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Michael Tamura
Show Date: June 11th, 2008

Dr. Meg Welcomes Michael Tamura!

Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Healer, Visionary & Award-Winning Author of You Are The Answer
Michael J Tamura awakens souls. With compassion, humor and wisdom, he heals thousands of people from around the world and helps guide them to their true destiny and life purpose. Michael believes that no matter the circumstance, everyone can find happiness and spiritual fulfillment if they just know how.
Born and raised in Japan, yet educated in American schools, Michael has spent a lifetime bridging gaps: not only between East and West, but also between men and women, young and old, mind and body, heart and soul
Today, Michael is revered around the world as a master teacher, visionary, healer, clairvoyant, and pioneer of spiritual healing and psychic development. His award-winning book, You Are The Answer, is highly celebrated and his powerful seminars are booked in advance as people flock to experience his unique 'No Pain - All Gain' approach and profound healing work.
Michael is regularly asked to make media appearances, endearing radio and television audiences with his laughter, compassion and insight. He has been featured on CNN, NBC's The Leeza Show, Bridging Heaven & Earth, The Aware Show, Hay House Radio and as a guest expert in the film, The Indigo Evolution. Michael was also included in ABCNews’ The Century: America’s Time with Peter Jennings. Currently, he is currently starring in the documentary feature Who Are You? and writing his second book, For The Awakening Soul.
Michael has always felt compelled to continuously expand his work further and share his message and gifts with a global audience. In 1994 he committed to building an international "spiritual community without walls" with his wife Raphaelle, also a spiritual healer, teacher and clairvoyant. Together, they formed their own successful publishing company. Now based in legendary Mt. Shasta, California, Star of Peace Publishing specializes in the publication and worldwide distribution of media product within the spiritual empowerment, healing, growth and intuitive development genres.
In between teaching, writing and dedicating his life to awakening as many people as possible to their soul purpose, Michael also gives of his time, energy and wisdom as director or advisor on numerous boards, including: The Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit, The Hawaiian Village of Cultural and Healing Arts, Heartbeats of the World, Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation, Friends of the Aware Show and Moodtyme, Inc. He is also a consultant to Our Love of Children Foundation.
Michael is the happy father of two grown sons and currently lives in Mt. Shasta with his wife Raphaelle, along with Magic, the "Zen" cat, Mikko, the border collie and Shanti, the Great Pyrenees dog.

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