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Medium Gemma Deller
Medium Gemma Deller
Show Date: June 1st, 2011

Medium Gemma Deller

Gemma Says ~

I have been given the gift of knowing things before they happen and connecting people who reside here on earth with the “speople” (My word for spirit people) who reside on the “other side.” I am a psychic and medium – I know stuff before it happens and I am like a telephone between this world and the afterlife. It’s like this…Each of us has our “inner closet” that contains past, present and future information in it.

Sometimes it gets cluttered. My gift allows me to go into your closet and pull out all that information and then together we can sort it out to put you on track with how you want your life to be. Oh yeah and in the process, your deceased relatives and friends may just pop in to help us out…

My Journey
Although I have had this gift all my life, I fought it for years…it scared me. My spiritual journey has been a
process for over the course of the last 15 years. I started on my inner circle of friends and then on their friends and then got clients. Seeing how my gift helps not only took away the fear but made me realize that this is my life’s work, my purpose.”

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