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The Online Messages from Dr. Meg and the Masters!

Message from Dr. Meg:

February 14th, 2021

(I could have written a book! This is the longest messages ever! Enjoy! I hope they help!)


- - -

Greetings to each of you!! My apologies for quite late getting this out. I had promised it earlier but more and more information keeps coming in so I delayed it so that I could give you the deepest info available right now. Can you believe I have been working on this since October? LOL everything is popping so fast that often by the time I get a page completed some of what I wrote is redundant! There are so many factors included in what we are witnessing in our world and beyond that it took me a bit to organize what I am receiving cosmically and about our world into language for us here on earth. I have been working on this since October! It is in three parts. First, my perceptions, thoughts and suggestions for living within the world as it is. Part two is the Masters telling you what is happening, why and how we can change what is happening and thirdly, the Master’s prophesies for this year and the near future. So here you go, enjoy!

This may possibly be one of the most important messages I have put out and truly? I wanted to get it right. For us all. Nearly every moment I am receiving more and more full information. I keep thinking wow this is a LOT and then wham! Another download! Another world event! Whew! Thought I would give it a rest and just be now LOL I have to say there is a lot happening and now I can explain how and why things seem to compound instead of moving though so to speak. World events have caused me to pause so that I can give you more of the whole picture rather than comments on events that the media of all kinds has playing over and over again ad nauseum. I don’t intend to go over them because first of all, what is truth in regard to what we are witnessing? And secondly, no matter what I say there will be a number of you who will disagree. All fine. It is one of those times in our world where the truth is so difficult to ascertain emotions and feelings as well as beliefs are running hug and well I don’t get into the middle of those things because what I do know is that it is all part of Creation sorting itself out.

Not only do I have a lot for you here, the Masters (next article below) have given an amazing description of why and how all of the chaos we are experiencing is happening. They have come to a place of explanation about what is happening and why and wow, it is mind blowing so don’t miss out on their wisdom, their truths, love, in fact all that is of Divine and Sacred, all that is Holy. They unwaveringly embody these things and bring them to us. As always, I have also included their prophesies for the coming year. It is phenomenal so be sure to not miss that!

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Also, I generally offer a Buy One Get One FREE sessions special each holiday season. This year I have extended the offer to you through midnight, March 15th of this year. I did not get my newsletter and announcements out as planed due to things beyond my control and so to make sure that everyone has had the opportunity to take advantage of my annual offer, I have extended it. I have added a new session this year and also based upon your previous requests I have added some other combos for you I hope this give you what you wanted and I am always happy to do this! I love it that you are with me year after year, reading my books, studying with me, traveling with me, well everything! This is my way of giving back to you. From my heart, the sincerest gratitude!

There are so many versions of so called Truth going around and underground that it has become extremely difficult to know what the truth is these days. We are emotionally exhausted, stressed, perhaps some of you are finding yourselves with cloudy thinking or lack of clarity. Some of you are not sleeping much or well. Many are grasping for something to hold on to, to believe in. When we are in this state it is quite easy to be led down paths and into the rabbit hole where there is no truth, only versions of it. Please be careful of what you take in will either grow into something beautiful or fester and make you sick. Please, please, please be discerning about what you choose to believe and support. Look beyond the surface of what you are hearing and ask for proof. Real proof of what is being claimed. False information is dangerous to everyone and can cause people to act out in ways they never would have before. Or worse. We are not that!

Truth shelters us all from all that is not. It keeps us safe, well, whole, and balanced. I kind of wrestled with how far to go with my words to you this time and it hit finally me ~ It is quite simple after all. I bring to you what I know is true. I hope that on some level there is comfort in these pages. Hope that you can hold in your hearts and Light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train! I have faith that my words will comfort, guide, help you and at the same time bring your attention to what is not true as well. This is also a fairly long chat so grab a warm cup of something or something cold depending upon where you are and sit back and consider with me.

Human beings have become lost in manufactured reality, out of worries, concerns, fears and other powerful emotions. As we go through these experiences or they us, everything that happens becomes a part of the common consciousness. As it does, Creation immediately begins to work on bringing more of the same back to us. Why? Because that is what we are telling it to do as we express our emotions, thoughts, in fact, any energy at all carry’s messages into the infinite and the infinite responds.

In that, as we struggle to ascertain what is true and what is not, we have become like piranha devouring what the media, whether mass media or conspiracy type, news is all being dished out. Are we so lacking, empty and devoid of truth in our lives that we find we must eat garbage? (wow did she just say that???? Yep!) My point is that it has become practically impossible to embrace real truth and so we seek it out, trying to make sense of everything. If we aren’t seeking we are perhaps in denial, or maybe resistance or maybe even all of the above. It has just become so darned hard to know what the right thing to do is that many of us are not doing anything because even a first step can be scary. Is this the right direction or should I go in another or another? What can I do to feel that things are right in my life? In the world? For everyone? What is true?

If we have no bass or foundation of truth from which to be it becomes quite confusing all the way around. For the most part, humanity is at that place.

How are we supposed to feel? Never in our lives have we faced the immensity of challenges are we are right now.

We have lost our inner balance because many of us have handed our lives over to our external world for everything ~ what we believe we need, want or must be. What our families, friends and loved ones need. Even the fact that in many cases we can’t even visit the ones we love. Those values and the frustrations that have lately come as we attempt to manage it all are often delivered (speaking metaphorically) to us by chaos and storm, fires and wind, rains and drought as well as disease all leaving a wake of destruction, unnerving even the most balanced.

We have been shaken, stirred, controlled, lied to and made fearful. That those things are generally illusion and are created by those who prey on human sensitivities, weakness and fallacies, can leave us feeling powerless, unrooted and afraid, angry and sad. Fortunately, others of us are out here contributing to the beautiful choreography of the dance of Creation, filling in positive everywhere we find a place to put it. I know that many of you are working to your best to bring light where it feels as if there is none. It is there and together we can exponentially magnify all that is Light!

It is time to get back to basics. Let go of all external need or desire, find our center, and most of all rediscover ourselves, our hearts, our faith, the immensity of our capacity to love, to encompass in our hearts, laughter in our days and love in everything we do. It is within that being that all truths are revealed, and we remember that we are and have always been free.

The pain within our world is not ours to carry, but to discern. Even where there is pain there is love. Where there is pain there is hope. Where there is pain there is all that is Sacred and Holy. Our divinity never leaves us. We just lose touch with that part of ourselves as we are externally distracted. We must remember to keep what fits and throw out the rest. What does not fit is dross for Creation to devour and therefore turn that jumbled energy of untruths into something beautiful. To do that we may bear witness, to acknowledge that reality has evolved. But first we must let go.

While it is true that there is much pain and there are many trials in our current environments, we are truly at the pinnacle of change.

Just because the world is messed up doesn’t mean we have to be.

There is only one Truth. Not a bunch of feel good ideals and ideas to share but getting back to basics. And when we do that well, there is only Truth.

Truth is pure. Undeniable. It can be nothing else. My own experiences have shown that we are literally facets of that One, that God, that Sacred Being that makes us whole and gives us life. Nothing can take that from us. We may be targeted with the ideas or ideals by others but more often than not there is little truth in what we find when we get there. Only more inroads that take us to places we didn’t want to be. If there is fear there is no truth. Fear is based upon imaginings that may or may not have seeds of truth within them. Fear is not real. It is a what if, a might be, projections of all of our worries and concerns that we put out there as we lean forward out of this now and into what might be. Our minds can really do a number on us. Imagining. Believing. Questioning. Yet all there ever is, is right now. This now. The only now. And nothing ever happens outside of now.

When we are able to ignore the temptations that cause us to become sidelined, we find that blessed place within us. Our sense of Sacred. Our Sacred being. There is nothing else more beautiful, more freeing more sacrosanct. And with that there is nothing we can’t do or create. To know without a doubt that from our most Sacred Being we can divine all that we need, all that we desire not only for ourselves but in fact, our world, all of Creation. If we know that we are love, then we don’t any longer have to seek it. We are that. It is us.

We are that powerful. Especially when we come together. When we do, all of our energies are exponentially expanded.

To hold onto that belief even when all things seem grim and we wonder how to deal with everyday needs that life brings is where faith comes in. Faith is the unwavering belief that no matter what we need, all that is and all that will ever be fills our hearts and within our very being is urging us one to all that is perfection. Faith gives us the comfort in knowing that even though we don’t know how it will happen or what it will look like when it does, we will have what we need. Sometimes our ideas of what we need change not necessarily because they have to, but because when we come back to Truth within us our values change because we see so much more clearly.

If we know we are Truth then it is so. If we have faith that the truth within us is infinite, from that we can draw from never ending possibilities. To do that is not to get caught up or be mired down with the process, but to have the conviction that the outcome, because we have imagined it, is already a reality and now we and that new certainty are moving together toward a moment in time where it and we will intersect. We move not only toward the outcome we pictured, but often times, even greater results and with far more positive outcomes than we could have imagined. Why? Because we let it be. We let out Faith direct Creation toward that destination. When we leave out the idea of what that process might be like and we leave out details that limit us to something specific, we offer Creation the possibility to bring to us outcomes far greater that we might have thought of on our won. Creation is listening all of the time, responding to what it hears and feels, morphing, changing, evolving just as we do. It keeps track of all of our expressions, our thoughts, motions, words, ideas, interactions with others and all things, so when we put out there that we need, we desire, Creation has a full repertoire of our lives and all that has ever been on all planes of reality to draw from and because of that, we are brought the most quintessential, the most exquisite outcome that is perfect in every way.

That being said and before I go wherever this takes us, I pray that each of you are well and whole, have what you need, are finding ways to feel your joy in times that mirror something else to the world. I also pray that those who you love are connected with you in the same ways.

There is so much coming at us these days from so many auspices purported to be bringers of truth and safety governing and government, medical experts, economists, conspiracy beliefs and theories of all kinds of so-called truths spewing like toxins aimed at us at us day after day. It is so darned hard to make anything of it all because there are rarely provable or acceptable agreements of what Truth is. Many are angry, some are in lack through no fault of their own. Others are confused, afraid, desperately seeking whatever they sense is needed and at times even the idea of need is difficult to ascertain. What is really important? There are dynamics at play in this now that we are not accustomed to on any level. How has this happened? Why is it happening? Is there some greater good or purpose in play working toward the surface or is there something else going on? WHY? HOW? WHAT?

When the world gets to a place such as we currently witness, it isn’t always the chaos that it appears to be. Instead, sometimes it is a massive overhaul and we just can’t seem to see it amongst everything else. We are experiencing a universal evolution that is far greater than humanity as we know it has ever experienced or can even perceive. More is happening than we can possibly wrap our heads around. We can’t just sit back and take it. We can’t live for long in fear before it consumes us.

For decades now many, many of us have been moving through Awakenings. Expansion of consciousness that have caused us to seek out more, to realize that we are far greater than we could have ever imagined, and to take our new awareness into our everyday lives. Awakenings are powerful events that can change our lives in a moment, or over time. When we become consciously more alert, more sensitive and aware, we can begin to see beyond the illusion of third dimensional reality into the beyond of the infinite. It is there where we find our source intertwined with emptiness, the emptiness being infinite possibilities at our beckon call.

As our light writhes into the void where all possibilities await, our light entangles with all of that blankness and brings it alive. What it becomes is whatever we dictate. Not ask, not hope for, not believe in, but truly command that our intentions be so. And so they are. Basically, it becomes a pairing of balance between all that is Light and that which was darkness coming together to form life that is neither and all. And that result is us and everything that we are and do.

Awakenings often happen when we are traumatized to the point of complete humility with no defenses and therefore we essentially become a blank slate from which to recreate ourselves, our realities, our world. When we get to that place of humility, we are able to let out guards down enough that we become free enough inside so that our consciousness can communicate what it gathers from all of Creation to us in our third dimensional world. Think of it as a Cosmic conference call. Our consciousness combined with possibilities lit by the heavens into an outcome that is so in balance, so in truth, so filled with possibilities that first a state of stillness occurs. Stasis. Nothingness. And then, just as we became of stillness, we become of the greatest light known to human form. As that light we carry the messages of Creation into every place and everyone whom we encounter.

Often this begins in our dreams because when we dream our defenses are down. Then, as we become more and more realized of our defenses, those we carry unknowingly each day that make our bodies and energy fields tense, our consciousness begins to exercise its innate freedom to travel out of our bodies, and our DNA begins to change too. Our DNA is directly relative to other activities of our consciousness. This is now scientifically proven. Our DNA records our experiences, our lineage, who we are, what we do, how we are made, how everything above and below interreact in conjunction with everything else. In doing so, our DNA then begins to reorganize its functioning in order to be more effective at its job. DNA doesn’t simply have one job. It is our motherboard, dictating who we are what we look like, our tastes, feelings, functioning, well, everything that defines us.

Our DNA also learns from our experiences whether they are biological, emotional, omental, the works, DNA is right there recording every iota of information action or reaction and changing how it expresses from within us both in this world and beyond.

