Dr. Meg's New Teleconferences

Introducing Dr. Meg's Online Classes!

A new series of Teleconferences tailored exactly to what you have been asking for! These are interactive classes during which Dr. Meg not only gives you full information, but also answers your questions, instructs you and more! Don't miss these phenomenal opportunities! More conferences will be added soon!

Classes will be recorded so if you are in a time zone that keeps you from being with us live you can still experience the teleconference at your convenience!

If you missed signing up for one of our great teleconferences, you can purchase the download: Click here to see what's available now.

Take one class or take them all!

(Once you order, you will be sent a sign up link to the conference)

Stay Tuned for our upcoming LIVE teleconferences!
In the meantime please check out our web store for recorded classes!

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