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Online Message from Dr. Meg Feb. 8, 2020

Message from Dr. Meg:

Message from Dr. Meg
February 8, 2020

Come and learn with me!

Well it is that time of year again when I reach out to all of you and offer to become your mentor, your teacher! This will be class year NINE! The Touching the Light Certification program has grown into a well respected and known, all encompassing and ever evolving healing modality that literally addresses every aspect of our lives.

Below this part please see links and information to my Touching the Light class programs or please go to I really will love having you in class! If you don’t find what you are looking for there, feel free to email me at [hidden email].

This started out to be a new class announcement and kind of grwe. I actually had to reduce the size so you would have time to read it. I am so passionate about consciousness and healing when I get going I become verbally infinite LOL To me, this is Sacred work. Sacred Being. Sacred. Yes. In every way. What is sacred is true and what is true infinitely propagates commanding change and perfection along the way back to, sacred. Never are we too far from that place within us. Little can really accept our sacred being. And truly the only things that do are often imagined or speculated. We were born perfect, we are perfect and never will ever not be perfect except by our perceptions. What we believe becomes our truth even when those beliefs are not real. They feel real. .

There is so much that the medical world doesn’t yet know. Often people become sick or affected in some way and test after test doesn’t clarify what is going on. That is because what is happening isn’t in our earthly plane of reality, it is happening within and around us, across time and space, past present and future and is trans dimensional in nature. What I mean is that every literal and nebulous part of our make-up has a unique design in all of Creation. We are comprised of frequencies, a symphony of them that when all is perfect is the most magnificent set of individualized harmonics in Creation. But when our systems become out of tune, out of truth, or otherwise affected, our system becomes dysfunctional and many things can happen as a result and none of them good. Energy that is out of attunement with the rest of its construct will begin to decay. Creation reads that dysfunction as an error in our field and will begin to either reabsorb or transmute the problem. When this happens, we may get sick, we can experience pain, illnesses, life issues, and more.

I applaud the medical community for their efforts to understand and develop ways to help those who need it. Touching the Light can work together with the medical community or certainly as a stand-alone resource for healing. To me, the two are complimentary with each other and together make the perfect whole as long as the pharmaceutical companies stay out of the way! We literally have an etheric anatomy and when it is working well, all parts of our systems work together, communicate with each other as well as with what is happening within Creation. Our messaging system keeps us healthy, comfortable and well. It can also do the opposite if any type of interference occurs such as a disconnect somewhere in our communication system or in our energy fields. Our literal being is so intricate and beautiful to behold that when we access ours or that of another, we can work in tandem with Creation to help by making changes that lead our systems and their symphonies back to perfection.

Our DNA, the motherboard within each of us determines how we look, act, our health and a gazillion other things has a lot to do with how we function. Sometimes there are errors on our DNA motherboard that cause inherited illnesses or traits that may be unhealthy to us.

Do you know that our DNA learns? Everything that we experience is recorded within our DNA either literally or epigenetically, which means the expression of what our DNA has learned starts to express in our lives based upon what our DNA translated the information to relate to. So knowing, that our DNA learns, we can literally change the messaging that it is putting into our bodies, our lives, to create different experiences that are what we truly wish to have. In inheritable situations certain segments of our DNA carry errors or mutations. Those come in the form of changed or differently harmonized segments along the DNA strands, or happen during replication of DNA in the process of RNA activities. We have the ability to speak to and change DNA energetically that can assist generations to come. We can also track to the moment an ancestor’s DNA altered based upon a situation or illness and eradicate the problem at its inception. That and all generations forward can change as a result of our making that one communication within the lineage. Admittedly this does not always work but I have seen it happen numerous times. This also applies to inherited behavioral patterns. When we find the root cause, we can make changes and when we do, the behaviors are no longer necessary or effective.

