most magical ever as we will be working with Grandmother Elizabeth, Don Alejandro and other wise Mayan Elders who will be offering private sessions of varying types all steeped in ancient tradition and oral history. I have been asked to limit the size of this group and only have a small number of space left. Full information is provided below. I would love to have you come with me!


Also I have opened registrations for my Touching the Light certification course for 2017 I will be teaching again here at the ranch, a magnificent peaceful place to learn how to work with live in and direct the infinite by working as an aspect of the One. This isn’t just a class about healing work. It will touch every aspect of you and your life as well. I would love to have you in class with me. This is a beautifully established, well branded process and we have developed an amazing community of spiritual family. 2017 will be our 6th year! It is also available online simultaneous to the in person classes and all classes are recorded so you can do this at your convenience. I have mentors who will help you and I remain available all of the time to mentor you as well. All info for the program is on


Also, usually I only do this once a year to show my appreciation for your interest and loyalty to me, to my work. This year, I changed how I schedule and have worked very hard to get my wait time down to a shorter time than it has been in years. I appreciate each of you immensely and this is one way I can give back.


I am offering them again now since a number of you have written and I know are waiting for that to happen. I have heard you and am making this work because you asked and I want to honor that.


There are different options available for you as usual and all are described in the sessions area of my main web site http:/  I need to ask you a couple of things: First, be sure that you are ordering what you mean to order. In the past I have had a lot of last minute requests to change the types of sessions. I schedule them according to the amount of energy they require of me and last minute changes can be taxing on me energetically. This is very important in relation to how my days are structured and planned.


Also, if, when you see this special you happen to remember that you bought one or more over the holidays (this happens every time I run a new special!) and did not get them booked it isn’t from our lack of trying. We contact everyone as quickly as possible in fact nearly immediately, but sometimes we don’t hear back from you. Please make sure to check your junk boxes for our replies. You will be receiving emails from my son, Travis [hidden email] and or Brandi, who has been my assistant for several years [hidden email]. Please put them in your address book when you order so that when they email you we won’t be spammed out by your servers. We have checked and triple checked and have notified and booked everyone that responded to our appointment emails. If your personal contact email is different than your pay pal email please make a note in your order how you would like to be contacted and include your phone number. We will only call you if for some reason we do not receive your emails (or you ours).  If you order from my web site we get that information so no need to do the above unless you have a special need.


Appointments will begin in August and go from there. They are booked on a first come first serve basis as always. Generally we book out quite fast so the longer you wait the later your appointment will be. I love working with you beyond words and so appreciate the honor of sharing sessions with you.


How it works ~ Buy One get one FREE! Any of my sessions! (These can be readings, healings, or Living Light Sessions, your choice!), ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL BEGIN August and forward, and will be booked on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. (From past experience, we book up fast so the sooner you order, the sooner your appointments will be. Order early to be first in line! Buy as many as you desire!  Orders are good for one year so you can spread out your appointments if you like. Ok to give or share these with your loved ones, friends and family. ORDERS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Once ordered, you will receive a confirmation email for your order, and then one of my assistants, Travis or Brandi, will send a form to you to fill out so that we know who the appointments are for, how to reach everyone if you are gifting sessions, and we can book them accordingly and as quickly as possible. Once booked unless we are notified that you can’t make your session, no shows are considered as sessions completed. Emergencies will be considered on an as needed basis. If you need to work something out I am easy to work with just let me know.




I hope this helps and am thrilled that I can offer you my normally annual special mid year!


As always, wishing you laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do.


Infinite Blessings,



Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD

Message from the Masters:

July 21st, 2016

Messages from the Masters

July 21, 2016


Anshallah Asi, Asi, Asi


Greetings from the Light, With the Light and Within the Light!


We have required to speak with you to assist you in the evolution and changes that are occurring not only in your world but within the infinite as well. Within each of you, majestic changes have begun to occur. Your bodies have begun to modify based upon events coming from the infinite as the infinite adapts as well.


Many of you have asked what is it? Why are so many different anomalies occurring in our world? What is happening in creation that brings these changes to us and is affecting many in seemingly negative as well as positive ways?


Since last year, creation has been modulating in new rhythms of energy pattering which effects how your bodies function, your systems work, and bringing to you new and different aspects of being. These aspects are literally re-harmonizing your fields as you have experienced in the past, but in this now, those changes come in the form of additions of new layers to your construct, new overlays of energy that bring to you different feelings, different ways of thinking and at the same tie opening your infinite awareness. At the same time, there are veils that have dissolved and your past is affecting you far more than ever.


