What is Ascension?

Fire Water Fall Rainbow

This morning one of my students asked me, "What is Ascension really?" I know this is a big one for many people. I was compelled to share the answer:

Honestly the word is so overused and has become a unit of measure in certain groups the leaves people feeling hopeful or bad depending upon what they are told. To me that is a travesty. Most people do not know what the reality ascension is. The teachings of ascension are generally based upon the events that were written that Christ, body and all, rose to the heavens after arising from the dead. We are taught to aspire to that level. The truth is, ascension is a state of consciousness that you can achieve that unifies your consciousness and your body as your DNA light fields expand due to the rising level of consciousness. In a moment, the consciousness and the DNA (which also means every cell in your body) reach a point of sweet unity and freedom, then unite as a singular extremely high frequency that is pure unadulterated consciousness. As that occurs, consciously and freely, you find yourself floating the within the source, home, all that is light. It is a beautiful thing. You know everything but have no sense of containment. You are literally an aspect of the one, aware of all that occurs simultaneously. There is no judgment, curiosity, negativity, pain or anything that we as beings of earth put ourselves through because we forgot that perfection.

Those who achieve it do not want to come back to earth since being in the light is such a joyous perfect thing. But we came to earth to live to love, to experience emotions, tactile senses, in fact sensory experiences that when in ascension consciousness are not felt as separate. Our human lives afford us that. We can shiver at a touch, cry at the beauty of something, feel emotions powerfully and be creative, our own artists of life. A very few can achieve ascension consciousness and take their bodies with them because they find that sweet spot of freedom within themselves and learn to work it. Ascension is the ultimate state of consciousness. A magnificent experience where one can gain awareness of the infinite in all its details, but it isn’t a mind thing it just is. It is completely being unfettered by place, time or density. It is not an achievement, it is a being. When we learn to ascend home and then come back to our corporeal nature, we bring home to earth and we are contagious. Spontaneously, those who we encounter are initiated by the energy of ascension that we carry and can, over time or even suddenly awaken to their own higher natures. Ascension is not a thing. It is not something you have to pay to learn or even try to learn. It comes from humble authenticity of self and a particular opening that occurs when all of our defenses are down, and nothing is impeding the light. Ours or that of creation. The being said, Ascension is us in our perfection becoming free enough of our illusory world to remember that we are never disconnected from home. Our longing to be home is part of the illusion. We are already there except by perception.