As our experiences and our consciousness affects our DNA, the light fields emitted from within its strands begins to express itself too. The minimal glow that DNA emits all of the time begins to expand. The more our consciousness expands the larger those little tiny fields become. There even comes a point of consciousness when our DNA fields are emitting so much light that they and our consciousness become one field of light. As this happens, we have reached our ascension point. Truth. Once we reach that place, we can go home and hang out, experience everything and nothing simultaneously. Be aware of everything literally and at the same time maintain our sense of self. Being in our ascension state is to experience pure bliss. There is no limit to what we can experience because we are immersed in past present and future simultaneously. Since Creation is in a constant state of evolution so are we. In our ascension state we become witnesses to the magnificent choreography of the infinite. Everything intercommunicating in an infinite place of cause and effect. All that is becomes all that is and ultimately all that was and yet it still is. Am I bending your brains?

My point is that there is no limitation to what can create, recreate, disband and begin again for as we express what must be it becomes reality. Creativity in constant motion and we as integral parts feeling and knowing everything all the while feeling only bliss. Here, this place is Home. It is Truth. It is our beginning and our recurrence as there is never an end just more beginnings. We get to that place by letting our defenses down, having faith that we are part of the most sacred One, by remembering that we have a heart that can unfold endlessly and as it does all that is the light from which we are created responds by the expansion of light within and around us as I described earlier and as that happens we leap out of our bodies and into that wonderful magnificent sense of bliss, our ascension point. Having experienced this as long as we choose, we can then return to our earthly experiences. When we do, the energies of home that we carry back with us express outward from us in our world and initiate everyone and everything that we encounter to the perfection of Truth. Of all that is One.

When our DNA learns from all of the different types of experiences that we have, it expresses what it has learned epigenetically. Epigenetics simply put are DNA expressing differently because it has learned new things. Those expressions may be in our behavior, how we look, how our bodies function, our emotions act and react and in fact an infinite set of possibilities are available since we are directly connected to the infinite and it is us. We are that and so must our DNA interact in the same way. With that new experience and knowledge comes new and different responses. When that happens, not only as beings do we express differently than we did, our DNA continues to learn from what it already learned. Consciousness intertwined with our bodies becomes far more complex and able and in doing so, DNA begins to function differently, more efficiently and as it does, we begin to subconsciously realize far more depth of feeling, awareness, realities other than our own, and well, the truth is that we begin to and ultimately become unlimited beings. Think if this as a domino effect.

To put it plainly, in this now we are becoming cosmic beings. Not only are we evolving we are morphing!

In addition to learning and expanding our awareness, our DNA does a myriad of other things that benefit not only us, but the entirety. As our abilities in consciousness grow and expand, so do the light fields that are emitted by each of the millions of DNA strands in our bodies. Ultimately when we get to a high enough state of consciousness and we begin to morph, our DNA fields and our consciousness merge to become One. The same as our Source! ONE! And we can learn to do this intentionally. The key is to not try but to let our tensions down and allow our consciousness to have its adventures, travels if you want a different word for it, and in doing so, our physical bodies begin to emit more and more light simply by us being present. It is this Light that is contagious and can seed the reality in others that there is so much more than we are aware of.

Also genetically, we have something that for many years scientists call “junk DNA”. Junk DNA is the extra DNA material that falls to the bottom when our DNA is set in wax for example to do a DNA test for paternity or family relations or to identify a person to maintain a record or their identity, or to find people. There are many ways our DNA is used in our world. Although understanding of its form and function is still limited more and more is being learned every day. The so-called junk at the bottom can actually construct into a completely full functioning different unrelated strand of DNA that has completely different coding than what runs us. Alien DNA some want to call it. Frankly, the so called junk is not a byproduct of our DNA motherboard coding that is left over once our full design has taken place. It is a completely different whole set of DNA that we carry for reasons yet scientifically unknown.

They carry information regarding our histories, our being as different beings, races, perhaps of a galactic nature for some of us, our abilities, origins, and even more so, our knowledge of the infinite is packaged neatly in that structure that scientists are currently throwing away because they don’t yet get it that it isn’t the DNA that they understand that is so important, it is the DNA that appears to be left overs that is vital to our existence and that in conjunction with all of Creation past present and future. If you could read it, it is an infinite set of volumes that contains formulas of all manner of being, healing and knowledge all heights and depths of awareness, the structures and functioning of Creation in all of its cycles of Beginnings, existences and ends. The junk DNA that we carry is the very set of information that rumor has stated may be hidden under the paw o the sphinx, in Atlantean Temples, in sacred sites and places all over our world when in fact those hidden artifacts and writings are only sectors of information. None are complete because that would be impossible. Why? Because of the fact that Creation is in a constant state of evolution. As I have mentioned above as well as many other times, Creation has a magnificent choreography of influences, activities, actions and more all in a state of active balance. Active balance is simply all within the infinite in constant motion so that Creation never loses its state of balance as it lives. After all, Creation is a living thing of which we are all part. And all is recorded and resides within each of us. All things. Times, spaces, lacks of time and spaces, well let’s just say it is one heck of a complex construct that is alive and aware and therefore documents its actions and experiences in our so called junk DNA.

Sometimes the process expressed epigenetically is related to keeping us from having genetic errors and other mundane tidbits of functioning but most of all it is the DNA everyone has been calling different names for decades Such as 12 strand DNA. Well there is no such thing in a world of mass. Only multidimensionally is that or can that be a truth. DNA can and occasionally does have extra chromosomes which cause extra abilities or defects in our systems. In face DNA can be preprogramed by the history it carries as well as its light field to be anything or to do any job.

When we intentionally add consciousness into the mix, the possibilities of our interrelations amongst ourselves and all others and other things are endless. We can intentionally combine, separate, entangle, align, whatever, our DNA in conjunction with all other sources and forms of DNA and direct new realities or expressions of a biological or conscious being simply by intentionally making different types of connections. Of course, for the most part these things won’t be truly realized until far into our future so that is why in this now, as you will read below from the Masters, they have chosen to step in and intervene with some Sacred assistance. They say that Humanity feels very confused and that we are in need of guidance and help. I have to say they speak volumes this time around. I have never heard or felt them to be so intense.

Think about what I just said. Then turn off your head and feel, breathe what I just said. Here is the truth. All of it.

No single mind can ever dominate truth in its reality. Ever. Nor can any group of single minds so the same. It is impossible to have and hold truth because it is constantly evolving and therefore all truth is in motion, aware, alive, alert for imbalances. And when Truth finds any imbalance it goes aggressively after them and consumes or destroys them, recreating what was into inert energy awaiting instructions to become a new reality or completely transmuting them into what is.

In fact, this type of organized structure is in everything and everywhere. Whatever appears to not be defined is filled with the same type of information constantly and continually evolving, recording and expressing in a myriad of ways.

The best historic reference to what I am saying most simply stated is an excerpt from “The Gospel of Thomas” which is part of a group of the Gnostic Gospels and other documents found in “The Nag Hammadi Library” in northern Egypt around 1943. These texts and others found in the area were considered to be heretical in the days of early Christianity. They were hidden mostly in clay pots and jars and were for the most part written in papyrus which had degraded quite a bit by the time scholars got their hands and eyes on the documents, yet much of what was written survived or at least enough so that interpretations can be made of what is missing as well. This is the most simply stated quote I have ever seen regarding Truth and what I have described above. It says, (purportedly in the actual words of Jesus),

“The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you. Not in a mansion of wood and stone.

Split a piece of wood and I am there; Lift a stone and you will find me.”

You may recognize this from the Movie “Stigmata”, but it is in fact a direct quote from the “Gospel of Thomas”. One of my most personal favorites for its simplicity and accuracy in its explanation of how we are created of all things and all things are created of us.

(If you are interested in reading these on your own the est edition in my humble opinion is the The International Edition of The Nag Hammadi Scriptures (published in 2007, edited by Marvin Meyer) provides authoritative translations for all of the Nag Hammadi texts, along with introductions and notes on the translations.

We can’t just go about our days as if nothing is happening, so how do we cope with all of the confusion, the realities that the confusions bring, and the fact that we plainly cannot buy into any single or combined purported facts that we are offered?

We don’t.

Let me repeat ~

We don’t.

What do I mean we don’t? Am I saying that we turn a blind eye to our world and our fellow human beings, ignoring their plights? Not in the least.

What I am saying is that we have given ourselves so broadly to the external world that we have forgotten the beauty of the Sacred inside each of us. That we are whole and magnificent beings of creation, made of all things and all things are created of us. Because of that, there is no one and nothing that could EVER be lesser or greater than us. Each of us is an intricately woven aspect of the Greater One.

So how do we disentangle ourselves from all of the external conundrum that we are embroiled in massively with all other beings of every nation? We go back to basics.

First of all, when we give ourselves to the external world we quickly become out of balance. When we do, our energies become more spread out, farther and farther away from our center until soon we don't know how we feel, what we need, even who we are. Instead, our power has gone to all of those external places that have our attention. And that just isn’t ok. Where our attention goes so does our power. Further, our emotions get out of hand. We go into fear, insignificance, the “I can’t help its” and “what if’s”? How about instead, “WHY NOT?!?!?”

So how do we pull ourselves back together? How do we even know what that means? Imagine this as a great analogy. Within the very center of each of us is a powerful force of energy that constantly recreates itself. It is our lifeline, like a powerful hose, directing light, life, into us. As it does, it also cleanses our systems, regenerates us, keeps us well and whole and a myriad of other wonderful things that come to us every given moment from the very source that we came from. Now imagine that as all of the difficult confounding so called truths get our attention and cause us to be distracted, that wonderful energy that is ours begins to lose its structure. Slowly, our life force weakens, becomes more of a field that gravitates here and there trying to determine what fits. As it does, we become more and more weak of our own right and as we do, we begin to feel helpless, clueless, what is right, what should we do?

How to survive a world that appears to be coming unglued? And with every particle of energy of every one of these kinds of thoughts carries part of our cohesiveness away into some other part of reality until we are clearly weakened by it all. In order to come back into our power, to come back together, we must simply call back what is ours into our center core and they will coalesce with all of the rest that had remained bringing with them the Truth which is us. We. Them. They. We who are forever travelers within the One as Beings of Light cannot be separate as we occasionally believe we are. It is impossible.

We cannot be anything but Truth. And that is what the world is grappling with right now. What is Truth and how do we get it back? It is all about perceptions. We cannot be anything less than perfect except by perceptions. Ours. No one else’s.

So, to call in our energies so that we remain strong, clear, and can continue to not just survive but to thrive, we must get our systems back into a cohesive integrity that is solidly flexible no matter what the moments bring. Imagine closing our eyes and picturing a stream of light moving from the cosmos through the crown of our heads down through our bodies and into the earth. It is a never-ending force that brings to our biological being the animation that we call life. It brings light into our being. Imagine that with all of the questions and all of the confusion in our world, that our force has become a wavy weak line that is not at all strong. That is what is happening to much of our collective power right now because we let it. It snuck up on us like a mac truck and flattened us before we could sort it all out. And here we are wondering how to make it through everything. We already have we just haven’t stopped long enough to realize that. Every thought, concern, plea, positive thoughts and even our fears became so entangled do fast that we got numb to it all. Practically dulled by the weight of the whole picture.

I always say that when we are overwhelmed by the big picture it is time to get back to basics. Address one thing at a time. One moment, one second if necessary, one tiny little part of the whole, and then it is done. What’s done? Anything we can imagine since our imagination is unlimited then the True answer is anything. Everything. All of it. Nothing, even, if that is what is called for.

I have a great tool for those moments when they arise. When the collywobbles as a good friend called it, come into our being, that feeling of “I can’t help it” I don’t know what to do or how” those feelings that cause us to tense right away? Well before our minds can have those thoughts, our bodies are way ahead, already tensing up. To stop those feelings from getting out of hand, ask yourself these questions ~

“In this now am I safe?” and

“In this now do I have everything that I need?”

Our minds may beg to differ, but we can override that. How? The answers to those two questions if answered truthfully, will always be Yes! And Yes! It is scientifically proven that our bodies lead before our minds can think. So feel free to use those questions to break that habit of our minds running us off course.

So we want our power back, right? Then let’s have it! With our eyes closed, we can focus on our center, that force in our center that feeds us, nourishes us, clarifies us so that we can see truth beyond all other interruptions. We can witness where our power has gotten weak and wavy and call in all of the particles of you that have been misdirected toward untruths and imagine that they are reconnecting all to the same enter core. Us. Ours. Breathe deeply and know that as you call in what is yours not by birthright but by your God, Creator, Source, Spirit, whatever name you choose to call it, your unique being in all of creation that is not and cannot be anything else but you. Imagine as those particles congeal into a strong force again that you are breathing that strength back into your being. That force of energy within becomes straight, strong, like a warm wind blowing through our every particle of being bringing life, bringing the Truth of all that is One for us to live and walk the earth with.