This includes past lives you have lived and even before your incarnations when you were simply energy aspects of the One. The changes are immense. Many cannot fathom what is happening. You are witnessing people not able to maintain their internal balance and committing acts within your world that are taking the lives of others. You are witnessing breakdowns of governments, currencies, in fact many types of events that you never expected and it feels as if nowhere is safe. But everywhere is safe. As our vehicle spoke of the effects of the cosmic changes on the mind, greater, deeper changes are in effect.


We have spoken with you many times about how universal events always affect change in you and your world. Changes in Creation as a whole also change you. Creation is constantly reorganizing to maintain both balance and new realities as energies are expressed and communicate those changes as required outcomes. As such, creation remodels to affect those changes.


The changes that have been occurring since last year have been the result of astronomic events that your sciences have only recently discovered but have also recently proven to exist. These are processes which we have spoken about for nearly two decades and the time is now that those conversations we have had with you come to true Light and being.


Let us take a walk into your universe. More aptly put, a quick flight to specific events. Let us first look into a black hole as your science call it. Always we have said that these are like pressure valves bleeding energy out of a universe as pressure from all that happens within it occurs and then funnels that energy into parallel universes and literally feeds them from other universes.


Within black holes are wormholes that connect one universe to another, extreme shortening of the space time continuum so that in a specific position there literally is no time or space. In order to travel these specific worm holes, you must first realize how to departiculate. It is in this way many of your off planet visitors come and go. There are, of course other types of wormholes through creation which are much easier to traverse.


There are quite numerous black holes through these systems and they require immense fuel to do their jobs so they attract and swallow everything in their paths. This can include energy, planets, suns, stars of varying strengths, virtually anything that happens to be in the path of that black hole. They also serve to maintain balance within universes. Some black holes are immense and some are quite small. At the center of every universe they can be found. Not only do they maintain balance in general they also manage gravitational forces.


Gravitational forces attract and can also push in opposite polarity so that gravity keeps things together, serving as the glue so the speak, or it can also return anything to particulate form as either the energy of pure potential or source energy. As matter becomes, it is gravity that determines its density, form, rhythm and purpose while at the same time holding the new realities together. Gravity is not well understood by your sciences. What we will tell you is that it is the locking mechanism that maintains the reality of any and all mass and being.


Each of you is held together in the form you became by gravitational forces. As these forces ebb and flow such as when you have a full moon and the gravitational pull becomes stronger, those inside of that area (you on your Earth) can be affected since you are primarily made of water. Many births occur during moon cycles, crops are planted based upon moon cycles, your time is kept in some ways by the movement of the moon as are your seasons. The reason that the moon is vitally important is not it in itself, but it is identifiable as the closest heavenly body that is observable and measurable to your world events and how you as a race of beings have learned to live within those gravitational rhythms.


Sometimes, those rhythms are interrupted by greater events that occur on universal scales. Now is one of those times. Sometimes there are more than one black hole close to each other, twin black holes that due to their nature, as they suck in everything around them and ultimately collide, something happens that affects everything in all universes relative to that or those black holes. As the collisions occur, an interesting thing happens; gravitational waves are emitted in waves and flow outward concentrically. As the gravitational waves move outward at nearly the speed of light, ultimately they encounter your planet.


Your Earth has plasma tubes surrounding it very much in the same pattern as when you peel sections of an orange. The plasma tubes maintain balance within the earth’s electromagnetic systems such as the balance between your poles, the electromagnetic aspects of your body, your world, and as they do, some plasma tubes will be temporarily stronger than the others as they carry greater amounts of energy or are in the process of redistributing energy balance inside their area of care, meaning your Earth and all of its aspects and you who live upon it.


So if these events so easily occur when the gravitational waves come through your entire world, what happens within your bodies, minds and spirits as this occurs? After all, it is gravity that holds you together, is the locking mechanism that maintains organized reality.


What occurs is massive chaos, change, disruption, alteration and finally evolution.


When the gravity waves of the collided black holes reach the area of your planet, they crash into the plasma tubes, temporarily disrupting them and even causing them to lose their form temporarily. As this occurs, everything inside of the boundaries of the plasma tubes also becomes disturbed. The disturbance in the electromagnetic fields can be causal to planetary changes such as earthquakes, weather anomalies, high winds, and even volcanic activity since volcanoes act as pressure release valves in much the way black holes serve universes. Anomalies occur.


