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Show Date: February 16th, 2011


Lavandar’s life has been one of Galactic genetic design. Even at an early age, her psychic and telepathic abilities were extraordinary. As a very young woman, she became a master astrologer and soon embarked on her predestined journey as a Pleiadean contactee, emissary and scribe. She was the one who coined the term “starseed” decades ago, and has been keeping the chronicles of her “otherworld” experiences.

Her role as mentor and Galactic Shaman for many celebrities, politicians and high profile people began after countless Pleiadean demonstrations on galactic timing, events and procedures, as well as first hand participation in many ET experiments and assignments. She discovered the Star Markings in the astrological chart through one of those demonstrations, which lasted two and a half years. This discovery allows her to track and identify starseed as well as decode their origins and missions. She was chosen by the Pleiadeans to officiate over the proceedings of a gigantic walk-in demonstration that took place in the Great Pyramid of Giza in November of 1983 on what she has revealed as a semi-annual “Pleiadean LineUp.” The tiny, double terminated Giza crystals that she was instructed to charge in the pyramid at that time have been spread over the entire globe as a balancing beam between Man and Nature.

Lavandar has written two books; “Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View,” the first definitive book on crystals and their importance from a galactic perspective, and “50 Questions and Answers” which is the transcript of a transmission from an ascended being from the Antares/Arcturus Midway Station. Many of the questions that people have about extraterrestrials are answered truthfully and clearly.

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