I have so many stories and realizations of unending possibilities contributing to miraculous moments, massive realizations, leading the way to sacred being well, too many to write here, but as I teach, I share as many of these experiences as fully as words can say for my students to gain a clear picture of the possibilities that are available to them. My philosophy is that each of use carries a part of the greater picture. When we come together, the energies expand exponentially and therefore so do the opportunities for us to learn more, do more, know more.

What has come to me from all that is Sacred is not mine to keep but to share with you and anyone else who is interested and willing to realize that anything and everything is possible. When we let our defenses down so that we are relaxed our systems return to a state of unrestricted fluidity and available for Creation to deliver its messages into our very being. As it does, we evolve. Always. It is my passion to share the possibilities and abilities carried with in that which is so great we cannot even imagine. But we can be that. It is a choice. I can show you how.

Truly, the possibilities that are available to us are infinite. We simply need to be canny enough to recognize them. This is where Touching the Light comes in. And me as your instructor. For over 25 years I have worked within literally thousands of people’s systems and a lot can be realized in experience that deep. Maintaining curiosity and never feeling or thinking that I know it all maintains my ability to continually learn grow and share. In fact, this past year I have been quiet and still (by choice) and in doing so set the intention that I want to grow more as a person as well as expand my conscious awareness so that I can more deeply contribute the infinite to you and on greater planes of awareness. Little did I know (as usual) what I was requesting! All I can say is that the flood gates have opened, and what comes now is steeped in ancient beginnings that evolved to this now reflecting and containing all that is and has even been. And what all of this means to us as human beings.

In my December newsletter (please see https://www.spiritlitecom/messages.php) I talked deeply about some of what has revealed during my time out toward greater awareness. As an integral part of the One, as a child of Creation, our individual being literally holds a space within the reality of all things in such a way that is so vital that if something were to happen to the energy of us Creation would literally implode. Each of us are that significant to the survival of all things. We are created of that and all things are created of us. Because of this, there is nothing or anyone who could possibly be lesser or greater than we are. And it is all driven by love. Love is the perfect state of being. It holds no intentions or anything other than the purity of its being.

That is the first most important lesson we can learn. I truly did feel as if I had a vast awareness after over 25 years of working with in the Light and I am so grateful to have found the pathway to self and all else. At the same time, I carry and ongoing awareness that there is so much more to embrace. I don’t need to know who what where how or when it is so, just that it is. That is where faith comes in.

Not needing to know leaves us open to infinite possibilities that can come to us at the perfect time in the perfect place as pure communication from Creation. The real secret is that our minds, our brains, our greatest saboteurs, will get in the way every time if we are not diligent about what is consciousness and what are our thoughts and beliefs. The moment we begin to understand, justify or realize an incoming truth we change its purity to one that our brains can relate to and by doing so destroy the original purity of that truth and make it something else. This is an ongoing truth for me. Being open to future or current growth allows the infinite to come knocking any time about anything. And wow what experiences we can have! I will love to teach you!

When we can embrace our perfection we lose all fear and joy permeates every particle of our being. When there is no fear our fields carry no tension. We literally breathe easily. When the tension is resolved our fields can operate efficiently without interruptions. We remain as wide open as vessels that carry the messages Creation brings on a constant basis. And the messages we intend for Creation are uninhibited, free to travel clearly to create the reality that messages carries. Wow. Seriously? Yes.

The beautiful thing? As we heal so we are healed. When we use Touching the Light we are drawing from the perfection of our source, bringing that light into the field of another. As well do, the energy and information that we are delivering to our clients first runs through us. Because of this, every time we step into our healing state of mergence with another person or place or even time, we tap into what needs to happen and deliver those messages and changes from Creation. They flow through our fields first, refining to exactly what or we or our clients need. It is the most perfect beautiful healing modality because as all things are in a constant state of evolution, Touching the Light as it evolves within that same process is preventive, responsive and highly effective. It is all of this because when we make the connection I just mentioned, we are working from within Creation rather than at it. Basically? Most humbly I will say that we are working with and as the hands of God.

