8 Keys for Life

Dr. Meg :: Photo by Yamini

As consciousness shifts, there are certain requirements for those who choose to shift as well. Those requirements are of Universal Law, and cannot be denied. These necessities can be done only from the heart, for if from a mental nature will fail as untruth combative with perceived truth. As considered, these are also keys to the ascension process. They are not that which is new, but that which has always been. Only the perceptions of lack, of less than are new.

These keys are based upon the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, each key being a point of the star. Eight truths which are eternal. Each without the other is only part of the whole, just as you are part of all that is and has ever been.

The Keys are as follows:

  • We must acknowledgement our self perfection – We are and always have been of the One both in Source and within our Journeys.
  • Accept the journey for which we have come – why fight the very things which we have come to learn?
  • Maintain Personal integrity – That truth which is ours amongst all other things, that opportunity which we give ourselves to find the truth within us, not that which we have been conditioned by others to perceive.
  • Be that which you are, not that which you perceive others would see – You are created of light, of Grace, and of that there cannot be imperfection, only that which is of Spirit. You do not need to improve yourselves, only to acknowledge that which is your God self, your perfect being.
  • We must acknowledge our value – This is different than accepting perfection. Your value is how you fit within the world within and the exterior world in which you exist. To perceive that your value is greater than another’s, or less than someone else’s brings you to lack of everything else.
  • Accept Your Power – You are great and mighty. True Power comes not of ego, but the collective One of our Spirit. True Power is Gentle Power. You are of the light and in its seemingly nebulous construct is the essence from which all things are made. To fear inner power is to suggest that you are less than all other things. In Truth, power is of Grace, not of abusiveness or negative use and your Grace is born of unconditionality. True Power is that which is Love, the intentional living as co-creator from within all opportunities that are offered you.
  • Take Your value, Your perfection, Your power, Your Grace into your world – In the Now that always is, change only comes from practice of change. What this means is that to effect change we must embody it. You must walk your talk, not hide that which you know. Historically, that which is hidden is viewed as heresy in relation to the accepted norm. To change this, it is to create a new accepted norm with ease and Grace by virtue of your walking within the very light from which you are created.
  • Love yourselves and touch everyone you encounter with love – As all energy exchanges, what will You accept from others and what will you leave behind? You can see all others as mirrors of yourselves, that their pain also resides somewhere within us, that their joy is in our hearts as well. This is why random acts of kindness make such a difference. How many times have you said “There by the Grace of God go I”? It is true. It has always been so.

(And of course, as we embrace these keys, we must remember to breathe. Our breath serves more than the purpose of oxygenating our body. Our breath clears and nurtures us energetically. Each breath is a cleansing and as weare cleansed, our energy system moves more easily and with greater clarity of communication within the universal consciousness, communicating what our experience is as well as what our experience may be. When we do not breathe because we are tense, our energies compact, becoming more and more sluggish. As a result, our manifestation becomes sluggish or even stalled.)