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Sep 21st

The Marriage of Science, Religion and Metaphysics

The Marriage of Science, Religion and Metaphysics

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The Marriage of Science, Religion and Metaphysics

Yesterday was the official release of my new book The Secret History of Consciousness, a book I have wanted to write for a very long time. I was awed to see it become a bestseller before noon!
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I have often marveled at how the principals of metaphysics are often later validated by the world of science. Eight months after I released my first book, “Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Awareness”, the cover of Science Magazine displayed geometric forms on its cover with an article about how creation takes the form first of spheres, pyramids and other shapes also found in sacred geometry.

In The Secret history of Consciousness I give a new version of Genesis that, over time, I learned from some amazing beings who came into my living room in holographic form. They taught me in fragments which over time became full versions of consciousness, creation, creating realities and even multi-dimensional healing which has become known to repair heart valves, make tumors disappear, and change lives in all kinds of ways. This morning in the Daily Mail online, I found this article about Stephen Hawkings’ latest theory about how creation was formed. It is exactly this that I described in my new book.

I don’t feel vindicated when these things occur. What I do feel is an opportunity to relax even further into my weird world knowing that there is so much, far beyond our perceived reality that is available to us.

I also know that we cannot fully define creation because it is infinite in its processes and its ongoing efforts to constantly recreate itself. Creation is never ending in its ability to instigate more energy, different realities and continual balance of all dimensional realities. They are there and they are very real.

Over the years I often felt as if I had to go to the circus to teach what I know. The metaphysical world can be pretty airy fairy at times, with a lot of imagined realities and idealistic truths, but the truth is that there are a lot of good people with very important messages trying to find their places in the world.

We have said for many, many years that we are light. Now, scientists are actively measuring the light fields that human beings (and all other life) emanate.

For many years I attempted to reach the main stream with the information I have, and I kind of walked a fine line between the two worlds of science and metaphysics. I had to learn language for what I knew, because I experienced the process of creation, the interior of human bodies, in fact most of reality on the most intricate of levels, often on what I call sub atomic levels without a frame of reference to understand what I was seeing. Over time I realized that I was learning about genetics, free energy, transmutation of matter into other forms, astrophysics, geometry, calculus, and many other sciences, all from a metaphysical perspective. As time goes on I also find out that the information I have absorbed (because consciousness stores information as light, not as linear electrical firings that we know as our brains) is valid on every level. Interestingly, as I receive new or different information someone walks into my life who is just the right person to share it with.

When I learned about genetics, a geneticist came into my living room and we talked for hours. She was flabbergasted to hear what I was telling her as the information had just that week come out in her professional journal. I have met physicists, biologists, physicians, scientists of every kind who have listened, validated, verified and generally been interested in my more esoteric perspective. Some of them even research the information I give them and later realize that it was correct.

It isn’t about me or what I can do. It never was. I realize that the picture is far greater than any one human being. To me, this, the marriage of science and metaphysics is the perfect solution of ending the dichotomy of beliefs.

Religion has served for centuries to separate us from creation, to tell us that there is a mighty being who resides over all living things. In truth, that force is constantly changing the reality of itself and therefore us.

We were taught to cover our heads out of respect when the reality is that it is at our crown where we connect with worlds outside of our reality. Where we find enlightenment. Where Masters before us learned to see our world from above their heads.

We are taught about prayer and yes it works but not from a subservient perspective. The energy of our intentions travels far into creation instructing it to rearrange to our intended reality. And it does. When science knows a little bit more, they will find that there are at least three levels of gamma consciousness that exist outside of our brains while at the same time unifying our brain waves when we relax into those states.

When we learn to release our awareness, our consciousness, from our perceived norm and allow it to be free of the logical mind, what occurs is that there is nothing we cannot know. Everything that has ever occurred past present and future is stored in the ethers, and it is available to us 24/7.

What I have finally realized, after many years of trying to figure out where I fit in our world, is that norm is a state perceived and created by human beings so that they feel safe. Further I have found that weird is wonderful and it is not some imaginary craziness but in fact a fuller way of being.

In the coming times we will be seeing more and more people coming into what I call greater perspective. Others call this awakening. We will find that there will come a time when science and metaphysics work hand in hand and that those who have embraced their other worldly gifts will by their perceptions assist in changing the entirety of our world and understandings of it as we know it know. Religion may or may not choose to let go of its archaic rules and go along for the ride.

While it is true that we all need something to believe in, my perception is that what we need to believe in is that we are not less than or greater than any other or anything, but that we whole and perfects aspects of creation who are integrally woven into a unified field that is harmonically relative and infinitely aware of ourselves and each other, a tapestry we call creation that cannot exist without us nor we it. We are all aspects of God. We are the image of creation as it expresses feeling, thoughts and the greatest depths of emotion. We are unlimited in capability to imagine and create anything that we can perceive. The only thing that stops us is our belief that we are anything different.

We are all that and more.