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Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley
Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley
Show Date: January 26th, 2011

Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley are best selling authors, spiritual teachers, and intuitives who have both survived near-death experiences. As Dannion's New York Times bestseller, Saved by the Light, was being published and made into the most successful made-for-television movie of all time (by the Fox Network), Kathryn was busy leaving her own footprint in the literary world as the author of Jewels for the Soul: Spiritual Reflections for the Heart and Soul. At the same time, she was enjoying a cutting edge career as a journalist with the very popular column, "Conversations with Kathryn" where she dedicated her interviews to the global spiritual views of world leaders in the higher consciousness movement. Later Kathryn produced, and co-hosted, a radio show designed around those provocative, groundbreaking interviews. It was during that time, circa 1994, that Kathryn scheduled an interview with Dannion to promote his brand new book, Saved by the Light. The couple now refers to that interview as their “cosmic date with destiny” for it ultimately led to their marriage. Although this was Dannion's first marriage, after fifty years of bachelorhood, he enthusiastically accepted the responsibility of step-parenting Kathryn's six children. Dannion readily admits that nothing he has ever experienced before in his life compares to the sheer joy and satisfaction he derives from being a devoted husband and father.

Kathryn is also the publisher of Kinetics, the online magazine.

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