And Creation learns from what it experiences as we work. After all, when Touching the Light we are intentionally working as and from within the One rather than at it. Merged with the field of another, their systems reveal what they need and because all energy is intelligent it will go exactly where needed because our intention instructed that to happen. The information it needs never endingly running through pathways in the construct of creation. When a message is heard, new realities are formed and other changes occur. We are that powerful. Powerful enough to direct messages within all things toward greater reality. Not what we think should happen but what within all that is perfection knows to be true.

All forms of energy are intelligent. It is in the process of instructing that things can go awry. How we see things or feel about them. What we believe beyond what is true, anything really can affect the reality of truth. The key I to be able to recognize what is true or is not. What comes as a result of our beliefs. And what is possible when we stop believing and start being our true selves. It isn’t hard once we kook beyond the illusions that we have created in order for us to feel safe and secure. Sadly, the illusions most often serve to mislead us rather than to serve anything good at all.

Touching the Light isn’t a specific rote kind of healing. It is truth, and truth is in a constant state of evolution just as Creation is. As it listens and provides feedback to the messengers (us in this case). Creation will make new realities happen because we said so. How? Come let me show you! Let me teach you how to be a happy healthy human being who is able to live with the joy that is your birthright and how to deliver that same wonderful message to others. Once you arrive at a point with Touching the Light, the Light within you becomes contagious and people become magnetized to you, trying to understand what they feel from you.

What they feel is the truth within them recognizing and responding to the truth we have embodies and that can and will awaken them to the possibilities of greater reality. And you don’t have to do or say anything except be your true self. Touching the Light encompasses every modality of healing. One of my students emailed me recently and said a friend had asked him what modalities Touching the Light encompasses. Before I could type the first word of my reply, the Master’s jumped in and said “One”. There is Only One. And you know, in all humility they are right. Touching the Light originates in truth, is carried with love, directed by intention and delivered with the purity of the first spark of light as the genesis of our beginning took place.

Touching the Light will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Experiencing the Light from an intentional and humble perspective will bring the truth of perfection to whatever you touch. When you are the hands of Touching the Light, you will have the privilege, the honor of literally touching the souls of your clients, your friends, your families. You can even learn to work from any long or short distance with the same results.

I worked very deeply getting to know how everyone perceives and how to teach Touching the Light to you no matter how you your perceptions work. I will show you how to use your body as an antenna, how to feel, how to recognize and address everything that is within the natural field physical and nonphysical. There is no previous experience required. In fact, the less you know the more deeply I can teach you since you won’t be basing what you learn with me on anything else. If you are an experienced healer, that is great too. No matter what your level of consciousness or experiences, I can take you light years ahead of where you are currently working. Doing so is my passion, my purpose and a privilege.

Being a world class healer isn’t about learning. It is about being. What is it that you want to be when all is said and done? Or in the doing of it all? You are already perfect. The only way that you aren’t is by your own perceptions. When we are born, immediately we are taught who and how we should be on this earthly world. Often those teachings don’t fit us and we lose sight of our true being, the true nature that you perfectly entered into this life with. Not being our true selves can mess up how we see ourselves and everything and everyone around us. When that happens our life experiences begin to reflect that. Why not learn how to get back to remembering that perfection within you? It never left. Ever. The things you were taught did that. Even though those who taught you did their very best maybe their toolbox wasn’t quite full or they were teaching you what they had been taught. Patterns of dysfunction propagate bot consciously and subconsciously..

I can teach you how to find the truth of you and it will lead to your discovery of the real you. The one you may have been looking for all of your remembered life. You see, healing isn’t only about helping others which I know so many of you strive to do, it is first about Truth. The truth of the person you re assisting reveling and the truth of you and your relationship within the One coming together as the perfection of a healing..