As we breathe, something amazing happens. Our heart begins to open back up. Our energies begin to flow efficiently again. For many of us, our hearts, and even our chest areas have been tight, closed, tense, not able to feel the depth of feeling that we normally have due to the overall tension that we have had as a result of all the input we are getting and the stress that follows. Anxious, distracted, worried, even fearful we have plodded along. Let’s redirect and let our hearts become filled again with what is Truth not what is not Truth.

As our life force begins to gain strength and our hearts open what comes is that sacred place within each of us. That sacred place that is so fine, so divine, that it is immutable, glorious in its ability to bring us the highest of light and the deepest of love and from this place we can begin to heal. In fact, we can do anything, create everything as long as we have the faith that secures within us the very knowing that we are part of that great One. From this place anything is possible. We know that because we are possible. We are because we reflect the One having experiences of being, loving, touching, knowing, growing as souls upon the greatest journey in Creation. We are light and light cannot be so without darkness. Occasionally it feels as if the darkness is outweighing our light. It is not That is perception. It is our fears and our negative thoughts and beliefs that cause us to wobble out of balance. So we seek equilibrium. And for us, that stability is within that core fire that livens us. Gives us that most holy of nature as aspects of the greater One.

When we find that blessed place within us, there is nothing else more beautiful, more freeing. And with that there is nothing we can’t do or create. What is untrue cannot live within all that is true. It is impossible. This is where faith comes in. If we know we are Truth, then it is so. If we have faith that the truth within us is definite, infinite, and from that we can draw from endless and ever creating possibilities, and if we know that we are love then we don’t any longer have to seek it. We are that. It is us.

Do you know that as we do the above, we are transmuting the energies that we are requiring to leave us into inert matter? It looks very much like black dust but in fact is becoming energy that has become inert, meaning that it is in a stage of stasis. Waiting for instructions to be something new and different. The energy that we transmute is full of infinite possibilities waiting only for a prayer, an intention or instructions from Creation as to what it will be next. When that message is received, the inert matter suddenly takes on life and becomes, well anything. And we can do that too. Simply by setting intentions or making commands for something different. And as we do so shall it be.

Imagine. Having the power to redirect reality simply by choosing to do so. Truth.

As a personal tool of keeping myself and my perceptions honest and untainted, I have taken notes of many of the changes that have been happening this year. Just reminders to me that no matter what I am seeing or hearing at any given moment, I can look at perceptions that I have been able to bring around before, knowing that I can do that now too. In doing so I quickly realized that if I personally was going to maintain Truth and my own perceptions within that, then I needed to create tools for my sacred being to stay strong, stay together and to hold space for all of us to maintain to remain in our power in our knowing that we are so much more than we are told.

My notes are not so much of events although there are some, they are more like inclusions of day to day confusions and how I turn them around into positive possibilities and happenings. My notes are about how to take those events as presented to us and to witness them from different perceptions. For example ~

When the whole Covid-19 thing was announced, we saw the world shutting down out of fear, in attempts to assuage the virus that was coming for us all. What I saw was for the first time in the history of humanity, our world taking the first step toward a ONE WORLD scenario. All of us working together with a common goal. Imagine the Truth of that!

There is a lot going on that is created by perception of untruth or misunderstanding. There is also a lot going on because so many are angry. And in many cases rightfully so. But what serves anger when it has no place to land? Why not come up with solutions instead of adding to the so-called problems. Why not tip the balance the other way just as we have always done?

First, we must look at the hard parts to find out how to get to the beauty of it all.

We have been forced to be together with each other, our families and in other cases we are kept from our loved ones with the excuse that we may put others at risk. Many have died alone, without so much as a touch from another human being while others have been forced to say virtual goodbyes. Heartbreaking to say the least.

A great number of pets and other animals have passed away too. This virus crosses the animal/human barriers. It isn’t just the virus though. Some animals are as tired and stressed as human beings are. They choose to go home,

Those who are together now, families and others who are usually living fast paced lives that often end in a blur at the end of the day, if there is an end to the day, with all of the modern day stressors and pressure to compete to even hold a job or have a career. And then there are the closures, required by laws being made on the fly. From day to day we don’t even know what is ok. What is the rule of the day? Who knows?

Families don’t know how to be together any more. It is painful to watch, knowing that domestic abuse cases have skyrocketed as have suicide rates and also familicide (the killing of a family by a family member). At one point a physician told me that the suicide hot line had a wait list because there weren’t enough volunteers or phone lines to manage the number of calls. Statistics say that the average parent spends about 20 minutes with their children in a usual day. Not because they don’t want to, but because they are working so hard to maintain the livelihood of their families.

Domestic violence, suicides, familicide, (particularly mother’s murdering their children because they don’t want them to have to live without what they need in the past this was almost never heard of!).

Suicide rates are skyrocketing because some just don’t have the tools to cope with the world they face each day). And cyber stalking, bullying, social networking is revealing just how angry people are and how argumentative and sensitive others are. Social networking is filled with angry posts and opinions. Several times as I opened to see a post someone made, I felt as I had been slapped from all of the negativity and anger dripping off of the pages. This isn’t true of it all but there is so much it is worth commenting about.

You know that everything we put out comes back right? That isn’t some idealistic truism it is a Universal Law. All that we express comes back to us in some fashion. The reason is that Creation takes us very seriously so what we express in any form of energy tells Creation that we want more of the same and so we get that. Creation is diligent on our behalf. So be mindful of what you put out. In fact, what do you want back? Choose that!

We just don’t remember how to be together. We have ben dulled by technologies. We don’t talk, we text. So much is available to us online that we are ever distracted. Due to current world events, we have been thrown together with the very people we love, cherish and nurture suddenly isn’t feeling very good. Generally this would be something that we wish for! Time with our beloveds ~ family, friends, our pets even. But with all of the distractions having intertwined with technologies we don’t remember how. We have become socially and personally awkward at best.

But wait! These are our families, those who we love, were attracted to, partnered with, procreated our children with. And our children, fledgling human beings who look to us to be examples of how to live and thrive in this world. Sadly for some, all of the closeness we could be having has turned into stressful chaos. If this applies to your home, take a few steps back, breathe, call in your center and feel yourself whole and well. When we keep it together so will everyone else. How we handle out lives and what comes is exactly what our children learn.

In addition, it is quite easy to hurt others from a distance such as posting on social networking or texting, emailing, any form of distant communication in general than to look someone in the eye and watch the pain a we inflict it. Not seeing it somehow seems to make it ok. It isn’t by any measure. This particularly applies to our newer children. In my book, “The Children of Now EVOLUTION”, I wrote an entire chapter about how our children have become desensitized by technologies and what happens to them on the inside when they are. The examples I found were profound. This is my most recent book, the one that I consider to contain the answers to the questions that I didn’t know how to answer way back when I wrote the “Children of Now”, the first book in the series. As the new phenomena of the Star kids, the Crystalline Children and others were gracing our presence. Well after thousands of conversations, sessions and presentations, I learned a great deal about how to help children and families in general. If you are in need of some great tools not only for your kids but your families too, check out The Children of Now EVOLUTION. I am not about selling books I do however feel there is a direct connection between the pages contained therein and your families.

We are in a time when there are so many needs that we can’t even guess them all. Listen, everyone has something they don’t need. I know that currently the trend is to keep whatever we can and whatever we can get. Others have hoarded supplies far more than they need and others have none. It is time for us to come together and help others, even those we don’t know. My advice? Don’t wait to be asked. Those in true need are often too embarrassed or ashamed to reach out even though they have no reason to be. When we don’t have what we need it can feel like a terrible failure. Need can feel desperate too. So give. Please. An extra sweater or coat, blankets, food, shoes, sweaters, anything at all that someone else might need. We all have some of that. Since we are home anyway why not clear out some of what we don’t need for those who do?

I have this wonderful plaque that hangs by the door of every home I have lived in. I live by it. Such a simple line but what a powerful message! It is a quote from Hebrews 13:2. I may have paraphrased it a bit, but it goes something like this:

“…Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares…”

Remembering the Universal Law I just mentioned, please share with a heart that is open and a lack of judgement. We never know how or why need has occurred. Often the reasons are far from what we might have guessed. And also please remember that as you give so shall you receive.

Listen, the faces of relationships are changing, if you are feeling alone find your tribe! Maybe the group that you chose no longer fits you. That is ok too. And no one has to be angry, mad or even held responsible for things not working, just own it and get on with finding those who do fit. It can feel very awkward to approach strangers or to walk into a gathering where no one is familiar. Still, giving ourselves the opportunity to grow our social resources is a gift that is easy to give and at no cost to us.

When anyone feels so low that they cannot motivate it is a very, very hard place to be. We can’t all necessarily be together with each other. Travel and quarantines are interrupting and that brings us back to video conferencing, lack of touch, smell, being held by those who we love and love us. God, we need that. It is a scientific fact that on a so called “normal” day human beings so not get enough hugs. Skin contact is part of our tribal physical needs. And we weren’t getting enough to begin with. Let’s change that!

The other day I ran into someone I love dearly at her work. Usually we will sneak a real hug because that’s what friends generally do. This time she backed away and told me that it is now illegal to hug each other publicly. I nearly lost it. I didn’t have it together enough to ask if that was a work or government law or something else but hearing that it was a rule at all was so painful that I nearly cried my heart out right there. Just the thought of the possibility that something like that might even be true! NO! NO WAY! ABSOLUTELY NOT are we going to become a voluntarily touchless world! NEVER!

Fortunately, was another person waiting to my friend for an appointment. A stranger to us both, so we two kind of reeled it in and it was business as usual. That bothered me more than I realized at the time. Sometimes we just don’t catch things right away or we are so stunned by them happening that we are momentarily speechless and then well, we are in a different moment and on to the next thing, having buried what just happened for later. Those things can add up. And the truth of that moment is that my friend was being sarcastic, and I didn’t realize that. Since I was working on this newsletter and am addressing some of our societal changes, I ran into about a week later and asked her about what she had said. Was this a new workplace thing? Is there really a law not that says we can’t hug each other or ??? She said it wasn’t any of that it just feels that way to her. Wow oops! See how easily we can misunderstand even the simplest of things? It isn’t hard to do. We were both in a hurry, she had a patient standing there waiting and there were a lot of environmental dynamics that were detracting from our quick conversation.

How can this change? These misunderstandings, our reacting to things that maybe aren’t even real? Or maybe aren’t what we thought? We use Diligence, Truth, Consistency, Authenticity, Not fall into the rabbit hole that is toxically filled with what if’s altered realities that cause stress, fear and other hard emotions.

There is something else happening that is more than concerning. We have the potential to literally lose a generation of amazing beings as our children are kept from others, with their faces covered and those of their schoolmates and friends. They cannot see the expressions of others fully. School has been mandated in many places to be held via video conferencing or other online options. Our children are already technologically dulled, not fully cognizant of what a real personal relationship is or what it entails. They don’t and can’t understand because we their stewards have dropped the ball and dropped it hard.

We have sat back complacently watching, following, moving into our various perceptions and emotions and things have gotten out of hand. It is time for us to band together as the Beings of Light that we know we are. We can. We are in some cases. We have been isolated from each other. But the infinite cannot be interrupted. The communications within it can’t be either. So one person being authentic adds to the sum of the whole that which, as each of us gives our hearts and souls exponentially and massively affects change, and rapidly. Are you in? I am!

We must instill a sense of safety in every child that it is ok to talk about the things that are hard or hurt even when they come from other people. It is ok to talk with their parents with no judgement to be given so that the children feel safe to speak about their troubles. They are far greater than we realize, and it is heartbreaking time and again to read or hear about another child lost because we didn’t know how to find them. ENOUGH! We can never, ever, ever, ever be afraid to speak deeply with our kids no matter what. If we’re holding our breaths, not feeling as if we are good enough or our relationships with our children might reflect on us societally then we don’t have it together at all and why not? Because once again our external world is running the show and we have lost control. Let’s take it back.

Children are sensitive little people who came to our earth remembering everything about Home. They come as Sacred beings, unfettered by beliefs or anything negative at all. Most remember choosing their parents, who they were previously, they may speak of things so sacred that we may not even remember, but they do. Our children, who are in the process of becoming contributive human beings within our societies are being shut down. If we do not give them the tools and the inner freedom that they need then we have done disservice to generations to come. They are so innocent when they are born. We teach them and allow others to teach them, to believe that they are something less than perfect because that is what we know. Why not be ok with the fact that our children may not be the same as we are and that they have much to offer to our world if only we help them to feel safe enough to be that? In fact, let them teach us!

And our governments cannot decide what is best for our kids. Should they come to school or come together on Zoom meetings? Having talked at length with both sides of that fence, I am finding out that neither side is comfortable, happy or even often cooperative with the arrangement. We are putting our children in front of the very screens that have dulled them to knowing how to have personal heart to heart relationships and asked them to continue learning. And they aren’t buying into it. Many are not doing the work because they don't care and they don’t feel like others care. Some kids aren’t comfortable or successful with that kind of learning environment either.