First, the gravitational waves affect dimensional harmonization and structure. It is this that caused veils that have been in place for millennia to disappear so that more and more of your history becomes available to you. Originally you were created in such a way that you could not remember your previous lifetimes. Now, they are bleeding through into your awareness. Also, the records of those lifetimes are now visible and accessible and what you would see is that over time each lifetime leaves a wedge shaped structure that contains the information of that lifetime. The wedges stack just below the soul level. As many lifetimes are lived, the stack compresses. They can be read very much like the rings inside of a tree. In order to reduce effects upon the current lifetime, these records can be unified into a singular library of information that one can draw upon in the current life.


At the same time, the causal bodies (there are two of them) are currently releasing archaic stale and decaying energies that they had been holding from those previous lifetimes. As a result, the midsection of these two bodies may become blown out and leak vital energy that is important to the health and communication with creation in the current lifetime. So the field becomes clouded and the bodies dysfunction and soon those carrying these dysfunctions begin to feel anxious, loose clarity, their lives seemingly chaotic or out of control. This is easily remedied, but a serious dysfunction nonetheless.


As the causal bodies release the ancient history within the system, other anomalies begin to show up. First, cordings of all ages and levels of vitality are visibly in nearly the entire system still attached and acting as small drains on the system. Tears in field walls from long past injuries are now evident and repairable. Artifacts from galactic lifetimes remain and strange areas of energies stick to the internal field walls, slowing or stopping the area of attachment.


All of these types of events happen in dimensions that your systems reside within and may interrupt your system’s messaging with creation. Every energy that you express normally would go immediately into creation and begin to communicate change, but with the current interruptions, those communications become waylaid or slowed or even taken apart and sent in numerous directions depending upon the anomalies in the system.


The beauty of it all is that none of this is a bad thing; instead, these events are instigators of the evolution of you as a species. Your systems must evolve to maintain balance with the abrupt changes, and they are doing so. Within your etheric anatomy, which is a beautiful complex system, changes are taking place. Layer upon layer of new growth energy patterns are forming. Tiny grid work close to the physical world has come to be to distribute the massive energies more gently and completely, the crown vortex, which some call chakras, are becoming damaged and or disturbed due to the immensity of input your systems are receiving. Other chakra areas are becoming mixed in frequencies of their own and vortices that are harmonic with them such as the throat and solar plexus.


These are just a few of the many changes that are occurring within you. Knowing this, you can begin to realize that some human beings are not handling the changes elegantly and instead are resistant without realizing it and that resistance becomes acts of varying types.  The brain cannot grasp what the body is experiencing. It is a scientific fact that the body will respond before the brain does. That being the case, the body may feel anxious or over charged. It may feel sluggish or immovable. Other sensations may occur as well. As all of this happens, finally when the brain catches up, it tries to make sense of things and as it does, the brain fills in the not understood gaps with information based upon previous experiences and soon the brain is misguiding the journey from mistaken information.


Ultimately these changes will normalize as epigenetic expressions of the new realities and as they do, your entire systems will have evolved into beautiful, magnificent and perfect reflections of the evolved One. As that, you will find that your intuitive natures will be part of your normal senses and intuitive sixth sense will be fully accepted as accurate reality. Your 7th senses which occur in the center of your brain and at your crown, will also initialize and your abilities to observe and interact within multi-dimensional reality will become quite easy and very real. Complete evolution of body, mind and spirit.


Many of you have noticed of late that your electronic gadgets and larger items seem to have minds of their own. Perhaps your televisions are turning on and off in the middle of the night when the moon’s gravity adds to the effect of the plasma tube disturbances. Your circuits may become blown out in your electronics at any time. Lightbulbs burn out, phone calls drop even when you have full bars or your connections are inexplicably erratic. All of these and more caused by the disturbance of your Earth’s surrounding plasma tubes being smashed as gravitational waves come one after the other. These can also affect your electric grids and other massive systems such as communication.


While all of this is going on it is easy to misread what is occurring. In your world you had evolved backwards, losing touch with the infinite in so many ways that you now cannot fathom. But that part of you is rising again. You are becoming of the memory of what you have always been. Aspects of the Living One, fluid, adaptable, light and reflecting as perfect parts of the entire whole. And you are beautiful. Why resist perfection?


End of Transmission.




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