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Online Messages December 21, 2016

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages

December 21st 2016


Greetings to Each of you! As promised, this is my year end online messages for 2016. We have seen so much in our world this year. I talked with you previously about things balancing and how even though things don’t always look like we thought we are creating, ultimately the balance of what we have placed in the common consciousness is forcing a new balance. This just takes time.


In all of this we must be strong and stand our ground. Walk our talk. Maintain our Faith as it is Faith that carries us every single moment when we are in truth. Walking our truth is contagious, sparking tiny rememberings in everyone we touch that can ultimately become something beautiful for them. Think of it as planting seeds. We are aspects of creation correcting a serious imbalance. When we walk our lives in complete truth the seeds we plant grow because creation listens. Each and every one of us is an important factor in this.


As time has passed since I last wrote, I have continued to see veils disappearing in the multidimensional worlds and our etheric anatomies continuing to change. We are releasing past life hurts, injuries, and negative experiences and emotions like crazy. We must remember to let go of our resistance if these releases are to complete. Often I see deep clouding in the Causal level of my clients where subconscious or conscious resistance to embodying the truth and being free of encumbrances brought on by beliefs, conditioning when we were young, life experiences, pretty much anything can create resistance. When we carry that against our truer nature our fields get clogged up with past energies that cannot release because our fields are too tense. Tension in our fields causes serious backups of energy flow which also means how well we do or do not hear our greater nature and communication from creation that guides and directs our clear path.


Having a clear path to walk in our lives is vital to what we want to create, what we desire, what we dream of and frankly how we live and what obstacles do or do not come our way. What we fear comes or we become challenged in unpredictable ways when our fields are too tense to let our desires into Creations’ perfect wishing well so to speak. Much of the time we do not even recognize our resistance until it hits us over the etheric head and life doesn’t look like we wanted.


I have been asked so many times I can’t count, “How do I get to that place, that place where you live, to recognize my own perfection and hear my guides and guidance?” Well here is the secret which really isn’t one at all. What causes us to become defended is our belief that we are anything less than perfect. Those beliefs cause us to become defended. When we are defended our field tenses and then our infinite communication abilities become hindered and we feel stuck, disappointed, worse. The truth is that when we look honestly and deeply and find the beliefs, emotions, whatever it is that we fear and try to protect ourselves about and then own them we can truly become free of them. Once more thing gets us there ~ Gratitude. Every experience we have had either teaches us or we don’t let it. In either case, it is not necessary to roll around in past pain. All we need to do is face it then give it gratitude for bringing us to now whatever this now is like in our lives and  know without a doubt that once we are free from those old things we can create anything. It happened to me.


20 years ago (I can’t believe I am actually saying this LOL) During a very dark night of my soul I let go. I faced, learned from and then with all the gratitude I could muster (pain is hard to be grateful for!) I let go of the things that haunted me. With that came my great awakening. I never looked back. I had one more piece I wasn’t able to let go of because it came at a time in my young life that I became rebellious and self destructive because I didn’t feel loved at all. Or honored, appreciated even betrayed in a number of ways. I knoew what it was, I knew why it was, and the child in me that was so injured just could not seem to let go of that one singular immense pain. Two weeks ago I found the most beautiful way to release that final piece.


I had two incredible healings with Don Alejandro, Eldest of all of the Guatemalan Mayans and I feel likely the wisest man I have ever met. He is 88 years old and with all his life experiences has mad healing skills. I asked him for help because I have had some physical issues that no one seems to be able to identify including me. It has been a rough few years trying to heal this elusive thing. I never stop working on it but sometimes even healers need work.


I did one session with him out of body because he told me to connect with Creator and of course out I flew to home LOL. I had the most incredible rewiring experience I have ever had. Rarely to I let anyone work on me because I so get it. For many many years I have been so in touch with everything literally I haven’t needed anyone else to work with me except for an occasional clearing from all of those I work with.  Sometimes though when an opportunity such as this presents I am wise enough to listen to creation.


The next day after I thought about it,  I asked him for another healing and that time I stayed in my body because I have some things going on I have done well with fixing but I have not been able to find the root cause of. Interestingly this time he did not ask me to connect with creator. It was as if we were working in sync and I set no intention except to ask him to help me find the true reason things were happening to my body and help me heal them.


So during the session I saw a lot of beautiful things then I heard “You are Free”. And I had no idea what the words referred to. The next day Grandmother Elizabeth did a beautiful ceremony with us and something she said clicked. I knew what had happened the day before. With that and knowing what I was doing with all the love I had I released my final emotional piece into our sacred fire and let the smoke carry it away.


