Past Life Influences


Repairing Past Life Influences that Affect Life in Every Imaginable Way

2 Sessions in ONE!

Discovering how our past lives are literally causing us problems now and repairing why.

(This is offered as a combination session with Dr. Meg’s Healing Session offerings
and is an incredible powerful and effective blend of sessions!!!)

Our souls have traversed many lifetimes. Each of our lives had its experiences, feelings, beliefs and influences as well as trauma, injury, illnesses and eventually a passing from that time. As we lived those lives, we collected our experiences not only in our memories but also as part of who we were ~ literally. Our soul field remembers every moment that we have existed no matter what the experiences. When each lifetime ends and ultimately we reincarnate into our current lives, we are still indelibly connected to the past journeys of our souls. Typically our soul journeys are normal, productive lifetimes . If, during those times we have suffered traumas, injuries, illnesses or any kind of serious challenging life events, any or all of those will remain as memories in our soul field. They also have significant places along our timeline, which is intertwined within the hologram of Creation.

Normally our timeline is secure and information from the past doesn’t affect us. If for some reason such as trauma, illness, life experiences and virtually any stressor causes the timeline becomes dysfunctional or injured, the information begins to leak forward, rolling like a freight train into our now. When this happens, the information contained in that energy feeds into our current lives (energetically) and can have profound effects on our lives, our experiences, health, emotions, physical or emotional pain… well suffice it to say anything and everything in our current life. This kind of situation can cause us a lot of trouble. Serious trouble at times.  

Patterns from our previous lives may affect us in the form of subconscious behaviors, powerful reoccurring emotions, Illnesses, chronic pain, hereditary diseases and even genetic errors. Quite often these patterns are driven by something from one or more, in fact quite often combinations of previous lifetimes.

This past year Dr. Meg has been moving through a massive growth phase of her interactions and abilities beyond our world and into the infinite. As she grows during each period of immersion she endeavors to find meaningful ways to share the power and depth of he her abilities to bring knowledge, healing and wisdom into our world. Healing and knowing come in many forms and within infinite levels of reality anything is possible.

Dr. Meg has recently developed the ability to deeply track our timelines far into the past to find and repair all of the above in addition to her normal powerfully sweet and extremely effective healing sessions.

Sessions to seek out and repair leakage from our timelines are not a simple past life reading. They can be life changing in virtually any way. These session additions are not just information for curiosity, they are truly using what we were to help to heal and or change who we are now. Often in the process Dr. Meg will get deep details about each affecting lifetime. This information can be captivating, and interesting, but most of all, it can identify and repair the exact moments during our soul’s journey when our problems began.

When Dr. Meg combines there Touching the Light Healing sessions with the ability to locate and address information sources that are hurting us or misdirecting our lives causing chaos, failures to manifest, illnesses, chronic pain and well, pretty much anything, the results can be phenomenal. And, she will share this information with you as an addition to the written transcript you will receive that give you every detail of your healing sessions. Now you can have the addition of information about all things past that are affecting your life now. Repairing these leaks stops the information flow and therefore all that it has caused in our now. the two sessions are combined to address the healing of our entire enteric systems and anatomy as well as our physical, the results are often so effective in affecting change that often the combination brings miraculous results.

Dr. Meg does not do past life assessments and repairs as a stand-alone session since all of the aspects of both are intertwined in our makeup. As Dr. Meg moves through our systems, she finds the past life relevance as obvious patterns or hidden disguised as blockages, inflammations or patterns as well as other displays through our entire being.  In order to achieve s full assessment, it is necessary to examine and repair our entire being.  

Sessions that combine deep healing and tracking the influences of what we have lived before average two to two and a half hours. The past life information that you will receive is not about what you already know or even remember, it is a deep assessment that comes with details and repairs. Once the influences are repaired, the influences cease and our lives can change dramatically to the end result of far more comfort, healing of chronic pain, patterns of behavior   

This session is only available as a combination with Dr. Meg’s Healing Sessions. This is a two to two and a half hour in depth evaluation and repair of both the current etheric system and physical as well as what damage information from the past may be causing.  Details often are given during this process sometimes at length at other times more circumstantial.  The information will be provided to you as part of the written transcript of the entire session combination. This is not just a curiosity past life reading it is literal reparation of those things explained above.

This session is a completely new and thorough addition to our already phenomenal Healing work. You WILL receive what ever details and information is given in the process in a written transcript. If you’re in the US she will call you after the session just as she does for the healings. (see  for a full description of the healing part of this session combination ) as well as our past lifetimes.

If this is something that you would like to do, let me know and I will be happy to set up a session with you!

Absolutely no refunds

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Combination Healing Session with Past Life influences assessed and repaired
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