We are losing a generation who are hidden behind masks not able to witness the expressions of others and how their interactions with them are affecting, they are also hidden beyond technologies because we haven’t coped well with what we have been handed. Sure, they are convenient for us but what of our children? If they do not have a good sense of Self they will not interrelate with others with good sense will they? But they could, they can. They would if only we give them the tools. But first we must find them. Help them with perceptions, awareness, whatever is called for. Back to basics remember? That Sacred place within us each has no room for anything but perfection. It has no fear; it is nothing but Truth.

Our world became so fast, so furious, so desensitized by the overwhelming influx of issues, information (true or not), media, technologies, social pressures, you name it we have it, that we don’t remember how to relate with each other. How sad is that? But we can. We would. We ought to. If we can just find a place to begin. When we are together too much we tend to crave our me time. Our alone time where we can feel our Sacred being. But fuses are short.

We have the most beautiful mirror in front of us right now and it is such a gift I have no words for what I see I will do my best:

Nearly as quickly as we began to stay at home to avoid becoming sick or other’s catching from us, our earth began to take an amazing journey of its own. Miraculously it began to heal at a rate that to this moment continues to astound me. For instance ~ (just a few of the countless and amazing examples that I have so far witnessed) ~

  • We can see Himalayas in India for the first time in decades .
  • The earth is still why? Because we are.
  • Air pollution down 30% according to NASAA.
  • Enormous flocks of flamingos have returned to Dubai
  • Endangered Orcas experience a quiet Ocean for the first time in countless years.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to have the largest ever decrease
  • The earth is healing at miraculous speeds, a mirror to show us how much damage and neglect we have done and that it isn’t too late.
  • The water has cleared so much that in Venice that there are jellyfish swimming in the waters of the canals there.

Are we paying attention? Or are we so caught up in our own stuff that we are missing the bigger picture here? Our staying home is giving our earth the ability unobstructed to regain its glory and well being. Those creatures great and small who live upon it in unison with us are finding their ways. It is also true that others, affected by EMF and other signaling in our airwaves have lost their ways, migrating off their normal flight paths and into the unknown without even realizing it, birds are dropping from the air exhausted and starving. It is February here in Washington state and I am still seeing geese flying north. They should have gone south some time ago. Yet other differences are that we had completely different breeds of humming birds that we have ever seen while those 17 regular species of hummers are nowhere to be seen. But the beginning of clarity appears to be at a nexus point.

Evolution beyond measure.

And as the above changes and others are occurring, the rhythm of the earth that is measured in Schumann waves is bouncing up and down. It is trying to correct, to normalize. If it manages to do so, there will be no pole reversal. Imagine by our staying home and being still upon our planet, we are contributing to literally saving it. Just by staying home.

Home. What a beautiful sentiment and yet for many has lately become a modern hell. Many cannot seem to remember how to be together as domestic violence is up as are suicides. Such fear causing such lack of hope that some would rather give up than give in. Isn’t it all really the same? If we give in, we have given up. Please listen deeply to those around you whether those whom you love or those you barley know. Everyone is having feelings that are unfamiliar to them and lack the skills to move though them. Not everyone knows how to express themselves and that can lead to problems. Good open communications can lead to greater service than we even know how to identify. Give aid where you know how and where you don’t please get aid for them. Do not let a fellow human being let go because they don’t know how to hold one. That is not who we are. Nor have we ever been in truth.

Who we are is currently caught in an entanglement where the actions thoughts, words of each of us affect not only each other but all things. Not only our world but all worlds. The Masters have explained this brilliantly below. It costs nothing to be kind, to reach out to another. We need not be afraid of each other that we might be contagious to each other, if we are truly faithful and know that we are all the same then we must be and if we are then how can we hurt each other? Expand your heart. Touch everyone you can with your light. It is contagious.

We have allowed others to give us what we have come to believe is truth. If you don’t feel good about what is coming at you then stop listening. Turn off the news.

Lately I have seen more than not, third eyes that have become filmed over with an almost plastic feeling covering that completely shuts down the ability to fully intuit or to intuit at all. This appears to be a natural response to the untruths that are clashing in our world currently. The covering does not allow for the intuitive nature to be able to be accessible enough to ascertain what is true or how to get there. When the third eyes are impaired, the crown vortices (chakras but Chakras have structure!) are very tight, dense and unmoving because there are such arduous attempts being made to find and make sense of Truth that imbalance begins with the mental and cascades through the system. The third eye is just below the mental which energetically and in error blocks the crown vortex from working properly and so it becomes dense and tight. When the mental is entangled it over reaches as it searches for things to make sense and when it does, nothing seems true. When the crown is tight incoming regenerative energies from above can barely get through and into our bodies or can be nearly completely blocked. Then, the lack of energy coming in affects our third eye and then we have a domino effect of errors and right on down the center line where most of our power centers are located. When that occurs, people become sick. We don’t have to be!

In fact, there are a very new couple of phenomena coming in to our world that is both amazing and staggering. Some years ago when I wrote the series of books about the “Children of Now”. In that series I predicted that there would be a new wave of children coming into our world in about 8 or so years, Well, they have begun to arrive. I am beginning to meet them, and they are so new I don’t know enough about them to even communicate with you about them just yet.

I can say though, that as many of you know that in the past, we have defined the children much by how their energy fields appeared, the crystalline children for instance because their fields were at first all jewel toned and then over time became lighter and lighter. The indigos who preceded the Crystalline’s were called Indigos because their energy fields were indigo blue. Well now, a new phenomenon has arrived and I am calling them the Children of the Light. They have been coming to earth for two or three years now. Many, like those before them are nonverbal for a while. Their energy fields are pure white and feel almost effervescent, light, nebulous but somehow strong and sure. These children feel so holy in their presence, so light in their being, and such love on two little feet that they are astounding to behold. They are already talking with me and some of the earlier Children of Now who began all of this with me are helping too. Together, between the ne and those we already know, the children are coming to bring light as never before to this earth. It feels to me as if a massive meeting of souls has correlated to this time this now this place for a multitude of reasons to intervene with what is happening and to take a stand as they weave their Blessed energies throughout our world. Into our hearts, into our homes, our lives and those of everyone around them. We are that too we just stopped remembering. It is time to wake back up. It is not too late!

While some of the earlier crystalline children didn’t make it all the way into elder being, they went home and still work from there. Others however, remained and are doing miraculous things on our earth. Designing products that keep children and families safe, technologies that before were unthinkable, creating social programs ~ For instance a current article speaks of Student run grocery store takes good deeds as payment and this helps avoid food insecurities. Some find reasons and ways to get together for different possibilities that contribute to the whole of us, there is no stopping them. I read the other day about a young man who is 25 who is ferreting out exactly what the truth is from all sources and validating then correcting or disseminating it. There is so much out there that is not at all true. He began on his own then had 30 helpers and last I heard now there are 90 helping him. He is working very hard to bring forth the truth is outside of all the hype we have been inundated in. I am cheering him on.

And something even more new. Recently I have been approached by mothers who have sadly experienced miscarriages, They are coming to me for help, hope, counsel, whatever I can give them. When I follow the journey of the little souls that didn’t make it here what I am seeing are brand new souls who are so excited at the prospect of coming the earth that they jump the gun and leave a trail of their life force from their origin at Home all the way into the womb of the mothers. But in doing so, the children to be are not assimilating their energy well enough to make the trip and remain viable. Leaving trails of their energy, weakening their chances to survive in a world as dense as ours. In other words they are too light. These beings are so excited, so ready to come to our earth as beings who can not only experience the senses of touch, taste, in fact all of the five senses, they can also experience individualized love and emotions.

This exact same thing happened with the Lemurians too. They were beings comprised of light when they came to our earth. As the Lemurians remained for a time, they were becoming too dense to survive n Earth and had to leave. This was due to gravitational forces and other factors such as electromagnetic stability as well as the stability of the planet’s poles. When the energies in the Arctic and Antarctic become unstable, the magnetics through the planet as well as the Schuman resonance become variable. When they do, the variables affect the stability of barely there realities such as the Lemurians and the new sous coming to earth now.

Meaning, their sentience (how they perceive energetically not just with their 5 senses), their light, that they are true light beings, in all that the can come here and experience, there are also seeding the planet with vibrancy. The energies of Home. This kind of energy is contagious. All these little beings need do is to be in a place or around other people and their energies transfer, seeding the potential for greater awakening into everyone they encounter. This is fantastic! The Crystalline Children, The Star Kids and now the Children of Light are ringing forth change not only here but everywhere. Notice how many stories there are about children starting their own companies to do good things, who are inventing products that save lives and even how we live. I said years ago that when the Crystalline and Star kids (now called Millennials and other things) got together at about this age they would change the world. Well here goes everyone! Changes initiated. We have reached the Nexus point.

The fact that new souls are coming here at all is unfathomable since most souls regenerate and come back around incarnated. New souls often don’t survive in the earth world because they are so inexperienced. These new ones though, they are something else. They are just so excited that they are getting ahead of themselves so to say and so cannot settle in. As I encounter these little ones, I am assimilating their energies so that the next time they give it a go, hopefully they will be able to hold on and thrive into the new little beings who will begin to guide us as the crystalline and the star kids, the indigos and others did before them. This is the generation that our children have been working toward. It has begun. I am in awe at how these souls evolve into exactly what we need at exactly the perfect time.

Why am I bringing this up now? Simple, like all things are. If we were on a downward spiral, or these times were our ending we certainly wouldn’t have new souls coming to our place would we? No indeed! We are experiencing the nexus of humanity in its finest evolution. From mass to light. We came from Light. We are becoming light again. We are becoming.

OMG. O.M.G.!!!!! Our earth is reseeding! New souls, upgrades on existing ones ~ This is not an end, this is a NEW BEGINNING!!! A completion of what is not has been and can never be true and the introduction of what is, what can be and greater tomorrows. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL??? See you there!

I know that this has not been my usual messages to you. I need you to know that you have the power, the strength, the courage, the energy, the ability, the light, the love, the unconditionality, the perfection and the mighty being of Creation all within you and at your backs. There is nothing you can’t do, and nothing that we can’t do together. Let’s stop taking it and start putting out what is true.

To each of you, all that is love, all that is light, all that is possible and a yes from me! We are not sheep. Let’s not act like we are going to slaughter, and instead, help fertilize the pastures to their richest, greenest most fertile ground so that those who come after us have something wonderful. We can do this with our words, actions, deeds, in fact anything at all that we express. Remember that everything begins and is successfully created out of love. Let us guide the children who carry the future of humanity gently in their very being, and let them show us the way back to each other. Listen well, give what you have, ask for what you need and above all, know that there is Truth already within you that knows how to discern from within you rather than from around you.


And remember ~ Loss creates room for what fulfillment comes.

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Message from the Masters:

February 14th, 2021

February 2021

Hey all we have a new Master with us. He is absolutely brilliant! His vocabulary is a bit different than the others too. He loves explaining everything in detail too so he is quite verbose LOL. He is also unerringly to the point and truth is probably his middle name (if he were to have one LOL). My point being that this set of messages is quite likely going to sound different that you are used to hearing from the Masters. Please note that nothing he says is meant to be negative or fear inciting. He just tells it like it is. I never alter a single word that the Masters say, ever, so what you read here is exactly as given. My sense as we did this together was that he wanted to make sure to get everyone’s attention. To me, he is refreshing because he doesn’t pull any punches. He speaks only truth. Enjoy ~)

Anshallah! Anti, Asi, Asi, Asi!

Greetings! We come to you of the light, with the light and within the light.

There is much to speak with you about in this now. In your world changes are happening. All of creation is experiencing a very rare event. This type of event is so rare it has happened only two other times since the dawn of humanity. We wish to speak with you of this, as well as a reflexive secondary contributor to what is happening.

Generally, Creation exists as a perfect elegance. An infinite choreography that fluidly responds to every energy that is expended by everyone and everything. All things are aspects of the Greater One and so any time there is an experience or expression the energy of these things moves through the construct of all that is and results in a response that comes as a rearrangement of relationships of the tiniest of particles that are the basis of all reality. As the new arrangements take place so do new realities. It is a beautiful and never ending cycle.

Creation is a living thing, comprised of particles great and small all in the process of becoming, being, dissolving and beginning again. All of it is a living consciousness of which all of us are a part. As all things come to pass, balance is sought, realities change, each and every part of Creation remaining in motion and filled with the magnificence of light. A constant evolution of the One. With each change everything is relative. When something morphs into a new identity, a new reality, all of Creation responds by adjusting its nature to coincide with the changes. Cause and effect is basically how this is most easily stated. And the never ending evolution of the All remains that way until or unless something happens that changes its ability to operate in a smooth manner even perhaps causing interruptions in the process. Even more importantly, the possibility of stalling or misdirecting energies so that the responses result in error.

