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Aug 29th

Volume 21, Number 3

Weston’s Story

Hello! We took a mini unexpected break from publishing the newsletter. It appears that Meg and I experienced a flurry of last-minute summer activity. Thank you to those who noticed our absence!

Weston wants his monthly teleconference scheduled for this Wednesday, September 1st. He has been working a lot (more on that later) and according to Weston, “There are more frequencies that he wants to give everyone and some new information on healing.” See below for more details regarding how to sign up for the teleconference.

My oldest, Randal, has started college this week and it seems that Weston, too, has gone back to school albeit his method of attendance is somewhat unconventional and there appears to be no books! I have told you in the past how I am very keen to changes in Weston’s typical behaviors surrounding sleeping, eating, etc. as many times when this changes from the norm it is a sign that he is “off working” though he has never left the house.

A few days before the Healing and Networking Workshop that we hosted at The Sanctuary, I could tell that Weston was working as he spent most of his days very quietly and was sleeping very little. He would eat sparingly and I would often find him standing in various parts of the house with a very distant look on his face. Again, because of all the wonderful support people who have come into Weston’s life, I was able to get answers for what would be very disturbing behavior to most people. As the date of the workshop got closer. Weston seemed more distant and more disengaged with the family. I try to give him his “space” to do the work he needs to during this time but quietly I was a little concerned as it seemed to be going on for longer than usual. Maybe this time, his behavior was due to something being physically wrong with him? What if he was in pain? What would I say to his doctor to describe how this behavior is more unusual than other times?

Before I got too ahead of myself, I did what I always do in these situations and contacted Dr. Meg Blackburn. Many times Dr. Meg can give me insight on what Weston is doing as she, too, is there with him at times. If not, she is always able to give me information on what he is doing and will always keep an eye out for him when he is “out there.” We are both very grateful for her continued friendship.

I was a little surprised when she told me that he was traveling in a recently opened interdimensional/intergalactic corridor. I shared her information with Don to allay his concerns because earlier that morning Don could not find Weston though he had just been at his side a few minutes earlier. When he frantically searched the backyard, he was surprised to see Weston standing around the corner in the yard just staring out in space with a huge smile on his face looking at something in the distance. Well apparently, Weston, like Randal, had “gone back to school.”

On the day of the Healing and Networking Workshop Weston still seemed to be somewhat distracted. I was getting a little worried as I was not sure how he was going to behave during the workshop. The Sanctuary is located in Tustin on land that is supposed to be sacred. I was worried that the energies might be too much for Weston and perhaps he would not be able to physically attend. I did not want to disappoint his guests (though I knew they would all understand) but it is also gives me great enjoyment to see Weston work in that environment as I am never present when he co-treats with Meg Lupin or Chris Marmes.

My sister, Carmen, had not been able to check in with Weston the night before the workshop like she typically does to prepare the area for him. When she did attempt to do so, she was told that it was not the right time. She had no idea that Weston had already been working with the beings in this new opening. When she was finally able to connect with Weston and assess the energies at The Sanctuary prior to that evening’s event, she was astounded to see that Weston had invited the beings from this recently opened corridor to the workshop that night! Wow, this was going to be interesting! This would also explain Weston’s unusual behavior leading up to the event.

During past workshops Weston has been very interactive with the audience and sometimes cannot contain his excitement. I could tell that this workshop would be different based on his recent behavior, the location of The Sanctuary, and now the knowledge that there would be intergalactic beings present.

As I expected, the energies in the room were very intense for Weston. I was very proud of him as I could tell he worked very hard at being able to stay the entire workshop. He was only able to stand in the alcove area next to the room but did enter the room when he had Meg Lupin voice a message to his beloved JoQueta, the speech pathologist who had the courage to tell me that Weston could read (and probably had taught himself to do so) when everyone else was still telling me that he would never learn anything. When Meg began telling JoQueta what Weston had to say to her, he took a few steps into the main room towards JoQueta and had the sweetest smile on his face.

Stay tuned next week as I share more about the workshop and the new energies…..

Message from Weston

“Voiced” by Meg Lupin

The time has come to move into a new space. Where ever you are, choose a new way of looking at something that bothers you or upsets you. How you react and choose to feel about something can become a habit, pattern or ingrained way of acting. Step out of this limiting belief and try to see things from another perspective. Put a positive spin on something that appears to be horribly wrong. The purpose usually has a silver lining or a lesson that will advance or teach those involved if everyone is open to receiving the gift of seeing what is truly going on.

You deserve to be at peace today. When you release these issues that have burdened you for years, your true self is allowed to blossom and flow!! True knowledge of self is a gift that you should not be afraid to face. Everyone has had a things that they have done that is shameful, hurtful and not in integrity. It is time to forgive yourself and move into a new space that is filled with love and hope for a wonderful future filled with service to others.

Good luck on your journey and know that I will be with you and assisting you on your way!!