Is Your Child a Child of the Stars?

Check List for Recognizing Star Kids

  • Eyes of crystal blue or very deep dark color. They will look at us as if we have known them forever – we have!
  • Great sensitivity to environment, the planet and the feelings of others
  • Extremely intuitive
  • Generally telepathic
  • Socially Conscious
  • Innate command of subtle energy
  • Think compartmentally
  • Appear very scattered in their attention
  • Extremely compassionate
  • Cannot abide conflict of any kind – take it personally
  • Wise beyond their years
  • Peacemakers
  • Natural healing abilities
  • Approximate age range begins with those born in 1997 or 1998 to present. (this is not set in concrete as there are some that are a little older than this)
  • Fragile – when their world becomes too uncomfortable they have a tendency to become sick with often unidentifiable sicknesses
  • Sweeping energy fields of jewel tones or pastel spectrums
  • Often remember past lives or their experiences between lives