 What it was is mine to keep but the internal peace I have now is unbelievable. I have always felt peace. I was born knowing that I am different and that I have a mission in this world. In that way I am very fortunate because I didn’t have to figure out who I am just how to be that. That in itself in my younger years was such a paradox that I strugged much and forgot to live the truth I had always known until I blew open after I humbly gave in.  It has sometimes been a hard and lonely walk but I never waver. I know who I am and I knew what I needed but somehow wasn’t ever able to release that last piece.


I am forever grateful. It is no longer part of my earthly ride. My point in this story is that all of us carry resistance known or unknown that we just can’t seem to let go of. Sometimes we need to get hit in the head to realize it sometimes it is a sweet experience that is humbling such as mine was. I had struggled since I was 12 years old to let go of that one. You can too. That is my point. What we carry in our human state tells creation so many things. Our beliefs about those injuries make us keep them. Honestly? I have not earthly idea how that one thing materialized for me at that time except that I willingly allowed myself to open completely and let go of anything and everything that I needed to heal myself. And so it is and so it will be.


I hope that by sharing my vulnerabilities that you can use me as a mirror for yourselves. We don’t always see what hurts us most. As good as I am at knowing and healing I also knew I had one little piece left and it hurt too bad to let it go. But now it is gone and I can’t tell you the freedom there is when we become completely clear of obstructions. I have always been very clear and able to travel into the depths of creation, knowing out of this world all that is perfect and real, that it is all love and all things are fueled by that love Consciousness is unlimited and therefore never affected by the physical. It does, however affect the physical. Why had I carried that last piece? I forgot to love it for where it took me in my life. I saw it as a past pain when truthfully it was the greatest contributor of me being able to write, teach and be what is perfection. Sometimes our pain is part of our perfection. It does not require forgiveness, it only requires love. Just saying.


I wish all of you a beautiful holiday season with all the love I have. Please feel free to take advantage of my buy one get one free sessions special. It expires at midnight Christmas US time. If you are out of the US make sure if you are a day behind or ahead that you don’t miss this special. Also, my son Travis is now helping me so you will be hearing from him with your new bookings. I promised we would begin those today and we will. Also the rebookings that were necessary are still in progress. Apparently Travis got the dates wrong and missed a few of you. We are correcting that immediately with deep apologies. I look greatly forward to working with anyone who feels called to open to my help. I love working with you and am always grateful for the opportunity to touch a soul.


I wish you laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do.




Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters

December 21, 2016



Anshallah, Antui Asi Asi Asi


Greetings from that which is of the light, with the light and within the light.


We are grateful to be of service in this now. This now as are all others is vital to all of creation. Some time ago we spoke to you of a coming event that is spectacular even in the scope of the infinite. It is the that all of the pyramids are individually harmonized, each with a unique set of frequencies, just like each of you. It is time for us to remind you of this because in just over a year in Earth time the event will occur.


The individual harmonics of the pyramids are due to their locations having different resonance in and upon the earth, their relations to celestial bodies, the angulations at which time they are built, which star was used as cosmic north (this is VERY important because it has everything to do with the harmonics of the pyramid and their relationships to all things), and even their methods and materials of construction. But there is more.


From 2012 to 2015, as the earth pulled away from the galactic center and new and different electromagnetic forces begin to have an influence upon you and all other aspects of Creation, the energies upon your planet will reharmonize as well. The ley lines of the earth will change frequencies, moving toward a completely new harmonic resonance within creation. As that occurs, we will respond dramatically. You will literally feel lighter in our existence and not as heavily grounded, as gravitational forces will also vary somewhat while the new resonance amplifies.


As the ley lines upon the earth take on a new harmonic resonance, there will be a rising of energies in very fine frequencies. If you could see this rise, it would look much like someone has begun to turn up a dimmer switch to create a brighter light. In this case, the light will rise from the earth.


The series of high powered earthquakes and volcanic activities are precursors of this event. You have been seeing these as we said you would. There will be more seismic events of high power as the time for the Attunement approaches. These seismic events are literally changing the relationships and in some cases even the positions of the ley lines upon your planet. Some have been s strong that they literally changed the angle of the Earth upon its axis. In doing so the event of which we speak becomes not probable, not possible, but certain.