A natural evolution with no thinking mind relies upon the intelligence and stimuli of energy. It has no perceptions or opinions it just is. A living moving organism which contains everything that is, has been or is yet to come. All the information resides in the form of energy that maintains each and every reality there is. At least until new instructions pass that way dictating further changes. The information that is stored is part of the common consciousness as we call it. All energy is aware and its information is part of the cognizance of the common consciousness. There is no individuality to it at all ever. Some may refer to this as the Akashic records but it is far more than that. It is everything that comprises the living One.

Common consciousness is the totality of all realities and the interrelations contained within. When you as human beings, or any other living beings contribute to the common consciousness, reality can be affected in your world, in you and even in those whom you may encounter and everywhere that you go. Every breath, word, feeling, expression as motion or any other kind tells Creation that a new reality is required or that the current one has been accepted and to leave things the way they are. When this message occurs, the standing reality can literally cause an inflation, or an exacerbation of the energy of which it is made into a future version of the same. If this happens, the future version may be a more extreme version of the original expression.

When the common consciousness overflows with a mixture of messages, a plethora of those of a negative nature or even with messages that are bright and light, it becomes out of balance with the normal equalization of all that is light and all that is dark prevails. It isn’t only the messaging that causes intense reactions within the normal state of the One, but also what carries them as well. Think of it this way ~ Any expression is a pure energy form. On order for it to travel it needs a way to move. Regarding what comes from your world, emotions are the carrier. No matter what the messages they couldn’t go anywhere without emotions to carry them. In your current now, an unusual amount of angst is carried with in the hearts of many human beings. Truth is nearly impossible to ascertain and more than not people are not living in the way that they were before. Nearly everyone has found themselves in a situation that is foreign to them. Even families are having difficulty relating. There is a significant amount of fear, loneliness, mistrust, uncertainty, grief, anger blame, projected feelings, lack of certainty and countless other emotions and all of these carry messages that are nearly identical to the feelings. This is combined with any number of feelings, beliefs and perceptions real or illusionary can be so vehemently believed that the inflammatory state that is caused by this combination may over enhance reality into a far more powerful, exaggerated and even somewhat altered form of outcomes.

Confusion plus other similarly charged sentiments which by their very nature cause to bond the ensuing confusion into a mixture of vibrations that individually are innocuous, but as a whole that for now has become quite disharmonic, serve to instigate chaos and lack of cohesion within the All. This confusion causes clumping of a variety of aspects that constitute the whole. Instead of flowing smoothly, everything begins to bond together in what we call entanglements. Entanglements clog the perfect chorography of Creation’s processes and balance. They also help to create inflamed energies that cause outcomes unrecognizable because they were never in many being’s frames of reference. In other words, no previous life experience could have or would have contributed to any human being’s experiences to this degree until to the current times.

When an enormous number of unrelated events or expressions of energy occur, the beautiful infinite choreography of Creations’ dance becomes interrupted, and then immediately rearrange positions to create new realities. When too many messages come too fast and with such force as you are seeing in your world, the intensity of such force causes what we call an entanglement.

What exactly is entanglement? Imagine that every path of every thought, feeling, imagining loses its way and begins careening in a multitude of directions with no instructions about how to regain its direction. As the energies become more and more lost, they also pick up speed. So now we have speeding sentiments careening though Creation and as they do, they confound the entanglement even more. As they do everything intensifies and causes a continual looping of unsupported parts of reality that cannot find their way to complete the instructions they had received from the messaging system that is continually communicating.

To be more specific, an entanglement occurs when there are a myriad of conflicting thoughts, feelings, intentions, events, prayers, actions ~ well too many of everything occurring simultaneously and messaging Creation with varying intensities for the most part being quite forceful. In addition, used up or misdirected junk energies are also gathered within the entanglement. This causes a stuttering of energies as they attempt to continue within the construct and arrange as new realities. When an entanglement occurs, new arrangements are interrupted and therefore the new or sustained realities cannot fully form. As things have intermittently stalled energetically, they continue to build and build in size and intensity. As this series of cosmic events continue, everything becomes intertwined to the point of endless cosmic knots for lack of better words, an entanglement.

Eventually an entanglement gets to a place that all of its parts and pieces can no longer function, and its motion stalls. So now we have a mass that is all tangled up, confused, and no longer in motion. Stalled entanglements block the pathway to all other things. And everywhere there are entanglements there are escalations of intensifying energies forming more entanglements all the while causing angst within all that is perfection. An oxymoron of being.

Creation is accustomed to a fluid set of circumstances. An infinite choreography of motion constantly evolving based upon every teeny little circumstance of every kind. During an entanglement, the energies cannot communicate well or completely because the clarity of pathways within Creation is blocked or interrupted. As it attempts to normalize, the entanglement literally fights against itself and becomes more intense, stronger, and becomes living confusion.

Energy is intelligent. It knows what it is supposed to do, when, how, and if it isn’t specifically directed, it will sit and await instructions. It is pure truth can be nothing else except by perception. Even perception doesn’t change the reality, just how humans interpret what they believe to be truth. An entanglement is not originated from truth but instead of chaos. Once it has become so tightly intertwined it cannot hear or feel truth because its usual state no longer exists. Think or it this way. The pipeline has been choked to the point of suffocation. Nothing can move through it.

When energy is in a place of stasis such as the enormous amounts of inert energy hovering in the current state of entanglement and awaiting instructions. In this state your scientists refer to it as black matter. That which from all things come. They do not yet understand that energy has and takes many forms. All of that depends on the messaging as we mentioned.

Inert energy isn’t truly black at all. It is not of action or purpose. Instead, it is simply still, quietly awaiting information that is directed by every living and conscious thing that is, through the null zones, or as you might call them, empty spaces between the particulates of what is. When entanglements occur, the inert matter cannot feel or receive the entirety of any of the messaging, this lack exacerbates the confusion of the entanglement and causes it to become tighter, less flexible and more intense. Of course, much of Creation is in its common and current processes, but any time there is anything a segment of imperfection the entirety is affected. And when it is, anomalies occur.

Some of those changes are bringing forth energies that you are not accustomed to experiencing. These bring onward intense emotions and or mental energies that can actually make you uncomfortable physically. After all, you are part of all that is. Expressions of energy change too. As they do, the entirety is stimulated and more of the same generate. It is a continuing chain reaction that within a good day as we call it, fluidly functions with everything finding its order as it must, as dictated by universal law.

As it remains in a state of stasis, an entanglement collects more and more particles and that generates more inflamed energies, ideas, functions, and deep inside the core of the entanglement heat is generated. That heat speeds up the motion of other entanglements until there is impending implosion or explosion. One way or another the entanglement will become over stimulated to the point of destruction. Internal destruction begins a chain reaction that loops consistently waiting for a response as well as instructions from within the one that will cause it to repair itself. The problem is that when the same kinds of energy that caused the entanglement in the first place continue to be fed to creation, it cannot repair itself until that stimulus stops. The response will ultimately be an outward or inward expression that is pure enmeshed consciousness.

You might think of this as exactly how your Beginning occurred except the entanglement then was only comprised of darkness and light. In this now as has always been, the darkness and light are living things, consciousness borne of the experiences that the light gained in its travels. You can imagine that all things energy are careening outward from their source, collecting more and more fuel along the way. The collected energies irritate the outer areas of the entanglement and the inner layers begin to lose vitality due to the internal heat. The heat intensifies then causes internal explosions, dissolutions of the masses.

Balance is dependent upon the ability and willingness of all things to participate. In an entanglement this is an impossibility. At least for a period of time until the entanglement works its way back to normal flow patterns and the ability to manufacture reality based upon the instructions it has been given. When the instructions are unclear, more chaos occurs.

And with chaos come the issues we mentioned. In your world are more extreme issues and subjects in the forefront than has ever occurred in the history of human beings. A few examples might be community unrest, political unrest, racism, sexual abuse, violence, fear, depression, lack of focus, mistrust, dishonesty, frustration, irritation, lack, need, injustice, the call for justice, domestic violence, suicides, disease, changes in the human condition and the projection of so many what ifs it has become quite difficult to manifest with so much competition around and within you. For the most part it appears that everyone is looking to everyone else to solve the problems because it is nearly impossible to touch into clarity as individuals when everything around you communicates otherwise. Your worlds have become external and you have literally become part of the entanglement.

In addition, the entanglement has caused a literal slowing of the overall cosmic vibration and that has caused something akin to a shaking pattern in the unified field. A good analogy would be that it feels much like the fluttering heart of a frightened bird when you hold it in your hand. This unfamiliar motion and rhythm has caused the energies to intensify and become even hotter. Imagine hot magma flowing under the mantle of your earth. Similarly this is what is happening in Creation with no pressure valve to release it. Creation is a constant. It innately knows what it must do in all circumstances. The warming of the energies eventually becomes hot and causes masses of hot energies to drop out of the current flow leaving voids through which energy leaks. In doing so, large areas that are affected become an extremely wide open corridor that crosses numerous dimensions.

Within the massive void, energy moves fast, hot and constant. It is a rush, a powerful force that does not stop. The void now filled with these intense energies continues to grow and therefore reroutes Creati0ons’ natural instructions. Or wipes them out. Imagine how it feels when you open the door to your furnace or something that has a fire within it. When you do, a strong wind of heat blows in your face. Well visualize something like this, but instead of a quick “whoosh” the heat is uniform and continuous ~ and growing.

This opening is an extremely ancient passageway called the Seleyans (Say lay’ ‘uns) corridor. Only two other times has this opening occurred within Creation and each time since, the corridor has grown. The Seleyans corridor is monstrously huge in comparison to those we have brought to you before such as the Arcturian corridor, the Ceyelon Star Gate System and others such as well as other stargates, corridors and passageways throughout Creation. It is fierce, fast, destructive. The heat rips away particles great and small, burning them into oblivion. The particles become inert energy. Energy with no apparent identity or job to do. It has no awareness until instructions flow to it via the pathways within the construct of Creation,

Never during your lifetimes or the lifetimes of many before you has anything such as the current anomaly happened. That is what it is, an irregularity, a collective set of errors responding to their stimuli to become a collective anomaly. And it is massive in the scope of things.

The Seleyans corridor is like freight train moving across dimensions not far outside of your world. It is even careening through your own energy fields. This is causing you to feel an inner sense of chaos. As the heated energies move through your world and your being, your emotions are intensified and your minds may become over active. What this means to you on personal levels is an intensified refinement of the way that you receive energy and information in your now. In the current times, the rhythms of you are creation are at odds. You feel this. It is an exponential expansion and force of information that coming to and through you intergalactically throughout the multiverses and is now able to funnel through the opening that the Seleyans corridor to you.

Currently, the Seleyans Corridor has been forced open by certain celestial and interdimensional events even throughout the multiverses, with most having been instigated by the current entanglements. Comparatively, it is very similar in the way that stargates operate, only this corridor is not a pressure valve. It is an opening borne of shredded energies ripped apart by the intensities and confusion as well as the immense heat the is generated when energy is backed up. You might consider this a massive cosmic cleanse for lack of better words. All things having come forward at nearly the same time now face the pressure of Creation attempting to correct its balance due to internal errors.

As the intensity of the heated energies is forced through creation all that is dross, used up energies, junk energies and other useless types of energy and mass are wiped clean. During this process personal and collective experiences generally become even more intensified or confused in your world. Basically speaking, all of the forward issues will intensify before beginning to calm. You are currently living in this phase. You are witnessing it within you and around you.

Never would you have considered what you now witness within your world. The vibration is stuttering. Your personal fields respond to this kind of rhythm by becoming emotionally amplified and physically your systems become somewhat twisted as they attempt to respond in the way of the One, your entire fields are twisting toward the emanation of a double helix.

Why is this happening? Simply put, all energies great and small move in a spiral motion. When you, as sentient beings, intentionally or not, connect your own life force energies to that of the heart of the One, they begin the outward motion from your crown as a beam of light that begins to revolve. As it does, just like your DNA is formed. ultimately that energy form will become a double helix and directly connect your consciousness to the heart of Creation. Your source. The source of everything. On a good day, everything is working with grace and ease and you are not really aware of these connections coming and going.

If you were to deliberately direct your awareness out of your crown and into the infinite, it is light that comes from the very core of your being. That which is source resident within you. As your energies raise higher and higher what comes is a recognition of Creation and the source from which all things come. Your core energies as they revolve, draw in the energies of the infinite as one consciousness originated as a blend of all things and your individualized form, and there comes a moment in which the two connect as One. The Ascension point. Deliberate and willing indelible connection that allows you to mainline all that is and process it through your very being. This type of connection as a human being is the most sacred thing. That connection allows you to experience the all, the one, and your individualized nature all at once and the sense Is pure bliss enveloped in the Sacred.

In an entanglement this type of connection is nearly impossible for most. There are too many obstacles interrupting the perfect form of the double helix of the heart of the One combined with the most sacred center of you.

