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Devra Ann Jacobs
Dr. Meg Welcoms Devra Ann Jacobs! So you have written a book? What now?
Show Date: June 4th, 2008

Dr. Meg Welcoms Devra Ann Jacobs! So you have written a book? What now?

Dr. Meg Welcomes One Amazing Woman, Devra Ann Jacobs!

Devra is the Editor of Mystic Pop Magazine and a Literary Agent. Devra began communicating with Archangel Michael at the tender age of six. As a child, Devra’s family and teachers often perceived and dismissed her ‘one-sided’ conversations with Archangel Michael as merely an “invisible friend.” As Devra grew older she became aware of many other angels, guides and spirits around her and the individuals with whom she came into contact. At the age of 38, Devra graduated with honors with two degrees in Social Science and Humanities, from the College of the Redwoods in 1994.

Following graduation, Devra worked as a vocational counselor within the State of California’s Mental Health System; helping women with domestic violence backgrounds reclaim their power.

Realizing that her role as a counselor was spiritually limiting, Devra received guidance in the late ‘90’s that she was to bring “Now Age” information to the world in printed magazine format. Thus, Mystic Pop Magazine was born.

Devra’s guidance let her know that knowledge derived from her magazine would be used as a tool to assist and serve the planet, and it has. World-renowned teachers, authors and scientists along with cutting edge pioneers contribute to Mystic Pop. Both the knowledge and Truth of the “Now Age” has made its way into mainstream society world-wide through Mystic Pop Magazine.

Guided by spirit and blessed with the writings of gifted teachers, Mystic Pop is truly everybody's magazine.

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