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The Master's Archives

Welcome to our Library!
currently 1,269 sessions in the archive

Over the years Dr. Meg has kept records of most of her sessions. These consist of all of her public and private channelings of the Masters, the Online Messages for over ten years, as well as healing sessions.

The Library does not include personal readings ~ they were recorded on tape and sent directly to the subject of the reading and no copies were kept. Anyone wishing to donate their reading tapes back for the archives can do so by sending the tape or a viable copy of it to Dr. Meg at 29830 S. Pine Springs Rd., Cheney, WA 99004. We are particularly interested in any sessions containing healing remedies, scientific information, frequencies for specific health issues or other information the the general public might benefit from. If by chance you transcribed your reading and want to donate a copy to this library, you can email a copy to Dr. Meg at [hidden email]. Your privacy will be respected and a catalogue number assigned to the file in lieu of your name. Thank you so much!

Access to the archives is by paid subscription only. Subscriptions will help us maintain and add to the database as an ongoing reference library of the Master's teachings. Annual subscription is $24.95 and allows full access to all data in the library for one year with the option to renew each year. The library can be searched for specific subjects and all documents are anonymous and identifiable only by catalogue number.

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