Once the entanglement settles down and things normalize, a harmonic alignment not only within your galaxy, but holographically inwardly and outwardly in such a way that that specific alignments will occur and instigate a new plane of balance across all of Creation. With these changes you as a being of light will also encounter a new harmonization of you. Your energies and how they inter-relate both within and around you. This experience will feel very much as if you have just had a very large software update and once it completes installing you will not only feel your centers again, you will also know without a doubt that you have been essentially required and with that, now have access to new and different levels of consciousness and the ability to reach much greater levels of information as you need it.

Why is your personal connection important in the scheme of all this? Your connection with all that is, what is Divine is always there. It cannot be ever completely separated, simply occluded. This is because each of you are truly aspects of the greater One. You are not and can never be separate. Except of course by perception. Perception is everything when living in human form. Every choice you make, every breath you take, every expression you share is all based upon your perceptions and how you interpret them.

When an entanglement is in occurrence, what you would normally send and receive in your most divine connection cannot get in or out in its normal fashion. So you feel perhaps lost, misdirected, intense, even perhaps disturbed inside as nothing feels as if it makes sense. You may feel a sense of need. Or temporarily have symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, a sense of isolation. You may not feel as if food works for you or you may be craving foods that you rarely eat or ate when you were a child. The reason for this is that the foods when you were a child were most likely free of chemicals and not genetically modified.

Further, every living being in Creation feels these processes happening and are affected by it. In turn, the built-up heat and irritation within the entanglements cause everyone and everything to become irritated in some way. This may be in the form of strong emotions, thoughts that one might not normally have, a sense of paralysis, lacking the ability to motivate, a sense of feeling lost. In addition, all worlds and levels of reality and everything within and around them becomes more and more stimulated, irritated. As the irritation occurs it causes the expression of issues just like you are seeing now.

There is discomfort. Discomfort not only emotionally but also physically. Perhaps your muscles hurt, or your digestion is off. You may be witnessing energy waves moving through your immediate vicinity. They look like very large arcs of pale color. Discomfort creates need. Need to understand what is being felt, frustration due to the lack of finding the way to clarity. And Need to affect change. But how to do that when your lines of communication are all jumbled up?

Things in your world become stirred up and eventually issues of immense social importance become front and center, combating each other for validity and resolution. At the same time, Truth becomes diluted to the point where it is undiscernible. When human beings cannot find ways to discern, they begin to depend upon their logical minds, their egos, and their external world to fill in the gaps of comprehension.

Since so much has become of a state of confusion, the consciousness within you struggles to maintain balance but sometimes it just can’t. It cannot because it is not gaining clear messages. Creation is made up of an intricate messaging system in which all information travels between the particulates that comprise every reality and all things in between. As the information flows in the in-betweens, the messages that are carried as instructions to creation to create new or different realities in response.

Interpreting what is Truth in relation to what is not Truth is nearly impossible. Or perhaps you become willing to believe whatever comes to you because you are ungrounded. Or you create logic in your thinking when perhaps there is none to be found. Your brains seek to understand everything all of the time. And when they cannot, they embellish the thoughts in such a way that they take on new and different realities. Perhaps it seems to feel right, but then does anything that feels right but has no sense to it feel like truth? Of course not. And the longer untruths reside, the more and more lack of Truth reaches any of you. And all else. For this reason, we suggest that you instead use your bodies to interpret for you. Your bodies are so aware that they will react before you can even have a thought. Scientifically this is proven. Your body can and does react before your brain can have a thought. So what you feel in your body is generally truth. As soon as your brains engage, they begin to interpret what they believe to be true. But the truth is no longer pure, it is instead diluted or changed by interpretation. And when it is, pure Truth is no longer present.

To contribute to the disentanglements, it is extremely important to diligently be aware of your thoughts, emotions and physicality. You can help as a pressure relief valve. Are you calm or tense? Are you breathing or holding your air in. Do you feel cognizant of all that is you or are you being distracted by things in your external world? Are you reactive or responsive? Can you feel yourselves or are you so tense that information is literally bouncing off of you? Trust in the immediacy what you feel. If you are in a reactive state, your bodies will become tense, perhaps you will hold your breath. You might feel uncomfortable or over stimulated. Headaches, lack of sleep or motivation, lack of caring or even cleanliness. In general lack. Lack of something, everything but still, lack.

If you are in a responsive state, you are sharing an intentional co-creative partnership with Creation as it exists and in all that is infinite. You feel deeply, you sense clearly, in a state of ease, you learn how consider before becoming reactive, and you know above all things that what is within your heart is true.

Being either has its challenges. Reactive or responsive. But our point is that even those are up to you. You are not at all powerless. You have been invited to one of the greatest all-encompassing re-attunement of Creation as you know it and even what you don’t. And this can feel quite uncomfortable. If so, first, celebrate that you feel and secondly, if the feeling is not one of comfort, then relax as fully as you can so that the pathways within you can carry Creation’s messages throughout your being or send them as a response to Creation’s messaging.

You might think of this as a painful but majestic cosmic upgrade. As all things are affected all things will not only move accordingly, they are evolving more quickly than we can give the words to you to describe the process.

In such a way that this occurs, it is literally vastly opening, new worlds to your awareness. When there are intensities there is the possibility of heightened awareness. This entire situation strips you of what is not true and creates availability for what is. Remaining present assists you to be more cognizant as the Truth flows back through you and reignites your deeper awareness. When it does, your capacity for Truth becomes much more able.

Perhaps some of you will remember your roots now. Or know things, see things, even hear things that you had never noticed or known. Or remembered. Others of you may feel unsettled, as if you have no direction or the ability to find your way out of the fog of misdirection and misinformation. You may find or desire to remember who you have been throughout the journey of you as a soul, what you have done; or perhaps where you have traveled though galactic lifetimes before arriving on your earth. Many have begun to migrate to new and different types of living areas upon your earth as they have felt the push of intensity that is caused when living amongst large groups of other human beings.

Feeling some of those energies perhaps will bring recollections to you in ways of memories or perhaps sensory or emotional reactions That is unless you close yourselves off, creating even more tension within you, resisting the entire way. Pain and fear of all kinds as well as slowing within any journey is created by resistance. Does this mean that you do not have the right or ability to resist just as you do to accept? Not at all. As carriers of free will you can do anything. In order to do so first there must be awareness that the possibilities even exist. You are getting a firsthand sense of the intensity that occurs when there is lack of balance within all things. And as feeling sentient beings, you are highly contributive to the imbalance. Resistance, tension, fear, confusion, lack of feeling connected or what truth is, amongst other things further ties you in knots that seem insurmountable.

To find your ways back it comes to pulling yourselves back to center. Reel yourselves back in so that your energies cannot become part of a huge mass of confusion and so that you can feel yourselves again. It is difficult to feel the truth within when everything outside of you is saying something else.

“How do I break through my barriers and all others to receive the energy that I need to clarify, to sanctify myself within the balance of all things? To contribute to the restructuring of chaos into magnificence?” you may ask. First of all, it is to change your perception of self. You have created a vision or expectations or emotions of imagined future reality that you must break through. If you do not you may remain imprisoned by the structure of beliefs that you created. Instead, it would be to change your perception to one of freedom and joy, trust and faith, truth and being unlimited creatures who arrived from all that is as individualized souls remaining connected indelibly to your origins in order to have the feelings of emotions, to be touched, to feel, witness and experience. All of the things that you can do with your biological bodies in tandem with your unlimited consciousness can become unrestricted the more aware that you become. This, rather than times of confinement. Do you see?

It is that easy. When you give yourself permission to be free and change your perception from confinement and resistance to freedom and unlimited possibilities, that is when you become free. It is a matter of trust and faith since both are derived of truth. It is a matter of giving yourself permission to feel safe in the experience that you are requesting. The reason that you may feel confined is because perhaps you do not feel safe. Safety has many faces, is that not so? And each is a perception attached to a mind that works in conjunction with its ego partner in order to scramble what is truth on its way to what can be.

And perhaps you do not feel safe because there are so many unknowns and therefore it is out of your comfort zones. And therefore, if there is an unknown and it is out of your comfort zone, and you may feel that you cannot control it, then by perception it must be something to be afraid of. Do you see how we have come full circle with this? Be not afraid for it is within you to contribute to the greatest changes human beings have ever made. We know this to be true. We, too, work with you as do others. Countless others. You are loved, supported held, loved beyond measure for it is so that you and we are One as are all things.

And therefore, the process of unwinding your own internal entanglements. Confusion of emotions, thoughts, sensations, all of your senses confused with each other’s inputs, one may initially become distraught, feel powerless, down, lost, misdirected in fact perhaps feeling no direction. Yet rise above all of the details to witness the entirety of what is happening. When you can do this immediate clarity occurs. You are no longer lost. You have found yourself beyond all of the little things that had derailed your senses. Creation is in the process of doing the same thing.

We wish for you to know that this is not a permanent situation and in fact was a necessary one in order to get the attention of the masses in order to shake them out of their comfortable discomfort and into something that works.

For so long, your race (human beings of all colors and kinds) has been on a destructive path. Ignorant to the effect that you may have on the people and places around you. Your planet scalded by misuse has begun to rapidly change its ways. It is fighting back as it must so that it, too as all things in nature, can survive Everything living, which means everything literally, has an inherent need for survival. Simply out, in order for survival to occur, rearrangements of the most basic order must occur.

For many years, decades in fact, countless of you have worked and lived in the name of Light. It is because of you, your efforts, that the times you witness now were delayed and the common consciousness gained enough of all things positive that the changes that were necessary could occur. You might think of this as a massive universal effort on behalf of you, your habitat and all things otherwise since all things interrelate.

Simply put, in order to affect change often there must be chaos. Chaos is an interesting phenomenon as it may cause great angst and other powerful emotions and happenings, but it can also be the solution to them all. No matter what, the result of chaos is always magnificence. Funny how something so necessary can feel so difficult and yet in the end be the most perfect solution to everything. Mirrors. Everything is a mirror to or of something. What mirror are you looking into in this now? Can you clearly see what we speak ok or is the cloud between you and truth too dense in this now? If so, this will soon change.

In your world, there are many versions of Truth. When change is on the near horizon this often occurs. It is because dark and light are in a battle to outweigh each other when in fact they are in a race for balance. Each holding Sacred space in All that Is. Echoes of what has been ringing amongst both sides urging balance to come.

When such need for balance occurs, and the desperate events to realign all things begins, there is always a time of unrest. The key here is to know that the unrest is not borne of human factor, but of the densities between how humanity has evolved from its inception to this now and everything in between.

That which is Light. That which could be nothing but Light as Truth reinvents itself over and over again. There have been many beginnings. There have been others before you on your world and beyond. There are still. Everyone, everything as we have spoken before is relative. What one does, another then another then another receives, transmitting the messages outward to the next and the next. An entanglement of truths bound to be disentangled until everything makes sense.

In this now you might say that all of Creation is in a state of entanglement. Generally speaking, Creation is extremely organized. All functions and methods are predictable. Usually as consciousness grows when beings make the effort for expanded positive consciousness, messaging throughout Creation is uninterrupted and moves fluidly, with ease and grace. In this now however, the mix of sentiments is so vast, complex, and charged with emotion, instead of that fluid grace and ease, entanglement has occurred. When Creation experiences an entanglement it occurs on both interior and external places.

Focus and intent can affect immense change because they exist. Pure and simple. And because they exist and because there is intention behind the force of intelligent energy nothing can stop or impede such forces once they have been unleashed. This is an automatic spontaneous series of events that could not by any means be made less effective by human thoughts or emotions. They can however be made far more powerful by same. What is Truth can gain momentum simply because we desire it to be so,

Many choose to believe that small groups of people are running your entire world. That they are in control of all things and have their hands in the tills of all world monies. Can you not see there is no value in having it all when there is nothing to compare the all to? If anyone or any group were to plan to take down the normal human functioning and banality, while it is true human beings would be easy marks because they are of the younger races, less experienced in the ways of Creation and at times ignorant to the inner workings of themselves in conjunction with Creation. In the end there would be nothing to gain since any one or multiple beings as a group having all of anything immediately removes all value from it. If no one else has because others hold all there is no manner of comparison and therefore no value at all.

The same goes for those who believe that their power, what they do, what they believe they can do and even any agenda toward that cause will ultimately fail for all of the same reasons. When there is nothing to compare there is nothing to have or hold. Do not blindly follow. Instead, blaze pathways that you know are true. If at any time at any turn you do not feel your path is true, change your direction and therefore the perception toward truth.

We have concerns that many Light workers as you call yourselves, may have fallen into the traps of believing and sharing what is detrimental to you as a whole. It is easy to see why. The truth in your world is changing each and every moment and much of the time carrying misinformation. Some of those who seem to be valued less upon your planet are the oldest, wisest, most primitive and intricately and completely evolved of your race. It is difficult to imagine that those who live with so little are worth so much but then life is not measured by having and holding it is measured by one’s contribution to its entirety. That means all beings great or small, two legs, four legs, winged or otherwise, honor to all species brings back Truth far more quickly than any public occurrence, or any plans covert or otherwise.

