Healing within the holographic reality As it was in the Beginning, we, as beings are created of light. That light has taken on various manifestations on all levels of the holographic reality. This means that we operate not only here in this reality, that of the third dimension, but in all dimensions simultaneously.  

Within our multi-dimensional existence, we have other bodies that are related to this existence. Meg is able to see and work with twelve of those bodies so far… These bodies are affected by our experiences by blockages within this or our other dimensional bodies or in our etheric space as we occupy our important place within the Universe. Meg works with removing past life influences, trauma, emotional issues, physical ailments and pain and many other examples of dysfunction on every level. She is also able to gather fragmentations that have occurred by trauma or other experience in this or past life situations.  

Whenever the holographic bodies are affected, we ultimately become symptomatic within this existence, often, for instance, by exhibiting physical symptoms that are not usually identifiable by the usual modern medical testing, or other less tangible manifestations such as recurring situations, emotional ups and downs that seem unexplainable as well as fluctuations in our energy throughout the day.  

As we are affected, we gather energetic anomalies, attachments and irregularities of energetic patterning as well as holographic influences that affect us in the here and now. 

Touching the Light

Meg is able to work within that holographic reality, clearing and removing anomalies and rebalancing the energetics of each reality. In doing so, Meg can work within the actual Universal construct, from the basis of light, commanding the manifestation of healthfulness and normalization of afflictions on every level of body, mind, spirit, soul, emotionality and mental processes as well.

Within those realities, as you can see in Meg’s art work, the Healing Chamber, many beings come in and assist the healing process. These are generally high dimensional Masters and Beings who being skills of the Beginning.

This healing process may be performed both In person or long distance. Since linear miles have no meaning within the holographic reality. 

Results range from subtle changes to the dramatic, depending upon the cooperation of each client and their desire to change that for which they have asked for assistance. This work is of the heart, and connected with the Oneness of our existence with all things.

Healing sessions

This work is inter-dimensional. It addresses you as a whole being, rather than simply that situation at hand. There are many Masters who work with me, their identities depending upon the needs during the session. They operate within their specialties, so they come and go as needed! There is a wide variety of the types of Masters who come in to work with me as well, varying from Angels, to Ascended Masters and on out through the high dimensional processes. When I say I, it is not that I am performing this work alone, rather, I am the facilitator to those who will come and give that which is needed. As always, your results are directly related to your openness and willingness to move past the issues.

As above, so below. You exist not only in this here and now, but holographically, experiencing many effects to the totality of your experience. Because of this, the three dimensional you is often affected with unexplainable recurrences of situations, or physical anomalies that are generally unsolved by contemporary medical diagnosis or testing. I am able to literally see holographically, addressing blockages, past life influences, energetic anomalies, attachments, entities, soul contracts, past life experiences, and most other affectations that are affecting you in the here and now. If there is fragmentation resulting from various causes, the fragments are reassembled toward wholeness. During the sessions I literally become that which I am doing, existing within my consciousness within the holographic realities.

When given, I am also able to see within the physical body, addressing situations there as well, very much in the ways of Edgar Cayce. I see and work on the etheric bodies as well, and am able to relate what I find in those and elsewhere how and why you are experiencing much of what you ask about and more.

What is happening in a healing session is that you, or the person I am working on, is being balanced as you were in the Beginning as a being of light before you were influenced by the experiences in the journey of your lives.

Since I work holographically, linear miles have no bearing on what I am able to see and accomplish. It is as it you are here with me.

Long distance sessions are performed at a specific date and time and are approximately an hour in duration. After I have completed the session, I call or e-mail you, whichever we have pre-arranged, and fill you in on what I have found and what has been done. International sessions will be followed up by e-mail or regular mail per your choice.

Fees for healing sessions are $300.00 U.S. and can be paid by Pay Pal on this web site, personal check or money order. Payment must be received prior to the session. Checks may be mailed to me at:

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD
29830 S. Pine Springs Rd.
Cheney, WA 99004

If this is something that you would like to do, let me know and I will be happy to set up a session with you!

Dr. Meg is currently booking about 4 months out. She will be thrilled to work with you! In the meantime if you don’t want to wait that long or have a more urgent need, feel free to contact one our our fully certified practitioners through Touching the Light - click here.

Absolutely no refunds

Again, thank you for your inquiry! All Blessings,


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