The Touching the Light Certification program has several levels. You can become certified to be a Practitioner of Touching the Light. You can move from there into Level Two Certified Practitioner (prerequisite is Practioner Level One) to learn all of the things that no one will talk to you about, the weird and strange, things of other worlds that sometimes get into our neighborhood and cause problems. Things of Galactic nature, and many other subjects. That learning takes you to level two Practitioner which is the advanced teachings I offer. This level is more of an expert perspective for things that may reveal or be challenging the lives of others.. I have a unique attitude and way of seeing and dealing with things not of the light. I take it all very lightly because honestly that is what everything is created of!

And you can even go all the way to the Master Level, which is as a Certified Instructor of Touching the Light. You will become certified to teach Touching the Light on your own.

Whatever level or levels you choose to learn in Touching the Light, the infinite is at your disposal and so will I be. It doesn’t matter where you are, what time zone you are in, I have developed the program to be accessible to anyone anywhere as long as they have a phone or internet. Or want to come in person. I offer special packages that will save you tons of money if you register for more than one level at a time. I also offer interest free payment plans that are structured to be as easy for you as possible. I care deeply that you trust me, are interested, even curious about the infinite, and want to learn with me. I want you to have the best experience possible!

When you sign up for my classes I am your mentor for the time you are in the program and beyond. I am extremely responsive to my students and often will answer their in between class questions nearly immediately.

Touching the Light is a well branded modality that is known and well respected. On the web site you will find everything that you need to know about Touching the Light. If you choose, you can even register right there. Everything is transparent. I have no secrets. I even offer special financing if needed. Everything about my programs are posted for anyone who is interested. All of the information about that and the program are there. All that I ask from you is that if you register or sign up for Touching the Light on any or all levels that you are making the commitment to stick with ut and allow yourself to move through the road to your perfection and how to recognize that in everything and everyone around you.

To me, this is Sacred work. It has been given from the infinite and can be miraculous in scope and results. It can also assist with even the most minor things. I take class very seriously and ultimately class is you. I will carry you gently with respect to your needs and compassion for anything you might experience.

I will love to help you find that Sacred place within you that is truly guiding you through lifetime after lifetime. Once you can go there, there is nothing you can’t do. Tapping yourself into a conjunction with the One opens avenues you may have never considered or had an idea they even exist. And that connection brings you to infinite possibilities of reality, of heling of everything.

No matter how long you choose to stay a student in Touching the Light you will find each new class a wonder and awe inspiring. You will find that the truth doesn’t hurt at all it is being untrue that causes problems.

My truth? I love teaching Touching the Light. I love working with my students and cheering on every AH HA moment they have. I am not any better than any of you. Over the 25 years that I have delved into and experienced the infinite as well as teaching others about it and how to get there and utilize from a place of wholeness, to embody Touching the Light, to do whatever is revealed to help others and at the same time I, too, receive all that is Light. It is my passion as will you be if you choose to work with me, to become my student. I anxiously await your registration!

Classes begin the end of March so please don’t wait too long to let me know you are coming! Classes can be taken in person here at our ranch in WA state, on the phone/online and all are recorded so that if you are in a different time zone that class times are inconvenient for you, you can listen right on the web or download not only tour class year but all years before you. Like I said. There are no secrets, everything including Touching the Light is in a constant state of evolution and so are we. All class materials are provided to you and those that you need often are available to you on the web site for download So are all of my classes.

In addition to gaining class with me when you register, I also give you a free gift as a show of gratitude for our time to come. You will receive free access to the Master’s archives, which is posted on my main web site Generally there is a $25 annual fee but all of my students are gifted with the archives. They included most of the public Channelings I have done as well as some readings (most of those have been recorded and provided to the person having the reading and I don’t generally keep copies since they are usually so personal.