Those who propagate intentionally oppositional information equally contribute to the spreading of untruths as others are of destroying it. None and none. No one wins when everyone loses. And in the current set up no one wins. Being combative, fearful or angry only serves to expand the energies that are currently attempting to rebalance. Misinformation and resistance contribute energies that cause difficulties toward every outcome that could have ever been had emotions and peace to have been maintained.

There is a different kind of anger that serves most effectively within the One. We call this righteous indignance. This is not truly anger but something even greater. It is the power of the One, brought forth of the heart, expanded though the body to the point that one’s shoulders raise and the power of the One becomes embodied. From this place, no matter how negative, uncertain or even evil anything is, to face it with righteous indignance is to be monstrously effective to whatever the foe. It is using your might to return all things to right. It is this posturing that Arch Angel Michael and his armies used to cast evil from the heavens. To slay demons, and to raise the Divine might to any army of hatred. Each and every one of you has the ability to use the might of the One to slay even the strongest of untruths. Do not be afraid to draw in the heavens and unleash their grace to bring peace back to your earth. There is nothing more effective. With this posturing you can act as a powerful and mighty integral part of the One. Using as some might say, the hands of God, the Creator, your source, whatever you choose to call it it is all the same. One.

From the point of perception of simple humanity this can seem like what many call the end times. Many books have been written of this, yet none speak the entire or unadulterated truth. This is not an end. It is a sequence of clarifying what is not true within creation just as healing your bodies and energy fields (as well as other parts that you do not see or are aware of). These kinds of thoughts are fear driven, created to give a sense of lacking safety, basic human needs, health, wealth wisdom and strength. Yet they all survive. They propagate based upon untruths. It is only perception that changes anything and everything. So what you are currently witnessing is the coming of souls. New Masters, new souls who bring all that is light to your world. They bring healing simply by existing, and there will be more.

Never can there be an end for all that is Light, all that is life seeks to maintain its perfection. Sometimes perfection can feel painful but we assure you that if you can and do rise above the angst and the fear with the righteous you can raise to oppose what lacks truth and what seeks to be something less that Divine, you can cleanse your world of the challenges you currently face.

Rise up and reveal your grace. It is within you and of you It is what you are created of, fueled by love and cast upon the resistance, your light is undeniable.

For countless time we and others have brought you Truth and Wisdom and Hope and showed you the way to Faith. And you have beautifully spread those messages with others in your everyday being. We are concerned though that perhaps many of you have come to believe that you are no longer powerful. This is, as we spoke earlier, due to your seeking truth outside of yourselves. Nothing has changed. Your light still shines. There is and must be balance in all things. It is always easier to act from faith than from fear!

Do you know, are you aware, that each of you are comprised of unique harmonics unlike any others in all of Creation, and that your harmonics are both related and recognizable to others from the areas of Creation from which you were all originated and created? The harmonics of you are encoded within your DNA. Some are lit up, working as required in the current now while others await their call for another time and have different jobs to do.

It is in this manner that all beings remain linked to each other. As the entanglement occurs all of you are wrapped energetically together into knots of survivable intelligence. You became an entanglement of frequencies of Light. As you resist that entanglement then so you gather more and more Light into your neatly wrapped beingness. Sometimes you may subconsciously hide your light due to uncertainty caused by your perceptions. Look again. Look past what you believe to be true and to what you know is Truth. The difference is vast. When you do, you begin to remember so that others are seeded by your very presence. In this state you are contagious. In every state you are contagious. What do you wish to share with your fellow human beings and all others in Creation because you touch them as well?

How sad when you are in a reflexive or resistant state that you may someday realize that you contribute obscurity to the whole when you perceive from the basis of untruths. And the fact that you, in your light are contributing to the repair of the One? Perhaps when considered further it is because you are not aware that you even have that power or the resources to do so. You have them. Everything that you could ever need. The divisive parts are your emotions and egos. Each working together toward what they believe to be a single goal. Everyone for themselves! With the forgotten awareness that the rest of you even exist, who they are to lead. How sad. How true. How?

It is easy to become complacent while living everyday human life. Everything seems the same, consistent, no reasons for alarm even though they lurk just below the surface they are there waiting for you to have one small lapse in Faith.

Instead, rise up, spread your arms, and open your hearts with no fear! Breathe to the very depths of your being, bringing forth cleansing of your messaging pathways. Embrace what is new and release what no longer suits or serves you in any way. Let go, radiate the truth that is inherent within you. Shield yourselves from purported truths that are far from that. Let the light shine from within your very core, carrying the messages of love, truth and righteousness as it is found in peace and rises up to meet any and all combatant untruths with the message of nonacceptance and a request for more that is true. You are the power, the infinite, all that is perfect, of grace and ease. You are the harbingers of the future of humanity, your world, in fact of all worlds. What is the message that you choose to deliver? Do you choose to know and accept the perfection that is you? Do you choose to message into all things what you remember of you and the truths you have carried since your inception? Or will you decide that the illusion is your true road? You have free will.

The illusions that are being heaped upon you are wrought of those with great need for recognition and to sanitize your world of all that is beautiful and into all that cannot discern itself from the truth of what is or could be and imagined truths. It is now and forever your choice. The path you walk. Will the necessities you carry be of all that is love or an imagined need to be something you are not? That you cannot be because it can never be true? You are who and what you are and have always been. It is only in your humanity that the light becomes seemingly distant. It cannot be. You are that.

Generally speaking what comes is nearly always up to you as a whole, intermingled light becoming what is and never depending upon what has been because what was is done. In the coming times we call upon you to maintain your inner balance so that you can discern truths from what are not. Discern what comes. Always. If it feels immediately true, then so be it. If it feels uncertain then most likely it is.

Truth has no intensity unless it is passion or a belief. Remember as we have said before. What you believe you have learned, what you know is truth. If there are questions or what comes feels foreign in some way. Dissect it with your heart not your mind. Ask it to speak its true nature and as it opens for you, you will know its intention and meaning. Require that all things that you embrace and become are of the light, with the light, and within the light. If they are not, command that they be gone! Each time you accept light and banish what is untrue or of darkness, you will become brighter, more powerful and sure. And we are here, shining with you.

Message From the Masters Part 2 ~ The Coming Times (From Dr. Meg please note some of these prophesies may be farther away than this year. Often they will include happenings in the near future which might be months or years. LOL I had a heck of a time getting this done because much of what they said happened nearly immediately and so I had to keep making changes. No need to tell you what you already know! But seriously, I send all that is love, all that is light and good with prayers to the families of those who were involved in that torrential mudslide in India and the 7.1 earthquake off the coast of Japan not far from Fukushima. We had written of both and I never expected that they would happen a day later than it was written so am including these in particular because I know that people are suffering and need our light, thanks!)

We wish to speak with you of the coming times as we do each annum.

In the coming times, there will be peace. The time that it prevails upon your world is truly up to each of you and what you contribute to the common consciousness, the One.

There will be an escalation prior to Peace, however. The situation is twofold. First, there is a disease being hosted in many, many biological bodies upon your earth. This disease is morphing, multiplying, mutating. It is intelligent, it is quite real, and its symptoms are vastly changing depending upon who hosts it within their bodies. It is relevant to age, ethnicity, genetic coding, and many other factors. It is very real contrary to what some may believe. It is vital and able. Its source (animals) is at this point, irrelevant. Instead, you must focus on its demise.

You can consider this virus to be a parasite as most infections are, thriving in its hosts and causing their health decline. It is highly contagious in all of its various forms and in the same way that the DNA of all living things learns and expresses what it has learned through its host. The new expression may appear in any number of ways. But it does appear. It can be mild or disastrous. It can be slow onset or severely quick and often fatal. It can be severity affecting a person at any given time. It can appear suddenly or may slowly incubate. Do not believe the information that is given. Instead remain present, seek the facts and how you can maintain your safety during the course of this virus.

Your world was not prepared for this and so there is a plethora of misinformation that has run amuck. Most are doing their best as they believe it to be, but in this case their best isn’t enough. And neither is infighting about exposure levels, vaccines, who gets them, social changes and even challenges at home. There was no way prepared to maintain an accurate accounting for something like this upon your earth and so the numbers that you have seen of those affected on whatever level move through the illness in a myriad of ways, so it is very, very difficult for the public at large to truly get honest counts. This situation is improving and time will contribute to more accuracy.

Most viruses will eventually burn themselves out once the mutation reaches a state of lacking new or different capabilities. This one is not like that. It is virulent. Because of the way this one mutates and spins off new strains, the vaccines that have been made so far will not be completely successful as a prevention, and therefore new variants will occur. Or shall we say continue to occur? Vaccines are excellent in theory however they must be pure in order to not be harmful.

The current vaccines have not been fully tested or time-tested meaning that heroic efforts have been made to create and get the different vaccines into the marketplace for people. But the testing has not been completed for longer term effects, and we are concerned for each of you that what is in the vaccines in the form of carriers (the liquid and other chemicals that carry the vaccine through the human body) as well as others ingredients are not helpful or healthful. They can be dangerous in certain or specific biological make up. Side effects such as illness, psychosis, further illnesses and even death are occurring as are other more minor symptoms. This situation is being mentioned but quickly brushed aside to other topics. What we wish convey to you is please do not be in such a hurry to receive the vaccine no matter what the brand unless and until you have done your due diligence about its ingredients.

If you choose to seek out more full information, you will want to look for ingredients such as metals like aluminum or other conductive ingredients as well as chemicals that are poisonous to the human body as well as other species. You will want to check on exactly what is being out into your body other than the literal vaccine. The vaccine boxes or cartons should have batch numbers on them and you have the right to ask what the batch number is and for a number to call to check if the ingredients are safe.(From Meg ~ In the US, the CDC lists 1 (800) 232-4636 (1 800-CDC-INFO)) as their call number and says to ask for information on immunization. They should have everything that you need. If they day they don’t ask them who does. Vaccines can be a very successful preventative as has been proven in your history but in the beginning the ingredients were simple and effective. That is no longer the case. We do not mean do not do this we simply mean be diligent before you do. Choose carefully what you allow into your bodies.

We have witnessed numerous human beings react to other, different vaccines which caused an array of adverse reactions, psychiatric problems, even death. In fact, we have escorted some of them home. There have been many. What we are saying is to give the vaccines time to be more thoroughly tested. Vaccines can be a very good thing but in order to be so they must be pure and not filled with other things that are harmful. In the coming time, in your current year, October is what is given in this now, and depending upon numerous factors, a true vaccine appears to be created. To be safe and effective this will require as few inert ingredients as possible. And that includes metals and chemicals of all kinds.

The most effective and safe vaccine will be created once the irregular functioning and damages are fully discovered and donors who carry extremely high resistance to the virus donate blood samples so that the vaccine can be synthesized. This will depend upon identifying the protein, its abnormal behaviors and its processes. There is a singular compounded and segmented protein that is being compacted in the human body and also in that of certain animal species. It operates by jamming cell receptors so that the “normal” proteins cannot enter into the cells to maintain their health. As the cell receptors become blocked, the body loses more and more resistance to the virus. Toxins and inflammation build up in the body and the host (person) can become critically ill. In order to create a perfect vaccine it is to do so by creating a product that targets these particular protein chains.

To find a starting place to create the new vaccine, it will be necessary to back track the mutations in order to see the relevance of which we speak. We strongly suggest that pork meat is tested along with monkeys and bats. This disease crosses species barriers (From Meg meaning many kinds of biological animals in addition to humans).

In the meantime, once the overage of sick people is managed, and the new more effective vaccine is created and administered it is quite likely that this disease will not burn out, but instead will be a regular event much like the flu. The flu has many types and faces as will this moving forward. A continuing evolution much like your versions of strains of flu. You have witnessed the nexus of new disease in your world. There will be more and different kinds as glacial ice melts and breaks, as permafrost in certain areas melts exposing bacteria, viral problems as well as yet unknown diseases in your world will come forth. It is an excellent idea for the scientists begin to consider what types of vaccinations may be needed under those types of circumstances. Also potentially being released are molds, fungi, and other types of growth that had been buried for millennia.

It is historically documented that when the earth senses it is imbalanced or in jeopardy of any kind, it will potentially cause a number of issues to end over population, starvation and other stressors to the human being and the earth upon which you live. Pandemics, war, famine, natural disasters and even civil unrest are some of the ways that the earth will take care if itself.

You must see that you as a race (Everyone! All of you) are standing at the precipice of choice and decision making. As our vehicle mentioned earlier, when you began to stay home your planet began to heal very quickly. In doing so, it showed a great reflection to you of what damage you as a whole have done and how quickly things can change with awareness and participation on your parts. Look deeply into the mirror before you. What choices can you make to contribute to the change that is available to all of you? If each of you would make one small change, the balance on in and around you will shift to having healed and provide for you as you chose to do so for your planet. If you choose differently the results are quite clear.