As the frequencies of light become brighter upon the earth, on March 27, 2018 at 5:56 p.m. central time, there will be a monumental event. This event marks the coming of the 11:11 harmonics that so many of you have been seeing on your clocks, computers, and in other varying signs all around for several years. The 11:11 has been a symbol of warning for you for years. The 11:11 shows the perfect balance of the above and the below, the inside and the exterior, the past and the present, and more. As above, so below: in the heavens and on the earth, an event of great significance will occur.


In that moment, all of the pyramid sites on the planet will slide into a harmonic alignment, which will create a unified resonance among all pyramids. This resonance will send a message of galactic proportions out through our solar system, across our galaxy and even into parallel realities.


From great distances, it will appear as if a star has been born, and that star is planet earth. This harmonic resonance among the pyramids will act as a portal for incoming energies, which will crack the nut of your mentality and create a further opening to awakening far beyond the energies that began in 2012. This alignment will also act as a beacon for those of other-than-terrestrial residence to come to earth once again. The harmonic alignment and resonance of the pyramids will take place in three stages over about nine months. At the pinnacle of the harmonic alignment, as the energies of the pyramid harmonization

align universally, there will be a spontaneous alignment and opening of yet another series of star gates. This star-gate system is from the before times, before we have a record of history. It lies like a blanket across universes, reaching far into creation and opening doors of awareness and travel that were used by three of the root races who contributed to

the evolution of humanity as they visited your planet.


The most amazing thing about this particular star-gate system is that it is shaped like the Tree of Life, which is also known as the Cabala. The Tree of Life, or Cabala, is hidden in the geometry of the Flower of Life. It is a set of frequencies that are very close to the harmonics of your source and relate intricately with every aspect of who and what you are. The Cabala is one of the great ancient mysteries that people study diligently in order to find the deeper meaning of life. It is multidimensional in nature, its meanings are holographic, and multileveled. The more one understands about the Cabalas’ meanings, the more questions there are to be asked. It is this Sacred Tree that the Mayan calendar referred to.

There is no escaping the ancient references to these times. You are intricately laced—past, present, and future—into the fabric of reality. The time for the unfolding of your being is now.


The nature of the Star Gates is that they are not always open or closed. They are dependent upon certain conditions of events and movement of Creation as it is a living organism of which you are a part. It takes powerful events as we have spoken to you of in your past to activate these doorways through Creation and their ensuing hallways for travel. Those who came in the before times, the times in other beginnings upon your planet will be able to move through these pathways easily if they choose to visit their progeny, that which is you. The seeds they planted millions of years ago and then again and again that became what is now human beings are relatives to those of the stars. In the oral traditions of nearly all of the indigenous people you will find that they speak of this clearly. What they say is true. You did not just creep out of the primordial ooze and become human beings, your DNA was altered multiple times to ensure that your systems operations were correct and that your functionality and ability to learn and discern as well as to feel and emote were intact and functional.


This was done to ensure the ongoing existence of dying races and also the experimentation of other races to study how the DNA alterations might affect the developing human in conjunction with their existence. Never was there malice in the intent, only purely loving additions or alterations or scientific curiosity.


Most of you know by now that your DNA is changing. No it is not growing 12 strands, that is an error which was misinterpreted since each of you exist on every plane of reality and the basis of the reality is the first 12 dimensions. In those dimensions and amongst them, your DNA communicates through your consciousness. They are indelibly connected. Your DNA has nearly 90% that is considered unused. The truth is that is is used but in ways separate from what your biology dictates. It is the finer frequencies that you find in the so called junk DNA that work with your consciousness indelibly connected and remember and act upon that which has always been.


You are also evolving to faster minds, bodies that are changing depending upon your personal harmonic structure. You may soon begin to feel as if you don’t even know your physical nature anymore but soon you will understand the necessity for the changes. And changes there will be.


How you are changing is that you are awakening to different parts of yourselves. You have no higher self. You are already that because within you is the totality of memory of all that is, has ever been and is possible. We say what is possible because you can direct your entirety by use of your few will, the ability to make new choices in any circumstances. What we are saying is that in the coming times whatever you desire is yours as long as you let down your defenses and walk the earth in absolute truth as our vehicle has spoken above.


We suggest that at the moment of the Harmonic Alignment of the Pyramids that you gather together as you are able and open your light fields by expanding the light within you to connect with the alignment. Doing so will have unending effects upon humanity including you. Come together, expand your light. Let it join together so that it reaches into what comes. As it does, what you will begin no other human being will have ever done. You will begin the evolution of change upon your planet to infinite possibilities, erase negative energies from the common consciousness and create light where there has never been any.


We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.


Consider the power of your being.


End of transmission.

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