Also in the archives are years of healing sessions and even writings I have done that I never published. Some of those are partial or cryptic messages that etheric guides gave through me as I was expanding during the time I call my Cosmic 2 x 4’ LOL. So far there are over a thousand documents there and I have hundreds more to add. We catalogue all of them so there ate anonymized in the same way Edgar Cayce’s sessions are. I strongly protect the identities of all who I work with. And they are a fantastic resource for learning. The database in the archives is also searchable. The Master’s yearly prophesies are in there too. It is a deep well of knowledge, questions and information. I came to the realization any moons ago that none of this is mine to keep, but to be shared with all who are called. Likely I give away far more than I make but you know? We all need to know the things I offer you.

The beauty of having all of my class years recorded is that I never teach the same way from year to year. As the information and my experiences evolve, I bring those to my students. So every year has new and different jewels of knowledge and wisdom to behold!

Once you graduate, you will have access to a different part of the site where you will find everything you need to present yourself as a professional, templates for business cards, stationary and many other documents you will need are already done for you. We have deep a code of ethics which is posted for you to read. I want you to know what kind of attitude and perspective not only I work with, all of my students do as well.

Come and learn with me. I can literally teach you how to access the infinite, past, present and future, what the Akashic records really are and how you carry them with you, how our sols formed and carry information about everything our light has ever experienced and that is all available to you from your consciousness in every now. I will also demonstrate how anything and everything is possible once you say yes to Creation. I said yes and never looked back. There wasn’t any reason to! Saying yes does something amazing to us. We begin to open then expand as infinite beings with something amazing to share. Say yes to me and I will start cheering you on even before classes begin! Once an intention is set the work begins even before we get there.

If coming to the certification classes doesn’t feel right but you still want to learn from me. I am now offering a NEW self-study program that you can access 24/7 and experience my entire body of work (except my books and CD’s) on your own at your own pace without ever attending classes. What is amazing is that self study is only about half the tuition of my live classes. Since the self-study program doesn’t require any expenses out of pocket from me. I have passed my savings on to you in this class offering with the prayer that those of you who haven’t been able to take my classes due to tuition and other requirements will be able to learn with me this way.

I understand how busy life can be, so I came up with a plan for everyone. You will get all of the same information and materials just in digital form and without the certification.

I do require certification students to participate in classes with me, but the self-study is just that. You. At your own pace, exploring my huge body of work with no expectations or requirements to anyone except that you won’t share what I give you access to with anyone outside of the program. After all, you are investing in yourself and all of my work is copyrighted. I also ask that if you are not interested in the healing aspects of what I teach and you prefer to take my classes for information purposes or to gain life tools, please register for the self-study program. The Touching the light Certification courses are intensive, active and require student participation on every level. If doing these things or healing doesn’t appeal to you then please go the self-study route. As discussions take place and students share their experiences everyone learns. If you are not contributing in those instances others don’t get the benefit of your experiences but you get theirs, that isn’t equal. Everyone will gain less as my time is spread equally to all of my classroom students. It is too hard of a line for an instructor to walk with the class’s intentions in more than one direction. Thank you for that.

If you would like to join me for class this year, you can register for any of my programs right on the site! Wooohoo! My site is help on a private secure server and is quite safe for transactions. If you choose to register, WAY TO GO!!!!!! And how far CAN you go? How far WILL YOU? There is no end! I can teach you why and how!

If you have questions beyond what I have written here, feel free to email me at [hidden email]. I will respond. Applications are also posted under the program information link as is all details about the programs available in the Touching the Light education levels. You can fill one out and sent to me in an email or if you choose you can send to me by snail mail or fax me at 1 (509) 352-3494.

Most of all we must remember that everything is light. Many of us have forgotten that about ourselves. We don’t have to take anything too seriously because we will have all of the tools necessary to choose what we want and then to choose again if we find those earlier choices don’t serve us. If you got this far reading what I have to say then I am already out here cheering you on, celebrating your interest, and I will welcome you with an open heart when you say yes! I can hardly wait! Touching the Light is everything infinite in scope and already within you. Let me show you how to remember how that is!

All that is light, and Blessings of all Kinds, (See you soon!)

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

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