As for your world weather, there are vital changes occurring. With the glacial melting, sea waters are rising much more rapidly than scientists had predicted. Migration patterns of the animals, birds and others in your food chain are losing their ways. Suddenly the words Global Warming! Are being used as catch phrases for what you are witnessing, but it is far more than that. Fires, floods, other surface issues as well as those underground. Dear Ones, Dear, Dear Beings of Earth and beyond, what choices can you make that change the footprints of how you walk upon your planet? To replace the resources that you use and to dispose of your refuse permanently? The technology exists to manage great amounts of refuse quickly and efficiently. It is not being used due to its expense. Saving a bit in the current time will cost far more in time.

The freedom of choice exists to stop taking out mature trees or over clearing lands so that the eco system can work efficiently. Rounding up or filtering the EMF pollution and not letting it free flow into your surrounding world will assist the migrations to get back on track even to the smallest of insects who have become disoriented. Human beings are having difficulties with their energy fields in your world and other dimensions as well. You are not only what you see. You are complex beings created of light, woven into the reality of you.

When other energies that are foreign to Creation enter into the beauty of your perfect manifestations it wreaks havoc on the rhythms and patterns of your own systems and this can make you sick physically, emotionally, mentally and in ways that you do not see or have awareness of. All things in Creation are comprised of energy. All things. Some are magnificently harmonic, symbiotic, moving together in the infinite dance of reality. Others are completely out of rhythm, destructive to your make up shredding your fields with erroneous flow patterns and tight rhythms. Your fields are not accustomed to anything but perfection so that resist these interferences. This on levels of reality that you may yet to be aware of consciously but it is happening. How many times does one of you find that you have a disease that is often thought to be hereditary yet no one in your lineage has ever had it? This is because the rhythms and patterns are erratic as they move through the body. As we spoke earlier, Your DNA learns. What it is learning currently are errors in your systems. There is technology that can reduce EMF pollution in your homes and will reduce the number of cancers case and other health problems not to mention how efficiently your minds work and your endocrine system is affected as well. This causes errors in timing of your body cycles and when a body is out of rhythm as a whole, any number of issues may come forward.

The jet stream patterns in the US will continue to swing down and across the country to the southern and Midwest United States carrying enormous amounts of precipitation as well as high winds and below zero temperatures. Extreme weather appears to be as follows:

Intense winter storms with white out blizzard conditions in the UK particularly in England and Scotland. The storms will also affect other European countries such as Spain and France. Factors determining which other counties are affected will depend upon the activity of your sun.

Later in the year intense heat in the southeastern and southwestern US, India, Australia and other areas along similar longitudinal lines will be extremely hot.

Also regarding India, we witness the possibility of a great storm causing severe flooding mid to late summer. The storm will stall, continuing to whip up water for a number of hours. The areas affected will most likely be the central to south eastern coast lines. This will cause not only coastal flooding but also inland flooding farther than expected. There is a major travel route along this same area and it will be interfered for a time with debris and other items blown by high winds that will obscure the road for many miles.

The hurricane season in the coming months appears to be a succession of multiple storms, then periods of none for weeks at a time then one mid-season that appears to cross the Gulf of Mexico with the potential of landing within the area between Louisiana and Texas. This storm, depending upon certain factors, may reach a category 5 and leave severe damages in its wake. In particular to the island nations.

The two later in the season, we will describe separately. The first one will enter the Gulf of Mexico after crossing the Bahamas then deflecting off of the coast of Cuba charging toward the Florida panhandle. As of this now it appears that this storm has the potential of becoming a class 4 storm. The third is somewhat less defined and appears to be dependent upon certain electromagnetic and or earthquake activities occurring in the vicinity of Puerto Rico.

Typhoons of great strength and power will land forcefully upon the Philippines, causing great flooding and washing of the coastline and approximately mid coast of Japan. The latter may be accompanied by an earthquake that rocks Tokyo.

Off the coast of mid California there is a sea floor event setting up. A spiral of heated water coming from a releasing vent in the ocean floor may result in an underwater eruption creating a volcano there. It may also result in heated ocean waters and hot waves coming to shore.

Earthquake activity will be more intense and often than usual in the current and coming year. There will be a significant tremor shaking from the ocean floor of the Atlantic. This fault line is partially undiscovered and will cause a major shaking event within the next three years. This area and any movement by it, has the potential to alter the balance of the earth upon its poles by up to 7%. Why such a large change? First of all, the quake has the possibility to be extremely powerful in nature. This will occur by what we call compression, or rebound quakes as well as what we call rebound disturbances in the form of responsive quakes. These events are not necessarily on the fault lines but in places in between those fault lines will shake or move in response to larger ones.

In the pacific rim of the ring of fire there will be a large earthquake event to the west of Samoa and Fiji. In addition, an underwater volcano may result as a residual effect from this quake much like what we described in the Atlantic. You will find that these larger quakes are coming up from the deep underwater rifts that reach far deep toward the earth’s core. If a large enough event occurs it can cause further fractures in the ocean floors and therefore change the balance of the earth on its poles.

There is an extremely massive dam in China that holds back water from one of your world’s largest lakes. When built, this body of water caused the earth to slide off its pole 7%. This kind of movement can be catastrophic; worse, the immensity of the pressure behind the dam will cause the same to break. We witness currently, a small spidering of cracks at the bottom left side of the structure as one would face the lake from the opposite side of the dam. In this now it might be considered a small imperfection but over time pressure against the structure will cause this to become enlarged until it reaches a point in conjunction with a massive earthquake that it will burst. When it does countless will be lost. We tell you this now not to make you afraid but with the intention of those in charge of the dam’s maintenance to check the area we speak of and repair the cracks to avoid what we have described as a future event. In fact, all things we offer to you as potent possibilities for the near future are simply to bring awareness so that preparations can be made or things affecting each situation can be changed if possible. Sometimes there is no solution.

In Siberia, extreme far below zero negative temperatures, high winds with wind chills of negative temperatures extreme nature more so than usual. It appears that the permafrost in the northern areas of Siberia may be melting from underneath while the southern side remains as normal.

In remote Siberia, Russia in an area near the Tunguska river, a monstrous event occurred in 1908. An implosion above the earth create a blast that flattened trees for over 800 square miles. Within a few miles of this site, a discovery will be made regarding the event that is revealing beyond belief. A metallic artifact will be found that has raised symbols on its outer casing. This find will lead to an underground chamber a short distance away and at least one other artifact from another world and time will be found.

This discovery will lead to world speculation regarding visitors to the Earth who originated off planet. In addition, artifacts will be found that are comprised of an unknown metal not of your earth. This metal consistently radiates a high frequency signal from within its interior. The signal will be in the form of an extremely high vibration not within the range of hearing by human ears. There will be other pieces of similar artifacts found in the same area. These samples will not be made of typical earthly compounds or minerals but will contain specifics of at least two unknown basic elements that are not from earth.

If one were to consider the entirety of the picture of the event in 1908 one would find a combination of anomalies that lead to the event. Dropping barometric pressure combined with anomalous and unstable electromagnetic expressions from the earth and headwinds of a mighty force causes an off-earth anomaly where an incoming object to the earth was caused to implode. Trees were flatted for miles and yet not a sign of a comet, meteor or any other whole object as well as parts of same were never found. This is because the implosion departiculated above the earth atomizing all of its particles.

In northern Peru verifiable evidence of extraterrestrial visitation will be found. A certain female mummy of a different nature will be discovered buried high up, higher than most. This being when alive was revered as an Enlightened One and will hold the keys to breaking open the truth of visitation by those of extraterrestrial realms. In a rare opportunity for humanity, DNA evidence will be found in a fragment of one of her upper arm bones that still contains bone marrow that will be viable enough for testing. The results will be proof positive of an alien race. Also, within the wrappings around the body, small artifacts reference the origin of this being and the route that she and others of her kind took to arrive in northern Peru from their home planet.

In the same area, hybrid remains will also be found a bit later. This mummy will be taller but still share many of the characteristics of the apparently pure extraterrestrial ones. This second set of remains originate from the same visitor race in combination with early human DNA. She will be surrounded by three small mummies of babies one of whom she was their mother. The other two had different mothers and none of the three hybrids were able to survive their biological construct as it related to earth. Later children managed to adapt and live and breed among humans. The second female mummy contains the genetic evidence of interbreeding between the race noted above and human beings to cause hybrid children, refining their off terra race so that they could live upon the earth over 200,000 years ago. With this second female mummy will be found three very small child mummies in a partial circle around the elder one. Many wish to disclaim this evidence, but test results will be irrefutable.

In the world is medicine, many changes will occur as well as understandings of things so currently evasive to the human mind. There will be discoveries regarding the truth and makeup of so called junk DNA which will led to a completely different set of understandings about how genetics work, their inter relationships, the long run picture as opposed to your current understandings, and entirely new and different substances that are contributive functioning and interrelations of the proteins and amino acids that are commonly more understood. Junk DNA is a completely different set of coding that the DNA that your world is familiar with. So called Junk DNA works in multiple reality scenarios due to the conductivity of the newly discovered information in the junk DNA One new chemical compound will be tantamount to curing numerous diseases and medical issues because when it is present it causes a specific state of fluidity within the materials, temporarily disrupting breaking down the walls between the amino acid segments and causing information to be easily transformed and transpired into curative possibilities. This is not to be harnessed but instead, to be observed for functioning and potential.

With what we just stated above, it will become possible to begin to establish accurate growth and replacement of specific body parts that were lost or are very sick. One might consider this to be the key component, the keystone to the entirety of the physicality. No small thing.

Further progress is the medical field will be in the area of artificial eyes. Replacement eyes will be created with nanotechnology that allows them to be presentable matches with the remaining eye if there is one, and functional as well as seeing. These will be able to replace missing eyes that occurred from accidents or diseased.

A new discovery having to do with red blood cells is going to occur in the very near future and it will become realized how important the red blood that flows though the veins of human beings really is. This stated because all manner of intruders (ie fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites and other things flow freely through the veins all of the time. Certain problems leave residuals that can be recognized but what of the living organisms that die off when blood is taken from its owner and smeared onto a slide to be prepared? When the blood dries, the intrusive issues cannot live and therefore do not and cannot show up on normal blood tests. Because of this, viewing blood as it lives will bring a plethora of nee awareness to the medical world.

A leap in the processes of growing new limbs and other body pieces that perhaps are malformed or injured will occur as early as next Fall. This, too may rely on nano technology as messengers to stem cells as ongoing grown takes place that ultimately creates the new limbs or parts.

Further discoveries in the medical world will be notable. A specific genetic anomaly will dictate the growth of organs out of order and placement within the body. This can become hereditary and difficulties to any later generations who biologically carry the inherent gene factors. With this specific gene mutation also comes the possibility of tissue growth that will cause a division inside of the body, cutting off normal information and blood flow.

We spoke of this previously, and it will occur still, a development of substitute blood for bodies that are injured and human blood is not available to replace it. The new technology utilizes nanotechnology to attune the substitute blood to the biological and the substituted blood will match perfectly to the original blood. Imagine the lives saved, particularly in remote settings or places where it is unsafe to travel to for help.

In the financial world, you will be witnessing many ups, downs and changes in numerous currencies but in particular in the Chinese, USA and Euro currencies as well as the Yen will move through substantial levels of competition. The outcome will be surprising.

The stock market has the potential in the next two to three months to go into a freefall due to online factors as well as transfers of power internationally. Watch for the unexpected and do not be reactive but instead be carefully and intentionally responsive if you are managing stocks for yourself or others. The same goes for other types of investments such as futures, shorts and other less traditional trading. Be of care that whatever you invest in is tangible and provable.

Most of all we wish to say to you that there are many things spoken above both by our vehicle and by us that may seem uncomfortable for your minds and hearts to embrace. You do not have to. Simply remember to breathe and discern what fits you, your heart, your life, and the would in which you live. Each of you is in a different place of feeling, knowing, believing and perceiving. Remember that wherever each of you are, it is not a competition but instead all aspects reflecting a whole. There is no need to judge or criticize, to fault or default. Instead, bring yourselves back to your center and find yourselves again. You are there, deep in the center of you. Let go of outside forces that confuse you or cause you to fear.

Once you have found your center and collected your life forces back within you as described earlier, breathe into your core to help the energies set back in. Next, Breathe in energies from above and from the earth at the same time. Let them come into your solar plexus to mix and combine heaven and earth within you. You will feel yourselves fill with light. As your light expands, continue to breathe, slowly and deliberately. Imagine that each time you exhale, that which does not serve you will dissipate, leaving your body and filling the void where it once was with light. When your bodies have filled with the energies that you are created of, breathe more until you have a field of light surrounding you. There you are, whole and well filling and filled. Become and becoming, You, with the light of your very spirit surrounding you, filling you, cannot be harmed. You are protected by the very perfection from whence you came.

Be in peace.

End of transmission.

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